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Exam Code: SK0-004 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Server+
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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Q31. An administrator is asked to change a configuration using a GUI on a Windows server, but does not have access to a KVM. Which of the following is BEST to make the change?





Answer: C

Q32. An administrator is securing a secure web server by disabling ports. After completing this process, clients cannot access the secure web server. The administrator should now go back and verify whether which of the following ports is enabled?

A. 23

B. 389

C. 443

D. 445

Answer: C

Q33. An ISPiscurrently drafting and compiling a Service Level Agreementthat states there should only be 5.26 minutes of downtime per year, 25.9 secondsper month, and 6.05 secondsper week. Which of the following percentages should be used to meet these metrics?

A. 99.9%

B. 99.99%

C. 99.999%

D. 99.9999%

Answer: C

Q34. A technician is tasked with connecting a server to a NAS. Which of the following connection types should be used?


B. Ethernet

C. Fiber Fabric

D. Multiplexer

Answer: B

Q35. In an effort to reduce recovery time during hardware failures, a server administrator needs to implement a backup method that will allow for complete OS and service/application recovery as long as compatible hardware is available. Which of the following backup types meets this requirement?

A. Incremental

B. Bare metal

C. Snapshot

D. Full

Answer: B

Q36. A technician is troubleshooting a Linux server and wants to inspect the free disk space on the /dev/sda partition of the system. Which of the following command line tools should the administrator run to view available disk space on the partition?

A. dd

B. du

C. ls

D. df

Answer: D

Q37. A technician is installing a server using a two-channel RAID controller, using RAID1 for the first channel and RAID5 for the second channel. If the technician has six 1TB disks total, how will this configuration look?

A. One disk RAID1, five disks RAID5

B. Two disks RAID1, four disks RAID5

C. Three disks RAID1, three disks RAID5

D. Four disks RAID1, two disks RAID5

Answer: B

Q38. Which of the following is a reason to have a remote cold site readily available in case of a disaster in the primary datacenter?

A. It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware but requires no data restoration.

B. It provides a company with a backup location to install the necessary equipment to restore critical services.

C. It provides a company with a backup location equipped with resources necessary for immediate restoration of critical services.

D. It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware and data.

Answer: B

Q39. In order for a server to fully function as a web server, which of the following default ports should be open? (Select TWO).

A. 22

B. 80

C. 443

D. 445

E. 631

F. 8080

Answer: B,C

Q40. A server technician in a datacenter configures a daemon to monitor the battery health in a UPS. Over a two day time period, the daemon generates a warning message. Which of the following represents the FIRST action that should be taken by the server technician?

A. Perform a test on the UPS batteries

B. Immediately replace the UPS batteries

C. Move the servers connected to the UPS to another existing UPS

D. Immediately replace the UPS with a new UPS

Answer: A