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A Steelhead appliance can be configured to automatically send an email to a preconfigured email address in the event of a failure. Where is this done? (Select 3)

  • A. GUI
  • B. CLI
  • D. Can be done via the Central Management Console
  • E. DNS server

Answer: ABD


In order to achieve SteelHead SaaS optimization two things must happen. First acquire and install a subscription license to enable the feature, and then SteelHead SaaS must be configured.
Which statement correctly describes the configuration step?

  • A. Every SteelHead is configured with a registration key included in a RiOS upgrade.
  • B. All the configuration is done from the Riverbed Cloud Portal.
  • C. Every SteelHead is configured with a new license in the standard form LK1-SHSaaS-XXX.
  • D. Every SteelHead is configured with the same registration key copied from the Riverbed Cloud Portal.

Answer: B

You can use the Riverbed Cloud Portal to register or de-register SteelHead SaaS appliances, obtain the service status, manage SSL certificates, manage licenses, and enable optimization for available SaaS applications.
Go to the Riverbed Cloud Portal > SaaS Platforms page and enable Acceleration Service for the SaaS application you want to optimized.


When examining SMB connections which are SteelHead optimized, you notice that for each IP client and server pair, there are often two connections created – one on destination port 139 and one on destination port
445. What is the reason for this?

  • A. This is because SMB2 and CIFS optimization are both enabled on the SteelHeads.
  • B. The server must be ignoring or resetting connections on port 139, so the client tries again on port 445.
  • C. The server must be ignoring or resetting connections on port 445, so the client again on port 139.
  • D. Clients often try to connect on port 139 and 445 simultaneously for compatibility reason
  • E. Once one connection is accepted, the other gets reset.

Answer: D

Clients try to connect to 139 and 445 at the same time. Whatever ports gets the first response will be used for communications.
References: https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/static/lrj6rq1evg0fnm7pekuq3j2md1/html/vte4p5uj2dkg9k1ukjv82835


Refer to the exhibit.
101-01 dumps exhibit
Which of the following correctly describes the combination of cable types used in a fail-to-wire scenario for the interconnected devices shown in the exhibit? Assume Auto-MDIX is not enabled on any device.

  • A. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Crossover
  • B. Cable 1: Straight-through, Cable 2: Straight-through
  • C. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Straight-through
  • D. Cable 1: Straight-through, Cable 2: Crossover

Answer: C


A Steelhead appliance can synchronize its datastore with a maximum of how many other Steelhead appliances?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer: A


Which SteelHead feature would resolve the packet ricochet seen in the diagram below?
101-01 dumps exhibit

  • A. Simplified Routing
  • B. Full Transparency
  • C. Path Selection
  • D. Connection Forwarding

Answer: A

Simplified routing avoids situations when a packet traverses a SteelHead more than once—this behavior is called packet ricochet. In environments where the SteelHead is installed in a subnet different than the clients and servers, simplified routing prevents packet ricochet for optimized traffic from the SteelHead.
Here there is a Packet Ricochet When the SteelHead Default Gateway Is on the WAN shows an example of packet ricochet when the SteelHead default gateway is configured for the WAN router, the host sits on a different network than the SteelHead, and simplified routing is not enabled.
References: https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/static/fbunsuuo632vi3jrspe0evbko9/html/u2pi6l52l4drmhq3uhck9tu7h


Assuming the Steelhead appliance has a 250 GB datastore capacity, by enabling RSP on a supported Steelhead appliance which of the following would be true:

  • A. The datastore capacity will shrink due to the amount of space used by RSP
  • B. The datastore capacity will grow due to the amount of space added by RSP
  • C. The datastore capacity does not change
  • D. The datastore capacity will have to be reformatted

Answer: C


When optimizing protocols such as signed SMB or encrypted MAPI, which of the following is true?

  • A. Special configuration is always necessary on the Domain Controller.
  • B. The server-side StealHead must be joined to the domain.
  • C. The domain administrator password must be made available to the SteelHead.
  • D. The client-side SteelHead must be joined to the domain.

Answer: B

The server-side Stealhead appliance must be joined to the Windows Domain in order to Enable SMB Signing or to enable encrypted MAPI.


Which ethernet network cable type can you use when connecting your SteelHead appliance to a switch when all ports are hard coded to 100/FULL?

  • A. Crossover
  • B. It doesn't matter
  • C. Straight

Answer: C

To connect a Steelhead appliance to a switch use a straight-through cable. Note: Make sure that you have connected your cables as follows: References:
Steelhead Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.0.3, May 2012, page 46 https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/download?did=614


The Central Management Console (CMC) provides the following:

  • A. Rapid deployment of distributed Steelhead appliances
  • B. Simplifies ongoing configuration and management of distributed Steelhead appliances
  • C. Health monitoring of distributed Steelhead appliances
  • D. Performance reports of distributed Steelhead appliances
  • E. All of the above

Answer: E


Connection forwarding without multi-interface support uses which interface for communication?

  • A. Wan0_0
  • B. Remote
  • C. Primary or Aux
  • D. Lan0_0
  • E. Inpath0_0

Answer: E



What is the default data store size for a SteelHead Mobile Client?

  • A. 1 GB
  • B. 5 GB
  • C. 10 GB
  • D. 20 GB

Answer: C

The Data Store Size. A minimum size of 256 MB is required for the data store. The default value is 10 GB. References:
Steelhead Mobile Controller Installation Guide, Version 4.0.3, October 2013, page 29 https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/download?did=9ce96i5pn3ota0bp3gkghu4fml


To run RSP on a Steelhead, you need to have an RSP license and a minimum of how much memory added to the unit?

  • A. 1 GB
  • B. 2 GB
  • C. 3 GB
  • D. 4 GB

Answer: B


What is the maximum datastore size?

  • A. 15 MB
  • B. 5 GB
  • C. 20 GB
  • D. 10 TB
  • E. 50 TB

Answer: C


When deploying a Steelhead appliance in a server-side out-of-path deployment, which of the following is true?

  • A. You need fixed target rules in both directions
  • B. You need a fixed target rule in the server-side Steelhead appliance pointing to the client-side Steelhead appliance
  • C. You need a fixed target rule in the client-side Steelhead appliance pointing to the Primary IP address of the server-side Steelhead appliance
  • D. You need a fixed target rule in the client-side Steelhead appliance pointing to the In-path IP address of the server-side Steelhead appliance

Answer: C


What does enabling “Out-of-Path Support” do on the General Service Settings page?

  • A. It allows for Interceptor and VVCCP working.
  • B. It allows the Primary interface to listen on port 7810.
  • C. It disables the LAN Interface.
  • D. It disables optimization on all in-path interfaces.
  • E. It allows the Primary interface to listen on ports 7800 and 7810.

Answer: B

If you have a backup, out-of-path Steelhead appliance in your system (that is, failover support), for Backup Appliance IP Address, specify the IP address and port for the backup appliance in the Backup IP and Port text boxes.
Use the format The default port is 7810.
Note: Out-of-Path - The SteelHead isn’t in the direct path between the client and the server. Servers see the IP address of the server-side SteelHead rather than the client IP address, which might impact security policies. An out-of-path configuration is suitable for data center locations where physically in-path or virtually in-path configurations aren’t possible.
Steelhead Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.0.3, May 2012, page 44 https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/download?did=614


The Steelhead Mobile client software builds an optimized connection to what end device?

  • A. The nearest SMC
  • B. A Steelhead appliance
  • C. ACentral Management Console (CMC)
  • D. The VPN concentrator
  • E. Another Steelhead Mobile client

Answer: B


Which report would you use to monitor disk utilization in the SteelHead management console user interface?

  • A. Reports > Data Store Cost
  • B. Reports > Data Store Disk Load
  • C. Reports > Data Store Hit Rate
  • D. Reports > Data Store Status

Answer: B

The Data Store Disk Load report summarizes the data store disk load due to SDR-only as related to the benchmarked capacity of the data store. Consider any value under 100 as healthy. Any value higher than 100 might indicate disk pressure. When a value is consistently higher than 100, contact Riverbed Professional Services for guidance on reconfiguring the data store to alleviate disk pressure.
The Data Store Disk Load report answers the following questions:


Which of the following is not a policy type available on the CMC appliance?

  • A. Optimization policy
  • B. SDR policy
  • C. Security Policy
  • D. Networking policy

Answer: B


What is the definition of an ‘endpoint’ in a SteelHead Mobile deployment?

  • A. A network interface on a SteelHead Mobile client computer
  • B. The data store on a SteelHead Mobile client computer
  • C. A SteelHead client computer
  • D. SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile

Answer: C



What is the total number of optimized concurrent TCP connections supported on an Interceptor appliance?

  • A. 100,000
  • B. 200,000
  • C. 300,000
  • D. 500,000
  • E. 1,000,000

Answer: E


What is the packaging distribution format for the Virtual Steelhead appliance?

  • A. Open Virtual Appliance
  • B. Open Virtual Image
  • C. Open Virtual Release
  • D. Open Virtual Source
  • E. Open Virtual Package

Answer: A


Which of the possible Simplified Routing modes should be used when installing the SteelHead on an 802.1Q trunk? (Choose three.)

  • A. All
  • B. None
  • C. Destination and Source
  • D. Destination Only

Answer: ACD

In All mode the SteelHead collects mappings for destination and source IP, destination and source MAC, VLAN tag, and Steelhead appliance inner connection traffic and auto-discovery options. This option has the advantage of learning simplified entries faster than the destination only option. Riverbed recommends that you use <all> in topologies when you deploy the Steelhead appliance a 802.1q trunk.
In Destination and source mode the SteelHead collects mappings from destination and source IP, destination and source MAC, and VLAN tag (when deployed on 802.1q trunk).
In Destination only mode the SteelHead collects mappings from destination IP, destination MAC, and VLAN tag (when deployed
on 802.1q trunk). References:
Steelhead Appliance Deployment Guide, Including the Steelhead Mobile Controller, December 2013, page 194


What are basic components of the Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)

  • A. Load Balancing
  • B. Redirection
  • C. Peer Affinity
  • D. Optimization
  • E. Store SDR data

Answer: ABC


An employee who has just installed Steelhead Mobile onto her workstation notices that she never gets any reduction. It always says 0%.
The status of the mobile client appears to Be: Optimization State: Firewalled
Controller Status: Connected
The reason she is seeing 0% reduction statistics is:

  • A. Location Awareness is in effect
  • B. The physical branch Steelhead appliance in her office is behind a firewall
  • C. The office firewall is stripping the IP options field
  • D. Her workstation is blocking TCP port 7801
  • E. The data center is currently firewalling all optimized connections

Answer: D


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