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Which statement is true about Enterprise Manager (EM) express in Oracle Database 12c?

  • A. By default, EM express is available for a database after database creation.
  • B. You can use EM express to manage multiple databases running on the same server.
  • C. You can perform basic administrative tasks for pluggable databases by using the EM express interface.
  • D. You cannot start up or shut down a database Instance by using EM express.
  • E. You can create and configure pluggable databases by using EM express.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true about the use of the procedures listed in the v$sysaux_occupants.move_procedure column?

  • A. The procedure may be used for some components to relocate component data to the SYSAUX tablespace from its current tablespace.
  • B. The procedure may be used for some components to relocate component data from the SYSAUX tablespace to another tablespace.
  • C. All the components may be moved into SYSAUX tablespace.
  • D. All the components may be moved from the SYSAUX tablespace.

Answer: AB

You have installed two 64G flash devices to support the Database Smart Flash Cache feature on your database server that is running on Oracle Linux.
You have set the DB_SMART_FLASH_FILE parameter:
DB_FLASH_CACHE_FILE= ‘/dev/flash_device_1 ‘,’ /dev/flash_device_2’
How should the DB_FLASH_CACHE_SIZE be configured to use both devices?

  • B. Set DB_FLASH_CACHE_ZISE = 64G, 64G
  • C. Set DB_FLASH_CACHE_ZISE = 128G.
  • D. DB_FLASH_CACHE_SIZE is automatically configured by the instance at startup.

Answer: B

On your Oracle 12c database, you invoked SQL *Loader to load data into the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema by issuing the following command:
$> sqlldr hr/hr@pdb table=employees
Which two statements are true regarding the command?

  • A. It succeeds with default settings if the EMPLOYEES table belonging to HR is already defined in the database.
  • B. It fails because no SQL *Loader data file location is specifie
  • C. It fails if the HR user does not have the CREATE ANY DIRECTORY privilege.
  • D. It fails because no SQL *Loader control file location is specifie

Answer: AC

Which statement is true about Oracle Net Listener?

  • A. It acts as the listening endpoint for the Oracle database instance for all local and non-local user connections.
  • B. A single listener can service only one database instance and multiple remote client connections.
  • C. Service registration with the listener is performed by the process monitor (LREG) process of each database instance.
  • D. The listener.ora configuration file must be configured with one or more listening protocol addresses to allow remote users to connect to a database instance.
  • E. The listener.ora configuration file must be located in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directly.

Answer: C

Which three statements are true about Flashback Database?

  • A. Flashback logs are written sequentially, and are archive
  • B. Flashback Database uses a restored control file to recover a database.
  • C. The Oracle database automatically creates, deletes, and resides flashback logs in the Fast Recovery Are
  • D. Flashback Database can recover a database to the state that it was in before a reset logs operation.
  • E. Flashback Database can recover a data file that was dropped during the span of time of the flashback.
  • F. Flashback logs are used to restore to the blocks' before images, and then the redo data may be used to roll forward to the desired flashback time.

Answer: CDF

Examine the following steps of privilege analysis for checking and revoking excessive, unused privileges granted to users:
1.Create a policy to capture the privilege used by a user for privilege analysis.
2.Generate a report with the data captured for a specified privilege capture.
3.Start analyzing the data captured by the policy.
4.Revoke the unused privileges.
5.Compare the used and unused privileges’ lists.
6.Stop analyzing the data.
Identify the correct sequence of steps.

  • A. 1, 3, 5, 6, 2, 4
  • B. 1, 3, 6, 2, 5, 4
  • C. 1, 3, 2, 5, 6, 4
  • D. 1, 3, 2, 5, 6, 4
  • E. 1, 3, 5, 2, 6, 4

Answer: B

You performed an incremental level 0 backup of a database:
To enable block change tracking after the incremental level 0 backup, you issued this command:
‘ /mydir/rman_change_track.f’;
To perform an incremental level 1 cumulative backup, you issued this command: RMAN> BACKUP INCREMENTAL LEVEL 1 CUMULATIVE DATABASE;
Which three statements are true?

  • A. Backup change tracking will sometimes reduce I/O performed during cumulative incremental backups.
  • B. The change tracking file must always be backed up when you perform a full database backup.
  • C. Block change tracking will always reduce I/O performed during cumulative incremental backups.
  • D. More than one database block may be read by an incremental backup for a change made to a single block.
  • E. The incremental level 1 backup that immediately follows the enabling of block change tracking will not read the change tracking file to discover changed blocks.

Answer: ADE

Which three features work together, to allow a SQL statement to have different cursors for the same statement based on different selectivity ranges?

  • A. Bind Variable Peeking
  • B. SQL Plan Baselines
  • C. Adaptive Cursor Sharing
  • D. Bind variable used in a SQL statement
  • E. Literals in a SQL statement

Answer: ACE

To implement Automatic Management (AMM), you set the following parameters:
1Z0-060 dumps exhibit
When you try to start the database instance with these parameter settings, you receive the following error message:
SQL > startup
ORA-00824: cannot set SGA_TARGET or MEMORY_TARGET due to existing internal settings, see alert log for more information.
Identify the reason the instance failed to start.

  • A. The PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET parameter is set to zero.
  • B. The STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to BASI
  • C. Both the SGA_TARGET and MEMORY_TARGET parameters are set.
  • D. The SGA_MAX_SIZE and SGA_TARGET parameter values are not equal.

Answer: B

You want to flash back a test database by five hours.
You issue this command:
Which two statements are true about this flashback scenario?

  • A. The database must have multiplexed redo logs for the flashback to succee
  • B. The database must be MOUNTED for the flashback to succee
  • C. The database must use block change tracking for the flashback to succee
  • D. The database must be opened in restricted mode for the flashback to succee
  • E. The database must be opened with the RESETLOGS option after the flashback is complete.
  • F. The database must be opened in read-only mode to check if the database has been flashed back to the correct SCN.

Answer: BE

Which three activities are supported by the Data Recovery Advisor?

  • A. Advising on block checksum failures
  • B. Advising on inaccessible control files
  • C. Advising on inaccessible block change tracking files
  • D. Advising on empty password files
  • E. Advising on invalid block header field values

Answer: ABE

You notice a performance change in your production Oracle 12c database. You want to know which change caused this performance difference.
Which method or feature should you use?

  • A. Compare Period ADDM report
  • B. AWR Compare Period report
  • C. Active Session History (ASH) report
  • D. Taking a new snapshot and comparing it with a preserved snapshot

Answer: B

Which two are prerequisites for performing a flashback transaction?

  • A. Flashback Database must be enable
  • B. Undo retention guarantee for the database must be configure
  • C. EXECUTE privilege on the DBMS_FLASHBACK package must be granted to the user flashing back transaction.
  • D. Supplemental logging must be enable
  • E. Recycle bin must be enabled for the database.
  • F. Block change tracking must be enabled tor the database.

Answer: CD

Examine the details of the Top 5 Timed Events in the following Automatic Workloads Repository (AWR) report:
1Z0-060 dumps exhibit
What are three possible causes for the latch-related wait events?

  • A. The size of the shared pool is too small.
  • B. Cursors are not being share
  • C. A large number COMMITS are being performe
  • D. There are frequent logons and logoffs.
  • E. The buffers are being read into the buffer cache, but some other session is changing the buffers.

Answer: ABE

Your database is open and the LISTENER listener running. You stopped the wrong listener LISTENER by issuing the following command:
1snrctl > STOP
What happens to the sessions that are presently connected to the database Instance?

  • A. They are able to perform only queries.
  • B. They are not affected and continue to function normally.
  • C. They are terminated and the active transactions are rolled back.
  • D. They are not allowed to perform any operations until the listener LISTENER is starte

Answer: B

A database is stored in an Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk group, disk group, DGROUP1 with SQL:
1Z0-060 dumps exhibit
There is enough free space in the disk group for mirroring to be done.
What happens if the CONTROLLER1 failure group becomes unavailable due to error of for maintenance?

  • A. Transactions and queries accessing database objects contained in any tablespace stored in DGROUP1 will fall.
  • B. Mirroring of allocation units will be done to ASM disks in the CONTROLLER2 failure group until the CONTROLLER1 for failure group is brought back online.
  • C. The data in the CONTROLLER1 failure group is copied to the controller2 failure group and rebalancing is initiate
  • D. ASM does not mirror any data until the controller failure group is brought back online, and newly allocated primary allocation units (AU) are stored in the controller2 failure group, without mirroring.
  • E. Transactions accessing database objects contained in any tablespace stored in DGROUP1 will fail but queries will succee

Answer: B

You database is running an ARCHIVELOG mode.
The following parameter are set in your database instance:
LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT = arch+%t_%r.arc
LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 = ‘LOCATION = /disk1/archive’
DB_RECOVERY_FILE = ‘/u01/oradata’
Which statement is true about the archived redo log files?

  • A. They are created only in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter.
  • B. They are created only in the Fast Recovery Are
  • C. They are created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and in the default location $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/arch.
  • D. They are created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and the location specified by the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter.

Answer: A

What is the effect of specifying the "ENABLE PLUGGABLE DATABASE" clause in a "CREATE DATABASE” statement?

  • A. It will create a multitenant container database (CDB) with only the root opene
  • B. It will create a CDB with root opened and seed read only.
  • C. It will create a CDB with root and seed opened and one PDB mounte
  • D. It will create a CDB that must be plugged into an existing CD
  • E. It will create a CDB with root opened and seed mounte

Answer: B

Your multitenant container database (CDB) contains some pluggable databases (PDBs), you execute the following command in the root container:
1Z0-060 dumps exhibit
Which two statements are true?

  • A. Schema objects owned by the C# # A_ADMIN common user can be shared across all PDBs.
  • B. The C # # A_ADMIN user will be able to use the TEMP_TS temporary tablespace only in root.
  • C. The command will, create a common user whose description is contained in the root and each PD
  • D. The schema for the common user C # # A_ADMIN can be different in each container.
  • E. The command will create a user in the root container only because the container clause is not use

Answer: CD

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