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A senior DBA asked you to execute the following command to improve performance: SQL> ALTER TABLE subscribe log STORAGE (BUFFER_POOL recycle);
You checked the data in the SUBSCRIBE_LOG table and found that it is a large table containing one million rows. What could be a reason for this recommendation?

  • A. The keep pool is not configured.
  • B. Automatic Workarea Management is not configured.
  • C. Automatic Shared Memory Management is not enabled.
  • D. The data blocks in the SUBSCRIBE_LOG table are rarely accessed.
  • E. All the queries on the SUBSCRIBE_LOG table are rewritten to a materialized view.

Answer: D

Explanation: The most of the rows in SUBSCRIBE_LOG table are accessed once a week.

What is a requirement for creating a remote database scheduler job?

  • A. The remote database job must run as a user that is valid on the target remote database.
  • B. A private database link must be created from the originating database to the target remote database.
  • C. The target remote database on which the job is scheduled must be Oracle Database 11g Release 2 or later.
  • D. The target remote database must be on a different host form the originating scheduler database hos

Answer: A

You are administering a database that supports an OLTP workload.
The default UNDO tablespace is a fixed size tablespace with the RETENTION NOGUARATNEE clause and undo retention set to 12 minutes.
The user SCOTT queries a large table during peak activity.
The query runs for more than 15 minutes and then SCOTT receives the following error: ORA-01555: snapshot too old
Which is possible reason for this?

  • A. The Oracle server is unable to generate a read-consistent image for a block containing updates.committed after the query began.
  • B. The query is unable to place data blocks in the UNDO tablespace.
  • C. The flashback data archive is not enabled for the table on which the query is issued.
  • D. There is not enough space in Fast Recovery Area.
  • E. The Oracle server is unable to generate a read-consistent image for a block containing uncommitted update

Answer: A

Which files must you copy from the Oracle home of the database that is being upgraded to the new Oracle home for Oracle Database 12c? (Choose three.)

  • A. the tnsnames.ora file
  • B. the sqlnet.ora file
  • C. the initialization parameter file
  • D. the password file
  • E. the listener.ora file

Answer: ABE

Explanation: References https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e23633/afterup.htm#UPGRD52747

Which four statements are true about the components of the Oracle Scheduler? (Choose four.)

  • A. A schedule can be specified to a single job only.
  • B. A scheduler job can point to a chain instead of pointing to a single program object.
  • C. A job may get started automatically when a window opens.
  • D. A program and job can be specified as part of a schedule definition.
  • E. A job is specified as part of a program specification.
  • F. A program can be used in the definition of multiple jobs.
  • G. A program and schedule can be specified as part of a job definition.

Answer: BCFG

Explanation: References: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14231/schedover.htm

The HR user updates the salary of one of the employees in the non-partitioned EMPLOYEES table, but does not commit the transaction.
Which two types of lock exist in this situation? (Choose two.)

  • A. exclusive lock on the EMPLOYEES table
  • B. null lock on the row being updated
  • C. null lock on the EMPLOYEES table
  • D. row level lock on the row being updated
  • E. shared lock on the EMPLOYEES table

Answer: DE

You want to create a database with a block size other than the default 8 kilobytes (KB) by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).
Which option should you use?

  • A. Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for storage of data files
  • B. a file system for storage of data files
  • C. a Data Warehouse database template
  • D. a custom database template

Answer: D

You are connected using SQL* Plus to a multitenant container database (CDB) with SYSDBA privileges and execute the following sequence statements:
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What is the result of the last SET CONTAINER statement and why is it so?

  • A. It succeeds because the PDB_ADMIN user has the required privileges.
  • B. It fails because common users are unable to use the SET CONTAINER statement.
  • C. It fails because local users are unable to use the SET CONTAINER statement.
  • D. If fails because the SET CONTAINER statement cannot be used with PDB$SEED as the target pluggable database (PDB).

Answer: C

Which statement is true regarding the DEFAULT profile?

  • A. The values assigned to the resource limits and password parameters in the default profile can be altered.
  • B. A different DEFAULT profile can be created before each user in a database.
  • C. It can be dropped and recreated.
  • D. it must be explicitly assigned to the use

Answer: A

Examine the command: SQL> CONNECT hr/hr@orcl
Which two configurations allow this command to execute successfully? (Choose two.)

  • A. In the tnsnames.ora file, the SERVICE_NAME value of CONNECT_DATA should be explicitly suffixed with the domain name.
  • B. The SERVICE_NAMES initialization parameter should contain the name orcl in the database host.
  • C. The orcl TNS alias should be defined such that it is resolvable by a client running on the database host.
  • D. The orcl TNS alias should be defined in the tnsnames.ora file on both the client and the database host.
  • E. The TNS_ADMIN environment variable should be set to orcl on the clien

Answer: BC

Which are two ways for a database service to be recognized by a listener in Oracle Database 12c? (Choose two.)

  • A. Dynamic Registration by the LREG process
  • B. Dynamic Registration by the SMON process
  • C. Static registration in the listener.ora file using the GLOBAL_DBNAME parameter
  • D. Dynamic Registration by the PMON process
  • E. Static registration in the listener.ora file using the SERVICE_NAME parameter

Answer: AE

Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/NETAG/listenercfg.htm#NETAG298

You configured the Fast Recovery Area (FRA) for your database. The database instance is in ARCHIVELOG mode. The default location for the archived redo log files is the FRA.
Which two files are removed automatically if space is required in the FRA as per the retention policy? (Choose two.)

  • A. Archived redo log files that have multiple copies in a different archive location
  • B. user-managed backups of data files and control files
  • C. RMAN backups that are obsolete
  • D. flashback logs

Answer: CD

Which three statements are true about server-generated alerts? (Choose three.)

  • A. Server-generated alerts notify administrators of problems that cannot be resolved automatically.
  • B. Alerts are not issued for locally managed read-only tablespaces.
  • C. Response actions cannot be specified for server-generated alerts.
  • D. Stateful alerts can be queried only from the DBA_ALERT_HISTORY view.
  • E. When an alert is cleared, it is moved to the DBA_ALERT_HISTORY view.

Answer: ABE

Explanation: References https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/schema001.htm#ADMIN10120

Which three statements are true about SQL plan directives? (Choose three.)

  • A. They are tied to a specific statement or SQL ID.
  • B. They instruct the maintenance job to collect missing statistics or perform dynamic sampling to generate a more optimal plan.
  • C. They are used to gather only missing statistics.
  • D. They are created for a query expression where statistics are missing or the cardinality estimates by the optimizer are incorrect.
  • E. They instruct the optimizer to create only column group statistics.
  • F. Improve plan accuracy by persisting both compilation and execution statistics in the SYSAUX tablespac

Answer: BDF

Which three statements are true about Oracle Data Pump? (Choose three.)

  • A. IMPDP can be used to change target data file names, schemas, and tablespaces during import.
  • B. The DBMS_DATAPUMP PL/SQL package can be used independently of Data Pump clients to perform export and import operations.
  • C. EXPDP and IMPDP are the client components of Oracle Data Pump.
  • D. Oracle Data Pump export and import operations can be performed only by users with the SYSDBA privilege.
  • E. IMPDP always use the conventional path insert method to import data.

Answer: ABC

Explanation: References: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e22490/dp_overview.htm#SUTIL2880

What is the benefit of running the catctl.pl script during an upgrade of a pre-12c database to an Oracle 12c database?

  • A. It provides a summary of the upgrade results.
  • B. It recompiles all invalid PL/SQL and Java code.
  • C. It generates a log file containing the fixes that can be made to the source database.
  • D. It provides parallel upgrade options to finish the upgrade process with a reduced down time.
  • E. It generates fix-up scripts to be run on the source database before upgrade.

Answer: D

Explanation: References: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/UPGRD/upgrade.htm#UPGRD52860

Examine the following parameters for a database instance: MEMORY_MAX_TARGET=0 MEMORY_TARGET=0 SGA_TARGET=0 PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET=500m
Which three initialization parameters are not controlled by Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM)? (Choose three.)


Answer: AEF

Explanation: Manually Sized SGAComponents that Use SGA_TARGET Space SGAComponent, Initialization Parameter
/ The log buffer LOG_BUFFER
/ The keep and recycle buffer caches DB_KEEP_CACHE_SIZE DB_RECYCLE_CACHE_SIZE
/ Nonstandard block size buffer caches DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE Note:
* In addition to setting SGA_TARGET to a nonzero value, you must set to zero all initialization parameters listed in the table below to enable full automatic tuning of the automatically sized SGA components.
* Table, Automatically Sized SGAComponents and Corresponding Parameters
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