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Which three setups can be configured by using Rapid Implementation for Project Financial Management Applications?

  • A. Departments
  • B. Expenditure Types
  • C. Project Templates
  • D. Project Types

Answer: ABD

Your client is involved in automation control systems installation. Over the years, they have analyzed their total project spend on specific resource classes. They have identified that their cost spread distribution factor on a 10 spread point scale resembles: 0-4-10-11-14-13-10-4-0-0.
Identify two ways to handle this kind of a spread on their budgets and forecasts. (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a new spread curve or edit an existing spread curve to exactly match the spread points and attach to a project template.
  • B. Create a new spread curve or edit an existing spread curve to exactly match the spread points and attach to the resource class.
  • C. Use the predefined Bell Curve spread with small deviations on the spread points.
  • D. Use the predefined S-Curve spread with small deviations on the spread points.

Answer: BC

Which setup option is common to both financial and project plan types?

  • A. Manage the options for creating control budgets in Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control.
  • B. Enable the entry of plan amounts in currencies other than the project currency.
  • C. Identify whether the plan type is the default selection when you create budget or forecast versions.
  • D. Enable the use of a workflow for managing budget or forecasting status changes.

Answer: A

A consulting services company is currently working on a business transformation project for your client, which spans multiple years. At the first period close, the consulting services company has recognized revenue and the accounting entry created is:
Dr Unbilled Receivables 40,000 Cr Revenue 40,000
At the end of the period, the client is sent an associated bill. What would be the corresponding invoice accounting entry? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Dr Unearned Revenue 40,000Cr Accounts Receivables 40,000
  • B. Dr Accounts Receivables 40,000Cr Unbilled Receivables 40,000
  • C. Dr Accounts Receivables 40,000Cr Revenue 40,000
  • D. Dr Unearned Revenue 40,000Cr Revenue 40,000

Answer: C

You create a project schedule with a Shifts element. Identify two more elements that can be part of a project schedule. (Choose two.)

  • A. Exceptions
  • B. Accounting Calendar
  • C. Workday Patterns
  • D. Time Off
  • E. Expenditure Type

Answer: AC

Explanation: Reference:

You have a billable project for which the following details are provided:
Associated Inception-To-Date (ITD) Project Actual Cost: USD 60
Associated Project Budgeted Cost: USD 300
Contract Amount: USD 1000 Project Funded Amount: USD 750
Sum of Existing Revenue Events: USD 80
Identify the Associated Project Spent revenue that will get generated based on the preceding details. (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. USD 184
  • B. USD 120
  • C. USD 134
  • D. USD 70

Answer: C

Your company creates a separate project for infrastructure services, so as to track these costs separately and then allocate to various projects that use the services of the infrastructure team. You want to allocate these costs by first attributing a fixed percentage of the source amount to each project and then spread it across tasks based on the actual labor hours charged to each task.
Which allocation basis method would you use to meet this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. spread evenly
  • B. target percentage and prorate
  • C. target percentage and spread evenly
  • D. prorate

Answer: A

Which three file-based data imports are available for use in Oracle Project Portfolio Management

  • A. Project Budgets
  • B. Project Tasks
  • C. Project Billing Events
  • D. Project Templates

Answer: BCD

Your customer wants to see how quantity, cost, and revenue amounts are automatically distributed
by using Spread Curve. Identify two period options that are available for this purpose. (Choose two.)

  • A. Calendar Types
  • B. Project Accounting Periods
  • C. Accounting Periods
  • D. PA Calendar
  • E. PA-GL Periods

Answer: BC

Explanation: Reference: https://fusionhelp.oracle.com/helpPortal/topic/TopicId_P_87F467307D50416BE040D30A68816855

Your customer wants to automatically allocate unassigned asset lines and common costs across
multiple assets based on the construction-in-process cost of each asset. Identify the asset allocation method that you must use as the default method while configuring project types to meet this
requirement. (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Standard Unit Cost
  • B. Actual Unit
  • C. Current Cost
  • D. Estimated Cost
  • E. Spread Evenly

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about the cross-charge method, Borrowed and Lent?

  • A. This method creates accounting entries that move an amount equal to the transfer price between the provider and receiver organizations within a legal entity.
  • B. Costs or revenue are shared based on transfer price rules with this method.
  • C. You must set up the contract business unit to use this method.
  • D. This method creates a formal internal invoice.

Answer: AD

You are implementing Project Portfolio Management for a global professional services organization. In their Consulting Services line of business, it is common to use resources from different business units based on the skills required. Therefore, cross-charge transactions happen between business units within the same legal entity. Transfer price calculations need to be based on raw costs, with no further adjustments to transfer price.
Identify two setups that can drive this borrowed and lent agreement. (Choose two.)

  • A. Transfer price basis must be Raw Cost and calculation method must be Basis Only.
  • B. Transfer price basis must be Burdened Cost, and calculation method must be Burden Rate Schedule.
  • C. A document entry such as straight time must be enabled for cross-charge transactions.
  • D. Transfer price basis must be Raw Cost and calculation method must be Rate Schedule.

Answer: BC

Which application would you use to map application roles to external roles? (Choose the best

  • A. Oracle Identify Manager
  • B. Authorization Policy Manager
  • C. BPM Work List
  • D. Security Console

Answer: B

When implementing Project Performance Reporting, your customer has the following requirements:
* Every time a project cost is greater than or equal to a threshold, then the project should be shown as critical.
* As long as a project cost is less than the threshold, the project should be shown as on-track. Which threshold level rule is ideal for this kind of KPI definition? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. multiple threshold levels
  • B. single threshold level value
  • C. single threshold level range
  • D. multiple threshold level value

Answer: B

Your business user has created a purchase order (PO) that has the following attributes:
Accrue at Receipt = Yes Matching Option = 2 way Receipt Close Tolerance = 100%
After approval, the PO is closed for receiving without creating a receipt. An AP invoice is created by matching to the PO. The user now runs Create Accounting for Receiving Transactions and then the “Import and Process Cost transactions” ESS (Enterprise Scheduler Service) job using the Transaction Source parameter as “Oracle Payables”. The user notices that there is no cost transferred to the projects. Identify two reasons for this problem. (Choose two.)

  • A. When you have an AP invoice that is matched against a PO with Accrue at Receipt set to NO, cost is transferred to projects by receipt accounting.
  • B. When you have an AP invoice that is matched against a PO with Accrue at Receipt set to YES, cost is transferred to projects by Cost Management and not by Payables.
  • C. When you have an AP invoice that is matched against a PO with Accrue at Receipt set to Yes, cost is transferred to projects only if there are accounted receipt lines.
  • D. When you have an AP invoice that is matched against a PO with Accrue at Receipt set to Yes, cost is transferred to project by payables.

Answer: AC

Identify two correct role templates available on the Oracle Entitlement Server to generate roles for
Project Organization Security. (Choose two.)

  • A. Project Manager Template for Project Organization Security
  • B. Project Administrator Template for Project Organization Security
  • C. Project Creator Template for Project Organization Security
  • D. Project Accountant Template for Project Organization Security
  • E. Project Billing Specialist Template for Project Organization Security

Answer: AD

Explanation: Reference:

As you go through the first-quarter close for your customer, you notice that the burden amounts calculated do not seem to be right. Based on the calculations, you notice that the amounts calculated are not considering the burden schedule override at a task level, which was done during the second month of the quarter.
Identify the reason for this problem. (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Only new expenditure items charged to the task use the new burden schedule; expenditure items processed earlier cannot be reprocessed.
  • B. Only new expenditure items charged to the task use the new burden schedule; expenditure items processed earlier can be manually marked for reprocessing.
  • C. You can enable automatic reprocessing of expenditure items processed before the burden schedule change.
  • D. All expenditure items charged to the task use the new burden schedule.

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference:
https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/r13_update17b/projectcs_gs/OAPJC/OAPJC1071490.htm#OAPJC1071 482

While creating a new project template, you notice that a default Asset Cost Allocation method is being automatically associated. Identify the source setup from which the default value is being inherited. (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. project classification
  • B. project type
  • C. project unit
  • D. project organization

Answer: B

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