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Which four are states that a device can be in throughout its lifecycle?

  • A. Activated
  • B. Decommissioned
  • C. Disabled
  • D. Saved
  • E. Deactivated
  • F. Registered

Answer: ABEF


Which built-in API platform policy lets you manipulate the request context?

  • A. Application Rate Limiting Policy
  • B. Key Validation Policy
  • C. Redaction Policy
  • D. Groovy Script Policy

Answer: D


Which two statements are true about implementing an API-First strategy?

  • A. The API is to be developed first before any UI or new business logic are created.
  • B. It generally is assumed that SOAP/WSDL are the key specifications for defining the API.
  • C. The code to execute business logic needs to exist and be exposed as an API first before you build a strategy around it.
  • D. You define the API definition/contract first before any work on its implementation or any applications that use it, allowing to work in parallel.

Answer: AB

As a Process Cloud developer, you have been tasked with integrating Oracle Content and Experience Cloud with a process application. Since this is a document-centric process that will involve collaboration with process participants, it has been determined that the document and conversation functionality should be used.
Which task is NOT required?

  • A. You will need to create a new process application since conversation functionality cannot be enabled for pre-existing applications.
  • B. You must manually enable the document and conversation features for your process application.
  • C. You will need to have the administrator configure the connection between Oracle Process Cloud andOracle Content and Experience Cloud since developers do not have those permissions.
  • D. You will need to assign conversation viewers to either an Oracle Content and Experience user role or Oracle Documents Cloud Service user role.

Answer: A

Which three are ways enterprise applications can interact with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service?

  • A. send commands/messages
  • B. insert/update/delete data
  • C. subscribe to data
  • D. query data
  • E. subscribe to commands/messages

Answer: ABD

Which operation is NOT supported by Stage activity?

  • A. Read Entire File
  • B. Delete File
  • C. Write File
  • D. Unzip File
  • E. Zip File
  • F. Read File in Segments

Answer: F

What task can NOT be performed on Business Types View?

  • A. Create business exceptions
  • B. Create business objects
  • C. Business rules
  • D. Import business objects
  • E. Create enum objects

Answer: C

Which feature flag lifecycle stage includes OIC features that you can request from Oracle to be disabled within your OIC instance environment?

  • A. Internal Only
  • B. General Availability
  • C. Feature Controlled
  • D. Feature Controlled General Availability

Answer: C

Which three background colors are displayed for autocomplete in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
  • B. Red for invalid binding names
  • C. Green for valid binding names
  • D. Orange for unmatched binding names

Answer: ABC

https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/process-cloud/user/binding-form-data-controls.html#GUID-CECD2F13-1 The background colors displayed for the autocomplete options are:
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Green for valid binding names
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Red for invalid binding names
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
If a control isn’t linked to an attribute or if a control is linked to an invalid attribute, an error message is
displayed in the Binding
field and an error icon is displayed in the canvas. When a control doesn't have a valid
binding, any value entered into the control in runtime is not passed on to the form payload.

You are developing orchestration-style integrations in the OIC Designer Portal and have discovered that the Outline View is not available in your OIC instance environment.
What is the name of the feature flag you will need to request to be enabled by raising a Service Request from My Oracle Support?

  • A. oic.console.integration.outlineview
  • B. oic.ics.console.integration.layout
  • C. oic.console.integration.outline
  • D. oic.console.integration.pseudoviewl

Answer: B

Which two options cannot be performed from the Monitoring Dashboard?

  • A. Activity Stream Download
  • B. Artifacts Download
  • C. Download Incident Logs
  • D. Download Lookup
  • E. Download Diagnostic Logs

Answer: BC

Which four statements are correct regarding the differences between WSDL/SOAP and REST/JSON?

  • A. REST is typically invoked with HTTP verbs.
  • B. WSLD is simpler, REST is richer
  • C. Modem API-First architectures prefer to use thed-and-true WSDUSOAP services over REST services because they are richer and provide a tighter contract
  • D. WSDL is a request for a service; REST is a request for a resource
  • E. WSDL is a tight contract; REST is a loose contract
  • F. REST more easily used in developing Uls than WSDUSOA
  • G. REST is gaining popularity in applicationdevelopment.

Answer: BCDF

Which two are types of Authentication that are supported for Services in Integration API Platform Cloud

  • A. Kerberos
  • B. WSS Username Token
  • C. OAuth2
  • D. BasicAuth

Answer: CD


Which three Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) Components can route a message to an end point?

  • A. Oracle Mediator
  • B. Oracle Business Rules
  • C. Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • D. Oracle Service Bus

Answer: ABC


What is the "Decision Table" in Business Rules in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. a range value set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed value ranges for the input and output data objects of a decision
  • B. a decision matrix that organizes if/then rules into a spreadsheet-like format, where rows represent conditions and actions, and columns match condition values to action alternatives
  • C. an if/then rule that has one or more conditions (if statements) that together are true or false, and one or more actions (then statements) that are applied if the conditions are true
  • D. a value set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed values for the input and output data objects of a decision

Answer: C

Which three are types of certificates that can be imported from Settings?

  • A. Identity Certificate
  • B. Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • C. Trust Certificate
  • D. Message Protection Certificate
  • E. Unified Communications Certificate

Answer: ACD

You have a single synchronous integration flow updating systems with several external invocations within multiple loops. Several client applications are experiencing blocking timeouts waiting for confirmation of the complex processing logic.
Which is a legitimate strategy to mitigate this issue?

  • A. Increase the blocking timeout within the OIC integration settings to allow for extended time.
  • B. Change to an asynchronous flow that provides a notification when processing is complete.
  • C. Split into smaller integration flows that can be orchestrated sequentially from a master synchronous flow.
  • D. Change the implementation logic to invoke multiple fine-grained external API calls within a single loop.

Answer: D

Which is NOT a key advantage of using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

  • A. Public/Private Cloud Portability
  • B. choice of IDE for development
  • C. Auto Association of Oracle SaaS Applications
  • D. prebuilt integrations
  • E. recommendations

Answer: B

Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity?

  • A. You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets.
  • B. You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped.
  • C. You can drag and drop function activity in the target.
  • D. You can drag and drop switcher activity in the target.

Answer: CD

Which schema is used for defining the field structure of an analytic object?

  • A. Apache Avro schema
  • B. XSD schema
  • C. Database schema
  • D. XSL Schema

Answer: A

Using Schemas to Define the Fields of Analytics ObjectsYou can import an Apache Avro schema file to define the field structure of your analytics object.
To import a schema file, your analytics object must not have any fields defined.
The namespace and object name in your schema file must match the name of the analytics object that you created.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit After you create your analytics object, click Import Schema.
The file browser dialog box appears.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Select a valid Avro schema file from your computer and click Open.
For more information about Avro schemas, see Apache Avro.
The field structure defined in the schema file appears in the Fields section.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Click Save.
The field structure defined in your Avro schema file is imported to your analytics object. https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/iot-cloud/iotgs/using-schemas-define-fields-analytics-objects.html


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