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An engineer is running a lab environment on a local PC and wants to simulate a production ESXi environment. Which type of virtualization technology can the engineer deploy on the machine without compromising the ability to use the operating system on the local machine?

  • A. Type 2 hypervisor
  • B. Type 1 hypervisor
  • C. desktop mobility
  • D. horizon view

Answer: B

What is a benefit of using Cisco MDS VSAN within a SAN infrastructure?

  • A. support for up to 255 switches within each VSAN
  • B. ability to implement VSAN across multiple switch vendors
  • C. isolation of logical fabrics within the same physical topology
  • D. automatic failover between VSAN instances

Answer: B

When designing a leaf/spine ACI architecture, what ensures that any application nodes are at most only two hops from each other or from IP-based storage?

  • A. ACI support of multiple encapsulation or tunneling protocols
  • B. connectivity of virtual and physical endpoints is built into the Layer 3 boundary
  • C. leaf nodes at the edge of the fabric and spine nodes at the core
  • D. configuration of border leaf nodes

Answer: B

Which option is one essential characteristic of Cloud computing?

  • A. It must use virtualization.
  • B. It must provide load balancing services.
  • C. It must provide on-demand self service.
  • D. It must run on open source software.

Answer: C

Which of the following most accurately describes the default role of Server Equipment Administrator in UCSM?

  • A. Read and write access to physical server related operation
  • B. Read access to the rest of the system.
  • C. Read and write access to logical and physical server related operation
  • D. Read and write access to the rest of the system.
  • E. Read and write access to logical and physical server related operation
  • F. Read access to the rest of the system.
  • G. Read and write access to physical server related operation
  • H. Read and write access to the rest of the system.

Answer: A

An engineer must provide a Cisco UCS management solution for 950 virtual servers spread across five data centers globally, with multiple domains and systems. Which design must be used?

  • A. a Cisco UCS Manager unifying a Cisco UCS Central server per data center
  • B. a Cisco UCS Central deployment per data center
  • C. a Cisco UCS Central software unifying five Cisco UCS Managers
  • D. a cluster of three to five Cisco UCS Managers per data center

Answer: A

A network engineer is deploying a new SDN network. In troubleshooting the deployment, the engineer discovers that changes are being delivered to the control plane devices but not beyond. Where in the framework is the disconnect?

  • A. NetFlow communication
  • B. SNMP communication
  • C. API communication to control plane
  • D. API communication to data plane

Answer: B

Which description of Cisco vPath is true?

  • A. a protocol that provides end-to-end path assurance for Cloud-based systems
  • B. an embedded intelligence in Cisco VEM that provides abstracted control and forward plane functionality
  • C. a service that provides forwarding plane abstraction for inline redirection of traffic for vServices
  • D. a vService that allows for security policy enforcement through transparent bridging

Answer: C

A company has a large number of virtualized servers running a Nexus 1000V. The data center network is running out of VLAN IDs, and in response, an engineer has been tasked to ensure that over 4000 VLANs can be allocated to each virtual host to fix the issue. What solution would satisfy this requirement?

  • A. Expand VLAN capabilities on the VEM.
  • B. Turn off STP on the Nexus 1000V switches.
  • C. Add the Citrix NetScaler 1000V to the network.
  • D. Deploy a VXLAN backbone that extends to each virtual switch.

Answer: A

A client is deploying a NAS solution within its data center. How do other operating systems access this storage solution?

  • A. Client operating system requires additional drivers to access shared resources.
  • B. Client operating system accesses a directory path for shared resources.
  • C. Client operating system accesses shared resources as if they are directly attached.
  • D. Client operating system sees the shared resources as disks.

Answer: A

An engineer needs to create a Cisco InterCloud Fabric Cloud using Express Route. Which public cloud offering is compatible?

  • A. Express
  • B. Azure
  • C. GovCloud
  • D. AWS VPC

Answer: B

Which of the following are true about Infrastructure as a Service? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Most typical consumers are IT administrators.
  • B. Virtualization technologies are mandatory for the implementation of IaaS.
  • C. IaaS basically offers computing hardware for its consumers.
  • D. Among all service models, IaaS is the least flexible option.

Answer: AC

An engineer must connect two existing SANs together via the FCIP protocol. Which platform provides this connectivity?

  • A. Cisco MDS 9250i
  • B. Cisco Nexus 9396PQ
  • C. Cisco MDS 9148S
  • D. Cisco Nexus 7010

Answer: D

Which of the following represents the service models described by NIST?

  • A. XaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • B. SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  • C. Private, public, hybrid
  • D. On-premise, off-premise, managed
  • E. EaaS, XaaS, IaaS

Answer: B

Which type of zoning is represented?
210-451 dumps exhibit

  • A. Single Initiator Multi Target
  • B. Multi Initiator Single Target
  • C. Single Target Single Initiator
  • D. Multi Initiator Multi Target

Answer: A

Refer to the command line display below:
vsan database
vsan 1000 name FCoE vlan 1000
fcoe vlan 1000 int e1/1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000 no shut
int vfc10
bind interface e1/1
switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000 no shut
On which line does the error occur that prevents FCoE from operating correctly in a Cisco Nexus switch?

  • A. fcoe vlan 1000
  • B. switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000
  • C. int vfc10
  • D. bind interface e1/1

Answer: A

An engineer must select a converged infrastructure that utilizes EMC storage. Which two types of architectures could the engineer use to complete this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. VersaStack
  • B. VSPEX
  • C. Vblock
  • D. OpenBlocks
  • E. FlexPod

Answer: CE

Which option is used to manage Multi-Domain Cisco UCS?

  • A. Cisco UCS Manager
  • B. Cisco UCS Central
  • C. Cisco UCS B-Series
  • D. Cisco UCS C-Series

Answer: B

A company is moving its development operations into the cloud and wants a solution where the developers are able to develop, run, and manage web applications without having to manage the development environment. Which type of solution should the company choose to fulfill these requirements?

  • A. Software as a Service
  • B. Infrastructure as a Service
  • C. Platform as a Service
  • D. Application Delivery as a Service

Answer: A

Which option describes what the use of no_root_squash does in an NFS environment?

  • A. It causes the NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and is required for hypervisors that utilize RBAC for users.
  • B. It allows a NFS share to be mounted and written to as the root user by the hypervisor.
  • C. It allows a NFS share to be mounted by root, but all subsequent writes are as a non-root user.
  • D. It allows a NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and all subsequent writes are as a non-root user.

Answer: B

Which two descriptions of VXLAN are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The VXLAN Identifier space is 24 bits.
  • B. VXLAN uses the Internet Protocol as the transport medium.
  • C. VXLAN adds 24 bytes of overhead to each packet.
  • D. VXLAN is primarily designed for small environments.

Answer: AB

An architect for a company's private cloud utilizes software-defined networking with the expectation of service microsegmentation. The architect intends to use MAC addresses printed on the network cards for ingress/egress filtering of each VM. Which aspect of virtualization initially impedes the architect's success?

  • A. The MAC addresses are indistinguishable; the hypervisor stacks all the addresses on a single network interface.
  • B. The hypervisor translates only TCP/IP addresses from the virtual machines to MAC addresses.
  • C. The MAC addresses are not used for ingress/egress filtering; the architect must use TCP/IP.
  • D. The virtual machines are not allowed to access the hardware-based MAC address directly.

Answer: B

Which of the following is not a virtual machine file?

  • A. Virtual disk
  • B. NVRAM
  • C. Swap memory
  • D. NFS
  • E. Log

Answer: D

Which of the following represent key aspects of a service-level agreement between a data center service provider and a consumer? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Performance
  • B. Mean time to recover
  • C. Contract changes
  • D. Data handling
  • E. Uptime

Answer: ABDE


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