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How does vSphere handle memory allocation during the instant clone process?

  • A. Memory is shared among all child virtual machines using a delta disk.
  • B. The first child virtual machine serves as a memory snapshot for any subsequent child virtual machines.
  • C. An identical clone of the parent virtual machine's memory is created for each child virtual machine.
  • D. A unique memory pool is created per child virtual machine using copy-on-write.

Answer: C

What is a minimum disk controller requirement for VMware vSAN?

  • A. A disk controller in pass-through or RAID 5 mode
  • B. A disk controller in pass-through or RAID 0 mode
  • C. A disk controller in pass-through or RAID 1 mode
  • D. A disk controller in JBOD mode

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
What is the effective role the test1 account has on the Finance01 virtual machine?

  • A. Virtual machine user
  • B. Administrator
  • C. Read-only
  • D. No access

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
Which two statements are true regarding the state of the virtual machine (VM) if an administrator clicks the "Delete AH" option? (Choose two.)

  • A. No snapshots will remain on the VM.
  • B. The VM state will match Snap-A.
  • C. The VM state will match Snap-B.
  • D. The VM state will match Snap-C.
  • E. Snap-A will be intact on the VM.

Answer: BE

Which local only host utility is used for primary, real-time performance monitoring in vSphere?

  • A. esxCop
  • B. top
  • C. resxtop
  • D. vSphere Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Answer: D

An administrator places a 300 GB virtual machine named "Finance1" on a 2 TB datastore containing other virtual machines. After virtual machine placement, the datastore has 200 GB of free space. The accounting department takes a nightly snapshot of Finance1, then deletes the previous snapshot. The administrator is concerned about snapshots filling the datastore.
Which statement is true regarding snapshots?

  • A. vCenter Server will not allow snapshots to fill the datastore beyond 95%.
  • B. Any snapshot on Finance1 has the potential to fill the datastore to capacity.
  • C. The snapshots on Finance1 cannot outgrow the datastore in less than 24 hours.
  • D. The snapshots on Finance1 will be automatically committed if SEsparse format is used.

Answer: C

Which two VMware features are supported in a virtual machine using Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology? (Choose two.)

  • A. vSphere vMotion
  • B. Storage I/O Control
  • C. Virtual machine suspend and resume
  • D. VM encryption
  • E. Fault tolerance

Answer: BE

An administrator is trying to configure vCenter Single Sign-On from the vSphere Client but does NOT have permission. Which role is required in order to configure vCenter Single Sign-On?

  • A. vCenter Single Sign-On Administrator
  • B. vCenter Server Appliance Root
  • C. vCenter Power User
  • D. vCenter Administrator

Answer: D

An administrator would like to make virtual machine templates and ISO images available to all vCenter Server instances in the data center. Which feature should the administrator use to achieve this goal?

  • A. Host profiles
  • B. Resource pools
  • C. Storage policies
  • D. Content libraries

Answer: D


What can an administrator use to partition limited CPU and memory resources between two departments?

  • A. Resource pools
  • B. vCenter folders
  • C. vSphere distributed switch
  • D. vSphere High Availability

Answer: C

An IT department is experiencing random hardware failures that are costing the company money. The CIO is looking for technical support beyond traditional break/fix with enhanced visibility and proactive insights into the environment at no additional cost.
Which VMware service meets the needs of the CIO?

  • A. VMware Global Support Services
  • B. VMware Premier Support
  • C. vRealize Operations Manager
  • D. VMware Skyline

Answer: C

An administrator is unable to manage certificates with the vSphere Client. What is another supported option that can be used to manage certificates?

  • A. vCenter Server Management Interface
  • B. Cloud Builder
  • C. Command Line Interface
  • D. vRealize Operations Manager

Answer: D

Which privilege is required to run the esxtop utility?

  • A. Administrator
  • B. vStatsUser
  • C. vStatsAdmin
  • D. Root user

Answer: D

An administrator wants to enable bandwidth allocation for workloads by using Network I/O Control. What should the administrator configure to accomplish this?

  • A. Load-balancing
  • B. Virtual machine traffic
  • C. NIC teaming policy
  • D. Management traffic

Answer: C

An administrator is tasked with upgrading an existing VMware vSphere 6.5 environment to version 7.0. There are existing VMFS3 and VMFS5 datastores in the environment.
Which two statements are true regarding this upgrade? (Choose two.)

  • A. An ESXi 7.0 host can automatically upgrade a VMFS5 datastore.
  • B. VMFS3 is no longer supported with ESXi 7.0.
  • C. VMFS5 is no longer supported with ESXi 7.0.
  • D. An ESXi 7.0 host will automatically upgrade a VMFS3 datastore when discovered.
  • E. A VMFS3 datastore cannot be upgraded; a new VMFS6 datastore is required.

Answer: CE

An administrator needs to configure Proactive High Availability (HA) in a vSphere environment so that virtual machines (VMs) do not run on any partially degraded hosts. The administrator would also like to see the recommendations before VMs are migrated.
Which automation and remediation level should the administrator select?

  • A. Automation Level - Manual Remediation Level - Maintenance mode
  • B. Automation Level - Automated Remediation Level - Mixed mode
  • C. Automation Level - Automated Remediation Level - Maintenance mode
  • D. Automation Level - Manual Remediation Level - Quarantine mode

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
What does the %RDY for the Win1 virtual machine indicate?

  • A. High CPU wait time
  • B. Low CPU usage
  • C. High CPU contention
  • D. Low CPU contention

Answer: D

An administrator wants to be able to log in to the vSphere Client and view the inventories of two vCenter Server instances. What must the administrator do to meet this requirement?

  • A. Configure Enhanced Linked Mode on each vCenter Server instance after deployment is complete.
  • B. Connect each vCenter Server instance to the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain during deployment.
  • C. Configure the vCenter Server Management Interface to view both vCenter Server instances.
  • D. Connect each vCenter Server instance to the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain using the vSphere Client.

Answer: A

A company has a vSphere environment consisting of the following characteristics:
• A content library named 'CORP' is published at corporate headquarters on a vCenter Server named 'vcenterCorp'.
• A regional data center contains a set of hosts managed by a vCenter Server named vcenterR1.
• vcenterR1 subscribes to the CORP content library.
The administrator wants to create a new virtual machine image to use on vcenterR1. What are two possible ways the administrator can accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. Upload the new image to a local content library on vcenterR1.
  • B. Publish the CORP content library on vcenterR1.
  • C. Upload the new image to the CORP library on vcenterCorp.
  • D. Upload the new image to the CORP library on vcenterR1.
  • E. Configure vcenterR1 to download all library content immediately.

Answer: BD

An IT department is decommissioning a storage array and Casks an administrator with removing a datastore from ESXi hosts. What is a prerequisite for unmounting the datastore?

  • A. The datastore is NOT being used by vSphere High Availability heartbeating.
  • B. The datastore is NOT referenced by a host profile.
  • C. The datastore does NOT contain powered-off virtual machines.
  • D. The datastore is NOT managed by Storage DRS.

Answer: A

An administrator wants to be able to send vCenter Server log files to a remote syslog server and analyze logs using vRealize Log Insight. Which step must the administrator take to meet this requirement?

  • A. Configure log file forwarding using the vCenter Server Management Interface.
  • B. Configure the vCenter Server logging options using the vSphere Client.
  • C. Specify the vRealize Log Insight system name using the vSphere Client.
  • D. Specify the remote syslog server name at deployment using the vCenter Server GUI Installer.

Answer: A


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