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A network engineer must ensure that corporate wireless users have a better experience than guest wireless users. Which two configurations fulfil requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Override per-SSID bandwidth contracts on the corporate WLAN to reserve bandwidth.
  • B. Modify the corporate WLAN to the Platinum QoS policy.
  • C. Enable 802.1ptag on the Gold QoS pofccyto honor prioritized traffic.
  • D. Adjust the guest WLAN radio policy to 80211 b/g only.
  • E. Change the guest WLAN to the Bronze QoS polic

Answer: BE

Which IEEE standard allows for the client-AP handshake to be completed before the client roams?

  • A. 802.11v
  • B. 802.11e
  • C. 802.11r
  • D. 802.11k

Answer: C

Which of the following is not a Cisco RF fingerprinting key advantage over Location Tracking?

  • A. Uses existing LWAPP-enabled Cisco Unified Networking components.
  • B. Proprietary client hardware or software is required.
  • C. Better accuracy and precision.
  • D. Reduced calibration effor

Answer: B

An engineer must implement WLC features that enhance roaming. Which two technologies fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Centralized Key Management
  • B. 802.11v
  • C. 802.11r
  • D. 802.11X
  • E. WPA2

Answer: AC

Which command do you use to ensure that a workgroup bridge can associate and communicate with a non-Cisco AP?

  • A. AP(config-if)# ssid Corporate AP(config-ssid)# infrastructure-ssid
  • B. AP(config-if)# mobile station ignore neighbor-list
  • C. AP(config-if)# station-role workgroup-bridge universal
  • D. AP(config-if)# station-role workgroup-bridge multicast mode infrastructure

Answer: A

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/access_point/12-4_3g_JA/configuration/guide/ ios1243gjaconfigguide/s43hot.html

You have been tasked with setting up a mobility group (Mobility_Test) in a test lab. There are two WLCs that you will need to configure (Test1 and Test2). Use the Administrative Workstation to acces the Test1 and Test2 WLCs. Once configured you will need to verify that the mobility group peers are communicating properly.
Mobility Group Name: Mobility_Test Mobility Group Members: Test1
IP Address:
MAC Address: b0:fa:eb:8c:2b:a0 Mobility Group Members: Test2 Ip Address
MAC Address: d0:c2:82:e3:aa:20
You have configured mobility group properly when the status of the mobility group peers is UP. TOPOLOGY
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  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

Mobility Controllers belong to only one group, and can know several mobility groups On Test 1 WLC
1. Choose Controller> Mobility Management > Mobility Peer
2. Click New
3. Enter the following details of Test 2:
a) Mobility Member IP
b) Mobility Member Public IP
c) Mobility Member Group Name
d) Multicast IP Address
4. Apply and Save
Similarly log in to Test 2 and enter details of Test1

An engineer has deployed a WLAN in a high-density auditorium and expects the number of clients to grow.
Which WLC configuration can be used to increase the IP space without any service disruptions?

  • A. dynamic interface
  • B. interface group
  • C. AP group
  • D. RF group

Answer: B

What is the best practice for setting the WLC v7.0 use of WLAN QoS settings to support SIP phones on a VoWLAN?

  • A. Configure SIP with static CAC only with SIP call snooping.
  • B. Configure SIP with static CAC only without SIP call snooping.
  • C. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only with SIP call snooping.
  • D. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only without SIP call snooping.
  • E. Configure SIP with load-based CAC and TSPEC only with SIP call snoopin

Answer: A

An engineer used an interface group under the SSID configuration, but noticed that a test client is getting an IP assigned in a different VLAN from the DHCP server. Which two options override the interface group configuration on the SSID? (Choose two.)

  • A. static VLAN on client
  • B. ACL
  • C. AP group
  • D. static IP on client
  • E. MAC filtering
  • F. RF group
  • G. AAA override

Answer: CG

One of your colleagues has setup a test network in the lab to simulate a new building atone of your regional offices. Your team is testing AP failover. Your colleague has requested you to configure the WLCs so that in the event of a loss of one of the WLCsthe other wings APs will fail over to the remaining WLC.
The APs on the East-WLC-2504A should fail over to the West-WLC2-2504A, and the APs on the West- WLC2-2504A should fail over to the East-WLC-2504A.
Set the priority of the APs so the backup controller recognizes the join request from the higherpriority AP and if necessary disassociates a lower-priority AP to provide access to an available port.
Not all menus, tabs and features are supported. Topology
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300-365 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

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Which show command will show whether a WLAN is locally or centrally switched on a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller?

  • A. show ap config general Cisco_AP
  • B. show wlan wlan_id
  • C. show filexconnect summary
  • D. show filexconnect group detail

Answer: B

VoWLAN implementation plans for a current mix of existing Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7920G and 7921G to a final migration of Wireless IP Phones 7925G in a single WLAN. What would be the most appropriate WLC WLAN configuration to end with Wireless IP Phones 7925G?

  • A. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = All; WMM = Disabled
  • B. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = All; WMM = Allowed
  • C. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11a only; WMM = Disabled
  • D. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11a only; WMM = Allowed
  • E. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11b/g only; WMM = Disabled
  • F. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11b/g only; WMM = Allowed

Answer: B

A customer has implemented an N+1 cluster of WLCs without using an AP high availability configuration and is experiencing an unacceptable delay when clients are roaming. Which two configuration changes can improve roaming? (Choose two.)

  • A. Set master controller mode on the least loaded WLC.
  • B. Set the AP failover priority identically on contiguous access points.
  • C. Put all WLCs in the same mobility group.
  • D. Place all WLCs in the same RF group.
  • E. Define a primary controller on contiguous access point

Answer: CE

A network engineer for a college dormitory notices that student devices are filling up the SP-DB and are not allowing the shared wireless printers to be discovered. Which feature can be used to reserve space in the SP-DB for the printers?

  • A. mDNS-AP
  • B. LSS
  • C. Priority MAC
  • D. sso

Answer: C

On which AP radio or radios is Cisco WGB association supported?

  • A. 2.4 GHz only
  • B. 2.4 or 5 GHz only
  • C. 2.4, 5, or 4.9 GHz
  • D. 5 GHz only

Answer: B

A sporting arena has a new wireless network and finds that clients are not connecting to their nearest access point. Which setting can be enabled to minimize this behavior and reduce the AP view of channel utilization?

  • A. Use an RF profile with an RX-SOP threshold.
  • B. Enable Band Select
  • C. Enable Client Balancing
  • D. Turn on CleanAir

Answer: A

A WLAN engineer has been asked to upgrade the software on a MSE 3365 Appliance. The engineer cannot access the system using the root password and the Grub password as the details had never been documented. How should the engineer perform the password recovery?

  • A. Use a console cable.
  • B. Contact Cisco TAC and arrange an RMA of the MSE.
  • C. Boot the MSE using the software installation DVD.
  • D. The Password can be reset using Prime Infrastructur

Answer: B

An engineer has deployed a WLAN in a high-density auditorium and expects the number of clients to grow.
Which WLC configuration can be used increase the IP space without any service disruptions?

  • A. RF group
  • B. interface group
  • C. dynamic interface
  • D. AP group

Answer: A

An engineer has enabled FlexConnect AP Upgrade for a FlexConnect group, but did not manually select any master APs. Which AP receives the update directly from the controller when a FlexConnect Upgrade is initiated?

  • A. one AP with the lowest MAC address in each subnet in the group
  • B. one AP of each model with the lowest MAC address in the group
  • C. one AP with the lowest MAC address in the group
  • D. one AP with the highest MAC address in the group

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.
During deployment, a network engineer notices that voice traffic is not being tagged correctly as it traverses
the network. Which COS to DSCP map must be modified to ensure that voice traffic is treated properly?

  • A. COS of 5 to DSCP 46
  • B. COS of 7 to DSCP 48
  • C. COS of 6 to DSCP 46
  • D. COS of 3 to DSCP of 26

Answer: A

A customer requires wireless traffic from the branch to be routed through the firewall at corporate headquarters. There is a RADIUS server in each branch location. Which FlexConnect state should be
used in this scenario?

  • A. local authentication and local switching
  • B. local authentication and central switching
  • C. central authentication and central switching
  • D. central authentication and local switching

Answer: C

How many APs can be set as master and what is the maximum number of slave APs for FlexConnect AP upgrades in a specific FlexConnect group?

  • A. one master and three maximum slave APs per AP model
  • B. one master and two backup master AP per AP model
  • C. one master and four maximum slave APs per AP model
  • D. one master and one backup master AP per AP model

Answer: A

When a Vocera badge performs a broadcast call in a properly configured VoWLAN using WLC v7.0, which two choices indicate how the QoS is marked? (Choose two.)

  • A. Upstream marked as Best Effort.
  • B. Upstream marked as ToS CS4.
  • C. Upstream marked as DSCP EF.
  • D. Downstream marked as DSCP EF.
  • E. Downstream marked as Best Effort.
  • F. Downstream marked as Silve

Answer: CE


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