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Which two guidelines and limitations of PTP on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose two)

  • A. PTP supports multicast, unicast, and anycast communication
  • B. PTP can be enabled only on F - and M - Series module ports.
  • C. PTP is limitless per network
  • D. Only one PTP process can control all of the port clocks through the clock manager.
  • E. PTP supports transport over UD
  • F. Transport over Ethernet is not supported.

Answer: DE

Which option must be configured before IP Source Guard is used successfully in your networkenvironment?

  • A. Dynamic ARP inspection
  • B. DHCP snooping
  • C. port security
  • D. dot1tx

Answer: B

Which three main benefits of using vpath are true? ( Choose three)

  • A. multitenancy
  • B. multisite
  • C. service graphs
  • D. dynamic service provisioning
  • E. service chaining
  • F. device packages

Answer: ADE

Which two statements about the Cisco Open SND Controller are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. It is a commercial distribution based on the OpenFlow controller.
  • B. Your own, new network service functions can be added via Java APIs.
  • C. Security is enforced by using the Open Services Gateway Initiative framework.
  • D. The controller is available as an appliance only.
  • E. It can be used in multivendor environments.

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
When specifying subnets under a bridge domain for a given tenant the user can specify the scope of a subnet. Which definition of the public subnet scope is true?

  • A. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to public Internet and must protected by a firewall
  • B. It indicates that it must be leaked m one or more private networks within ACI fabric
  • C. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the border leaf in ACI fabric
  • D. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the external router by the border leaf

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Your application has a reduced health score.Upon inspection, you find a fault that impacts the health
score. The fault currently is in the soaking lifecycle stare. Which two options are possible next steps while in this state? (Choose two)

  • A. Acknowledge the fault, which immediately clears it from the system
  • B. Once the soaking timer expires the fault ceases and no change is expected in sevenitylevel.
  • C. The condition ceases by itself and goes into the soaking-clearing state
  • D. The condition ceases by itself and automatically clears the fault
  • E. The soaking timer expires and moves to the Raised sevenitylevel

Answer: CE

Which three options are valid sources for Cisco UCS monitor sessions? (Choose three)

  • A. VLAN
  • B. vNIC
  • C. vHBA
  • D. VSAN
  • E. uplink FC interface
  • F. pin group

Answer: CDE

Which statement about IP-directed broadcast is true?

  • A. When a directed broadcast packet reaches a switch that is directly connected to its destination subnet, that packet is "exploded" as a broadcast on the destination subnet
  • B. All switches in the network forward an IP-directed broadcast in the same way they forward unicast IP packets
  • C. An IP-directed broadcast is a packet whose destination address is a multicast group to send the packet to a group of hosts in a local or remote network
  • D. All IP-redirected broadcast is an IP packet whose destination address is a valid unicast address, but which originates from a node that is itself part of that destination subnet

Answer: A

Which description of a virtual private cloud is true?

  • A. an on-demand configurable pool of shared data resources allocated within a private cloud environment, which provides assigned DMZ zones
  • B. an on-demand configurable pool of shared networking resources allocated within a private cloud environment, which provides tenant isolation
  • C. an on-demand configurable pool of shared software applications allocated within a public cloud environment, which provides tenant isolation
  • D. an on-demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within a public cloud environment, which provides tenant isolation

Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
An admin has created a new EPG in an ACI fabric. The admin then specified static path binding as shown in exhibit. After submitting this policy configuration, the admin noticed that this newly created EPG had the fault shown in the exhibit. Which option is the likely Explanation: of this fault?

  • A. There is no faul
  • B. The fault is currently in the soaking state and the fault will automaticlly clear and everything will work as expected
  • C. The encap VLAN configured is not within the allowed range of VLANs as specified by the associated domain
  • D. There is not enough information to determine the cause of the problem
  • E. The admin incorrectly configured this static path as a "trunk" when it should have been configured as an access (untagged) port

Answer: B

Drag and drop the enlisted four offers from the left onto the correct Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite on the right.
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 400-151 dumps exhibit

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

    • A. The option failover is enabled on all the interfaces
    • B. Interface vfc 1871 is pinned to fc interface 1/32 in fabric interconnectB
    • C. Server 7 in chassis 4 has been associated with profile circuit
    • D. To check the MAC address from server 7/4 interface eth 10. you can check the MAC addresses learned on veth 1866 on fabric interconnect B
    • E. The server has total of six vNICs.

    Answer: DE

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    On which VLAN does VLAN Discovery occur?

    • A. VLAN 200
    • B. VLAN 1105
    • C. VLAN 105
    • D. VLAN 1

    Answer: D

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    After you upgrade Cisco UCS firmware, some of your blades have these error messages. Which description of the problem is true?

    • A. Storage provisioning is not configured
    • B. Some components are deprecated
    • C. vNIC template must be converted to updating
    • D. Service profile requires a connectivity policy

    Answer: D

    Which description of Cisco Virtual Topology System is true?

    • A. package that contains an entire runtime environment
    • B. agent that resides on physical devices
    • C. overlay provisioning and management solutions
    • D. web server hosting for Cisco NX-OS

    Answer: C


    Which two statements about IP Source Guard are true? (Choose two)

    • A. IP Source Guard limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IPMAC address binding table entry or static IP source entry
    • B. IP Source Guard requires that DHCP snooping is disabled
    • C. When you first enable IP Source Guard on an interface, you may experience disruption in IP traffic until the hosts on the interface receive a new IP address from a DHCP server
    • D. By default,IP Source Guard is enable on all interfaces
    • E. IP Source Guard is independent of DHCP anooping to build and maintain the IP-MAC address binding table

    Answer: AC

    Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus1000/sw/4_0_4_s_v_1_2/security/configuration/guide/n1000v_security/n1000v_security_14sourceguard.pdf

    Refer to exhibit,
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    which two statements about spanning tree are true? (Choose two)

    • A. This switch generates BPDUs for a VPC
    • B. BPDUs from a VPC are processed on this switch
    • C. BPDUs are sent to the peer Switch for processing
    • D. BPDUs received on this switch are dropped because Type 2 inconsistency issues
    • E. This switch cannot generate BPDUs for a VPC

    Answer: CE

    What is recommended backup policy for Cisco Cloud Center?

    • A. Bi-Weekly Basis
    • B. Daily Basis
    • C. Monthly Basis
    • D. Weekly Basis
    • E. Hourly Basis

    Answer: B

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