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Which statement about hard pinning is true?

  • A. When the VLAN validation fails, a VIF down fault is raised
  • B. When the VLAN validation fails, a VLAN Mismatch fault with a severity of Warning appears
  • C. If no uplink Ethernet port or port channel is configured with all VLANs on the vNIC, Cisco UCS Manager drops the traffic for all the vNIC
  • D. If no uplink Ethernet port or port channel is configured with all VLANs on thevNIC, Cisco UCS Manager brings the link down

Answer: B

Which two parameters must be identical per interface while configuring virtual port channels?
(Choose two)

  • A. network access control
  • B. Bridge Assurance setting
  • C. maximum transmission unit
  • D. Protocol Independent Multicast
  • E. IP Source Guard

Answer: BC

Object configJob contains which of the following information?

  • A. field lastStepDescr
  • B. admin state
  • C. next object name
  • D. passphrase

Answer: A

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/aci/apic/sw/2-x/rest_cfg/2_1_x/b_Cisco_APIC_REST_API_Configuration_Guide/b_Cisco_APIC_REST_API_Configura tion_Guide_chapter_010.pdf

Which three statement about the VLAN Trunking Protocol version 3 are true? (Choose three)

  • A. It provides enhanced security with hidden and secret passwords
  • B. It does not support private VLANs
  • C. It supports manual configuration of VLANs on a device configured as a VLAN TrunkingProtocol client
  • D. It is not compatible with VLAN Trunking Protocol version 1 or 2
  • E. It allows only the primary server to make VLAN Trunking Protocol configuration changes
  • F. It supports 4K VLANs

Answer: AEF

You are configuring an L3Out interface for a VRF for which OSPF is configured on an ACI fabric.You notice that the OSPF routing table is rebuilt every 10 seconds. Which reason for this behavior is true?

  • A. OSPF timers are set to rebuild the RIB every 10 seconds
  • B. The loopback interfaces of the L3Out are configured with an IP addresses that is already in use
  • C. Aduplex mismatch is on the link on which L3Out is configured
  • D. This is the normal behavior of the ACI fabric

Answer: B

An administrator is replacing an IOM. The failed IOM is in chassis 1 and was connected to FI-B. the replacement IOM has an older version of software to the fabric interconnect. Which description is the correct process to bring the replacement IOM into the environment?

  • A. Install the replacement IOM and connect a single cabl
  • B. Monitor the software auto-upgrade using the show fexdetall command from Cisco NX OS CL
  • C. Connect the remaining cables when the upgrade is complete.
  • D. Install replacement IOM and connect all cable
  • E. Monitor the software auto-upgrade using the show fex detall command from Cisco NX OS CLI.
  • F. Downgrade the fabric interconnect to match the IOM versio
  • G. Connect all cables and bring the IOM onlin
  • H. Upgrade the fabric interconnect and IOM to match the system.
  • I. Install the replacement IOM and connect a single cabl
  • J. Perform a firmware update of IOM, then activate with the matching code for fabric interconnect Reackonwledge the chassis.
  • K. Decommission the chassi
  • L. Install the replacement IOM and connect all cable
  • M. Perform a firmware update of IOM the activate with the matching code for the fabric interconnect Reackonwledge the chassis.

Answer: B

Which method is the best way to troubleshoot a specific workflow execution in UCSD?

  • A. Check the specific SR log.
  • B. Generate techsupport and submit it to the TAC workflow analysis tool.
  • C. Enable debug log first, the check the infrastructure logs.
  • D. Open the infrastructure log.

Answer: A

You are integrating Layer 4 - Layer 7 devices in a Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure deployment. Which option allows you to define a preset of policies to deploy when applying a service graph template?

  • A. application profile
  • B. service groups
  • C. function profile
  • D. policy groups

Answer: C

On a cluster with three APICs, on which APIC can you see actual device package logs?

  • A. APIC 1
  • B. on the one that is a leader for device package service
  • C. depending on the device package, on the APIC that is a leader for that device package
  • D. depending on the tenant, on the APIC that is a leader for the shard for that particular tenant

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Drag and drop the objects on the left to their correct descriptions on the right
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: A goes to C B goes to A C goes to B
    Layer 4 to Layer 7 service policies contain the following:
    * Services-Contains metadata (or all the functions provided by a device such as SSL offloading and load-balancing. This MO contains the connector names, encapsulation type, such as VLAN and VXLAN, and any interface labels.
    * Device Script-Represents a device script handler that contains meta information about the related attributes of the script handler including its name, package name, and version.
    * Function Profile Group Container-Objects that contain the functions available to the service device type. Function
    profiles contain all the configurable parameters supported by the device organized into folders.

    Which access policy determines whether or not interfaces will be members of the same virtual port channel in ACI environment?

    • A. interface selector
    • B. port channel
    • C. port channel member
    • D. policy group

    Answer: A

    vPC+ is configured between two Cisco Nexus 5600 Servers Switches. Which type of VLANS can be added to a trunk on a vPC port Channel?

    • A. Native VLANs only
    • B. Classical Ethernet VLANs only
    • C. FabricPath VLANs only
    • D. Only FabricPath encapsulated frames can be sent out of the interface

    Answer: C

    Which two components are the responsibility of the customers in a Platform as a Service offering? (Choose two)

    • A. APIs
    • B. infrastructure connectivity
    • C. applications
    • D. hardware
    • E. data

    Answer: CE

    How does FabricPath build loop-free topologies for multidestination traffic?

    • A. FabricPath uses spanning-tree inside the fabricPath network to prevent loops.
    • B. FabricPath uses forwarding tags to ensure a encapsulate Ethernet traffic in IP multicast packet.
    • C. FabricPath uses multicast groups to encapsulate Ethernet traffic in IP multicast packet.
    • D. FabricPath cannot have loops and does not need to rely any logic to prevent them

    Answer: B

    When deploying a sensor network that uses CoAP, which of the following must be done on thefirewall to allow sensor traffic into the data center?

    • A. Enable NAT64
    • B. Permit IP Option 135 traffic from the sensor IP address range(s)
    • C. Permit UDP traffic from the sensor IP address range
    • D. Configure stateful inspection for ROLL

    Answer: C

    Which three statements about nxapi_auth are true? (Choose 3)

    • A. NX-API performs authentication through a programmable authentication module on the switc
    • B. Using cookies reduces the Number of PAM authentication, which reduces the load on the PAM.
    • C. The use of nxapi_auth is optima
    • D. This feature can be disabled to reduced authentication time and to support large number of API calls
    • E. After the first successful authentication, the username and password are NOT include in subsequent NX-API request that are sent to the device,
    • F. The expiration time of the nxapi-authcookes can be changed up to the max of 1200 seconds
    • G. The nxapi-auth cookies expires in 600 seconds
    • H. After the first successful authentication, the username and password are used with the session cookie to bypass performing the full authentication process again

    Answer: AEF

    What is the correct upgrade sequence for Cisco Cloud Center components?

    • A. CCM, AMQP, CCO, Health Monitor
    • B. CCM, CCO, Health Monitor, AMQP
    • C. CCM, CCO, AMQP Health Monitor
    • D. CCM, Health Monitor, AMQP, CCO

    Answer: C

    Refer to exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Which two statements about this command are true? (Choose two)

    • A. The command is usually used FCIP over the overlay
    • B. The command is used to extend the spanning tree for VLAN 72 across the overlay
    • C. The command is used to enable unknown unicast flooding for a known MAC address across the overlay
    • D. The command is used in HSRP localization for OTV
    • E. The command is usually used for Microsoft network load balancing implementation

    Answer: CE

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