700-105 | Cisco 700-105 Exam Questions and Answers 2021

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Which option is a key challenge for customers and their IT teams caused by the evolution of communication tools?

  • A. skills of the IT teams
  • B. keeping the organizational structure unchanged while adapting to new collaboration solutions
  • C. fragmentation and complexity of collaboration tools
  • D. time for implementation of collaboration hardware
  • E. managing infrastructure that is not based on Cisco Collaboration
  • F. costs of collaboration

Answer: D

Which information is provided by the Cisco Partner Proposal Library?

  • A. proposal templates
  • B. technical descriptions
  • C. Cisco pricelist
  • D. FAQs for Cisco Business Edition 6000

Answer: A

Which description of the Cisco Collaboration architecture is true'?

  • A. a flexible network framework designed to enable integration with the collaboration requirements of the customer
  • B. a flexible collaboration framework designed to support any customer and any user collaboration needs
  • C. a collaboration framework designed to support the collaboration needs of a typical large enterprise
  • D. a collaboration framework designed to integrate the existing customer collaboration functionalities with Cisco network infrastructure

Answer: A

Which definition is the best description of collaboration?

  • A. software and tools that enable teamwork
  • B. working together remotely
  • C. video and chat applications running via the Internet
  • D. people working together to reach a common goal

Answer: A

When selling a Cisco Business Edition 6000 solution to a customer that plans to upgrade from an old voice collaboration solution which three important messages must you present to the customer? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Business Edition 6000 supports all major operating systems and devices.
  • B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 lowers the collaboration solution costs and the costs of adding new users and functionalities.
  • C. Cisco Business Edition 6000 simplifies collaboration management by introducing a dedicated IT team that is focused only on the collaboration solution.
  • D. Cisco Business Edition 6000 reduces the risk of outdated technology and reduces dependency on service providers.
  • E. Adding additional collaboration applications can be done simply by adding additional Cisco UCS C-Series servers to the network.
  • F. Cisco Business Edition 6000 brings all collaboration functionalities on one single serve

Answer: BDF

Which Cisco online resource provides partners with the most comprehensive set of Cisco BE6000 sales materials that are aligned to the sales cycle?

  • A. Cisco Selling Collab Portal
  • B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 Product home page
  • C. Cisco Promotions and Incentive
  • D. Cisco BE6000 Partner Sales Guide

Answer: A

Which way for customers to engage is preferred?

  • A. contact center
  • B. web
  • C. email
  • D. anywhere, anytime, any device using multiple communication channels
  • E. Cisco Telepresence

Answer: D

Which two business impacts do Cisco collaborative technologies bring to employee innovation? (Choose two.)

  • A. eliminating complexity and controlling costs
  • B. increasing time to market
  • C. enabling disparate teams to work together to solve problems
  • D. eliminating sales cycle time
  • E. enhancing communications with strategic partners and suppliers

Answer: AE

Which four companies are the strongest Cisco competitors in the area of unified communications and collaboration? (Choose four)

  • A. Juniper
  • B. Avaya
  • C. Siemens - Unify
  • D. ZTE
  • E. Mitel
  • F. Brocade
  • G. Microsoft
  • H. HP

Answer: BCGH

Which statement describes the key function provided by Cisco Spark?

  • A. Cisco Spark makes it easier to find experts in your organization.
  • B. Cisco Spark simplifies teamwork by sharing messages and files, and it lets you meet with different teams, all in one place.
  • C. Cisco Spark is available on-premises and in the cloud.
  • D. Cisco Spark can be integrated with Microsoft Lyn

Answer: B

How does Cisco Collaboration address the need for different endpoints?

  • A. by introducing Cisco data center unified computing functionalities to support collaboration requirements.
  • B. by offering various different phones
  • C. with a consistent user experience regardless of the type or location of the endpoint
  • D. by focusing on software clients only O E) by enabling WebEx to support video

Answer: C

How many devices are supported by the Cisco BE6000S model?

  • A. 2500
  • B. 1000
  • C. 300
  • D. 150

Answer: A

What value does Cisco Business Edition 6000 bring to midmarket businesses?

  • A. enhanced collaboration functionalities by adding only few additional servers
  • B. affordable, advanced collaboration functionalities on a single server
  • C. colocation with the existing telephony system
  • D. adds video collaboration capabilities on top of the existing telephony system

Answer: B

Which licensing option gives the customer the highest value and best option to grow? A. Cisco UWL Enterprise

  • A. Cisco UWL Standard
  • B. Cisco UCL Professional
  • C. Cisco UWL Professional


Which three operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000? (Choose three.)

  • A. support for multiple management platforms
  • B. faster end-user adoption through collaboration process templates
  • C. faster updates through smaller software packages
  • D. reduced implementation risk through reference architectures and validated designs
  • E. better user experience based on end-to-end architectural approach
  • F. faster solution implementation due to preloaded and preconfigured collaboration applications

Answer: BEF

Which statement allows you to position the topic of collaboration meeting rooms with the customer?

  • A. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a validated design that defines the layout design, and technical requirements of Cisco Telepresence Video rooms.
  • B. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a video conferencing servic
  • C. It couples WebEx Personal Rooms and the cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge into one, always-available meeting experience.
  • D. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms represent the video capabilities of Cisco Business Edition 6000 that enable video from any device.
  • E. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is an on-premises service offering video to the enterprise across mobile, desktop, and room-based systems.

Answer: B

Which three Cisco Collaboration applications are supported on the Cisco BE6000M and H platforms? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • B. Cisco Expressway
  • C. Cisco Unity Connection
  • D. Cisco Data Virtualization and Data Federation
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • F. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Answer: AEF

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