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Free demo questions for Avaya 75940X Exam Dumps Below:

Why does enabling VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) prevent vMotion migrations from falling?

  • A. Because of incompatible DRS rules across the cluster
  • B. Because of incompatible HA rules across the cluster
  • C. Because of insufficient memory across the cluster
  • D. Because of incompatible CPUs across the cluster

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
An administrator navigates to the Avaya Orchestrator page shown in the exhibit. The 4850GTS switches and the PIPS Pro1 PDUs are displaying an Orange status icon.
What does this indicate?

  • A. These devices have not been configured with correct credentials.
  • B. These devices have power supply issues.
  • C. These devices have services with status of warning.
  • D. These devices have reachability issues.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
What is the purpose of the “SMRule” DRS rule that states the two Avaya Aura® Session Managers must run off different ESXi hosts?

  • A. To improve the latency of DRS load-balancing
  • B. To prevent a single ESXi host from being overloaded with SIP traffic
  • C. To preserve seamless failover/recovery across primary and secondary Session Managers
  • D. To reduce the memory and CPU load on a single ESXi host

Answer: C

With ACP 4200, what is mandatory to ensure Avaya Aura® High Availability across the two Data Centers?

  • A. A single vCenter Server that manages both Data Centers.
  • B. Network connectivity to and in between the two Data Centers.
  • C. Identical compute servers in both Data Centers.
  • D. The same VLANs in both Data Centers.

Answer: A

Which statement about all hosts in the cluster describes a system requirement for VMware vMotion in ACP 4200?

  • A. They must be the same server type.
  • B. They must have matching Memory capacity.
  • C. They must have matching CPU types.
  • D. They must have matching VMware network settings.

Answer: C

When planning to add additional VMs to an ACP 4200, to determine if an additional host server would be required, which tool can be used?

  • A. The Server resource calculator from the VMware vCenter client.
  • B. The Server Calc worksheet in the Lifecycle workbook.
  • C. The Server resource calculator tool in the Lifecycle workbook.
  • D. The Server calculator tool from Avaya Orchestrator.

Answer: D

An administrator is adding new equipment to the ACP 4200 in the Avaya Orchestrator Configuration Wizard. How do the IP Address and Protocols fields get populated?

  • A. These are optional fields that do not need to be populated.
  • B. These are automatically detected by clicking on the Detect Hardware button.
  • C. These are manually entered by the administrator.
  • D. These are imported from the ACP Configurator Tool Excel spreadsheet.

Answer: B

What is the role of Avaya Aura® System Manager in an ACP 4200 4.0 system?

  • A. It provides a Single-Sign On functionality to Avaya Orchestrator.
  • B. It manages the license for Avaya Orchestrator.
  • C. It provides the application launch point for Avaya Orchestrator.
  • D. It is a component of the Avaya Aura® deployment.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
An administrator navigates to the Avaya Orchestrator link shown in the exhibit. What would the Administrator be able to monitor here?

  • A. A list of Services with status of Warning or Critical.
  • B. A list of Services with status of OK.
  • C. A list of Services regardless of status.
  • D. A list of Services which have additional details.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
Why is the usage measurement of CPU2 (in Purple) shown in the chart highlighted in the table?

  • A. Because the CPU2 has been nominated as the primary CPU in this Virtual Machine.
  • B. Because the CPU2 has been highlighted with an active alarm.
  • C. Because the CPU2 usage is closest to the average usage of all the CPUs.
  • D. Because the CPU2 has been selected in the table under the chart.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of VMware vMotion as used in ACP 4200?

  • A. It enables an operational virtual machine to migrate from one ESXi host to another, which includes its running state and storage.
  • B. It dynamically allocated and balances computing capacity across the logical resource pools.
  • C. It provides monitoring of operating system and hardware failures, and also restarts virtual machines on other hosts within the resource pool.
  • D. It creates a pool of virtual disk space that can be shared by multiple virtual machines.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
Which Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (ASBCE) configuration option is shown?

  • A. High Availability
  • B. Hybrid
  • C. Geographic Redundancy
  • D. Two-wire

Answer: A

Which statement about the Nimble Storage used in ACP 4200 4.0 is true?

  • A. It is connected directly to the ESXi hosts via multiple 10G links.
  • B. It is connected directly to the ESXi hosts via multiple 1G links.
  • C. It is connected to the network switches via multiple 10G links.
  • D. It is connected to the network switches via multiple 40G links.

Answer: C

When preparing a site for an ACP 4200 installation, which task is optional?

  • A. Identify potential obstacles, such as signs and fire extinguishers in the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • B. Plan the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • C. Ensure that a minimum of four people are available to move the ACP 4200 due to its size and weight.
  • D. Ensure there is a room to maneuver the ACP 4200 around any tight corners in hallways.

Answer: A

An administrator is examining the Hosts monitored by Avaya Orchestrator. Which two are examples of these Hosts? (Choose two.)

  • A. Storage Devices
  • B. vCenter Server Appliance
  • C. Network Switches
  • D. System Manager

Answer: AC


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