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What SQL database engine options are available in RDS? (Select all that apply) Choose the 3 Correct answers:

  • A. MariaDB
  • B. PostreSQL
  • C. MongoDB
  • D. MySQL

Answer: ABD

RDS offers the following SQL options: Aurora MySQL MariaDB PostreSQL Oracle Miscrosft SQLServer

What is the availability and durability rating of S3 Standard Storage Class?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. 99.999999999% Durability and 99.99% Availability
  • B. 99.999999999% Availability and 99.90% Durability
  • C. 99.999999999% Availability and 99.99% Durability
  • D. 99.999999999% Durability and 99.00% Availability

Answer: A

S3 Standard Storage class has a rating of 99.999999999% durability (referred to as 11 nines) and 99.99% availability.

Big Cloud Jumbo Corp is beginning to explore migrating their entire on-premises data center to AWS. They are very concerned about how much it will cost once their entire I.T. infrastructure is running on AWS. What tool can you recommend so that they can estimate what the cost of using AWS may be?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. AWS Estimate Calculator
  • B. AWS TCO Calculator
  • C. AWS Cost Explorer
  • D. AWS Migration Cost Calculator

Answer: B

The AWS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator is a free tool provided by AWS. It allows you to compare your current on-premises cost vs. estimated AWS cost.

Jacky is creating a website using AWS infrastructure. She has a great idea for a domain name but needs to see if it's available and, if so, register it. What AWS service will allow her to do this?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. CloudFront
  • B. DomainServices
  • C. CloudWatch
  • D. Route 53

Answer: D

Route 53 is AWS's domain and DNS management service. (DomainServices does not exist).

Karen is building a website that is expected to have a minimum of 1000 users continually over the course of 24 hours. For 8 hours each day, traffic is expected to be at about 1800 users. What EC2 buying options should she use to handle all the traffic and be most cost-effective?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Karen should rely solely on spot instances since that will be the cheapest option.
  • B. Karen should buy enough reserved instance capacity to handle all 1800 users and probably buy a little more capacity just in case it is needed.
  • C. Karen should buy reserved instances with enough capacity to cover the baseline of 1000 users, then rely on on-demand instances for the 8 hour period of increased traffic each day.
  • D. Karen should buy reserved instances with enough capacity to cover the baseline of 1000 users, then rely on spot instances for the 8 hour period of increased traffic each day.

Answer: C

Reserved instances should used use to handle the expected baseline traffic to the website. Reserved instances (in 1/3 year term) can be purchased as a significant discount over on-demand instances. Any varying traffic above the baseline should be handled with on-demand instance (since they can be added/removed at any time, based on current demand). Spot instances should not be used in this scenario.

Kunal is managing an application running on an on-premises data center. What best describes the challenges he faces that someone using the AWS cloud does not?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Kunal must research what size (compute capacity) servers he needs to run his application.
  • B. Kunal must know how to properly configure network level security.
  • C. Kunal must predict future growth, and scaling can be costly and time consuming.
  • D. None of the abov

Answer: C

Scaling is much faster and cost-effecting on the AWS cloud. With on-demand instances and autoscaling, future growth does not have to be predicted. More compute capacity can be added gradually
as demand increases.

If you are using an on-demand EC2 instance, how are you being charged for it?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. You are charged per second, based on an hourly rate, and there are no termination fees.
  • B. You are charged by the hour and must pay a partial upfront fee.
  • C. You must commit to a one or three year term and pay upfront.
  • D. You are charged per second, based on an hourly rate, and there is a termination fe

Answer: A

On-demand EC2 instances are exactly that, on-demand. There are no upfront or termination fees, and you are charged for each second of usage (based on an hourly rate).

S3 storage classes are rated by what two metric categories? (Select two) Choose the 2 Correct answers:

  • A. Objectivity
  • B. Durability
  • C. Availability
  • D. Fault tolerance

Answer: BC

Each S3 storage class is rated on its availability and durability.

What is one benefit AND one drawback of buying a reserved EC2 instance? (Select two) Choose the 2 Correct answers:

  • A. You can terminate the instance at any time without any further pricing commitment.
  • B. Reserved instances can be purchased as a significant discount over on-demand instances.
  • C. You can potentially save a lot of money by placing a lower "bid" price.
  • D. You are locked in to either a one- or three-year pricing commitmen

Answer: BD

Reserved instances require a one- or three-year purchase term, so you are committing to paying for that much compute capacity for that full time period. However, in exchange for the long-term commitment, you will receive a discount (of up to 75%) over using an on-demand instance (for that same time period).

Under what circumstances would you choose to use the AWS service CloudTrail?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. When you want to collect and view resource metrics.
  • B. When you want to log what actions various IAM users are taking in your AWS account.
  • C. When you want a serverless compute platform.
  • D. When you want to send SMS notificaitions based on events that occur in your accoun

Answer: B

CloudTrail is AWS's logging service used to log actions taken by users in your AWS account.

Kunal is logged into his company's AWS account. He tries to access EC2 but is getting an error. What is the most likely reason why he cannot access EC2?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. There is not an IAM access policy attached to his IAM user.
  • B. He is not part of an IAM Group.
  • C. He does not have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled.
  • D. There is not an IAM access policy attached to his IAM rol

Answer: A

When an IAM user is created, that user has NO access to any AWS services. To gain access to an AWS server, an IAM user must have permission granted to them. This is done by attached an IAM access policy to their IAM user (or through an attached group). However, just being in a group does not
grant access. A proper policy would need to be attached to that group.

What is the most common type of storage used for EC2 instances?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Elastic File System (EFS)
  • B. EC2 Hard Drives
  • C. Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • D. Magnetic Drive (MD)

Answer: C

EC2 instance have several different hard drive options. However, Elastic Block Store (EBS), which is a type of Network Attached Storage, is the most popular and widely used.

Derek is running a web application and is noticing that he is paying for way more server capacity then is required. What AWS feature should Derek set up and configure to ensure that his application is automatically adding/removing server capacity to keep in line with the required demand?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Auto Scaling
  • B. Elastic Server Scaling
  • C. Elastic Load Balancing
  • D. Auto Sizing

Answer: A

Auto scaling is the feature that automated the process of adding/removing server capacity from a system (based on usage demand). Auto scaling creates a very cost effective system by never having too much or too little server capacity.

Children's All Saints Hospital has millions of old medical records that they must save for regulatory reasons. These records will most likely never be accessed again. What is the best and most costeffective S3 storage option that will meet the hospitals needs?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Standard
  • B. Infrequent Access
  • C. Glacier
  • D. Reduced Redundacy

Answer: C

Glacer is specifically designed for long-term archival storage. It is extremely inexpensive and should only be used for items that you access very infrequently.

Your company's upper management is getting very nervous about managing governance, compliance, and risk auditing in AWS. What service should you enable and inform upper management about?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. CloudAudit
  • B. CloudTrail
  • C. CloudCompliance
  • D. CloudWatch

Answer: B

AWS CloudTrail is designed to log all actions taken in your AWS account. This provides a great resource for governance, compliance, and risk auditing.

What best describes an AWS region?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. A specific location where an AWS data center is located.
  • B. An isolated collection of AWS Availability Zones, of which there are many placed all around the world.
  • C. The physical networking connections between Availability Zones.
  • D. A collection of DNS server

Answer: B

An AWS region is an isolated geographical area that is is comprised of three or more AWS Availability Zones.

What best describes what AWS is?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. AWS is an online retailer
  • B. AWS is the cloud.
  • C. AWS is a cloud services provider.
  • D. None of the abov

Answer: C

What AWS feature acts as a traffic distribution regulator, making sure each EC2 instance in a system get the same amount of traffic?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Availability Zone
  • B. ELB
  • C. NACL
  • D. Auto Scaling

Answer: B

An Elastic Load Balancer is responsible for evenly distributing incoming web traffic between all the EC2 instances associated with it. This help prevent one server from becoming overloaded with traffic, while another server remains underutilized.

What best describes the concept of scalability?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. The ability for a system to withstand a certain amount of failure and still remain functional.
  • B. The ability for a system to grow in size, capacity, and/or scope.
  • C. The ability for a system to grow and shrink based on demand.
  • D. The ability for a system be accessible when you attempt to access i

Answer: B

Scalability refers to the concept of a system being able to easily (and cost-effectively) scale UP. For web applications, this means the ability to easily add server capacity when demand requires.

If you have a large collection of reproducible objects, which S3 storage class should you use if low cost is your priority?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. Glacier
  • B. Standard
  • C. Reduced Redundancy
  • D. None of the above

Answer: C

The reduced redundancy storage class has the lowest durability of all the storage classes. This means object stored in this storage class have the highest probability of being lost. So you should only store objects in this storage class if they can be easily reproduced. In exchange for the lower durability, the cost is lower than the standard storage class.

What is the relationship between AWS global infrastructure and the concept of high availability?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. AWS is centrally located in one location and is subject to widespread outages if something happens at that one location.
  • B. AWS regions and Availability Zones allow for redundant architecture to be placed in isolated parts of the world.
  • C. Each AWS region handles a different AWS services, and you must use all regions to fully use AWS.
  • D. None of the above

Answer: B

As an AWS user, you can create your applications infrastructure and duplicate it. By placing duplicate infrastructure in multiple regions, high availability is created because if one region fails you have a backup (in a another region) to use.

What are the benefits of DynamoDB? (Select all that apply) Choose the 3 Correct answers:

  • A. Supports multiple known NoSQL database engines like MariaDB and Oracle NoSQL.
  • B. Automatic scaling of throughput capacity.
  • C. Single-digit millisecond latency.
  • D. Supports both document and key-value store data model

Answer: BCD

DynamoDB does not use/support other NoSQL database engines. You only have access to use DynamoDB's built-in engine.

If you want to have SMS or email notifications sent to various members of your department with status updates on resources in your AWS account, what service should you choose?
Choose the Correct Answer

  • A. STS
  • B. RDS
  • C. GetSMS
  • D. SNS

Answer: D

Simple Notification Service (SNS) is what publishes messages to SMS and/or email endpoints.

What should you do if you believe your AWS account has been compromised? (Select all that apply) Choose the 4 Correct answers:

  • A. Delete any resources in your account that you did not create.
  • B. Respond to any notifications you received from AWS through the AWS Support Center.
  • C. Change all IAM user's passwords.
  • D. Delete or rotate all programatic (API) access key

Answer: ABCD

All these answers are actions you should take if you believe you account has been compromised.


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