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What does the following JVM argument do?

  • A. It changes the default values for verbosegc logging.
  • B. It changes the default location of the verbosegc logging.
  • C. It configured verbosegc logging once it has already been enabled.
  • D. It sets the default value for enabling and configuring verbosegc logging.

Answer: B

Explanation: -Xverbosegclog[: <file> [,<X>,<Y>]]
Causes -verbose:gc output to be written to the specified file.
If it cannot create the file (for example, if an invalid filename is passed into the command), it will redirect the output to stderr.
If you specify <X>and <Y> the -verbose:gc output is redirected to <X> files, each containing <Y> GC cycles.
The dump agent tokens can be used in the filename. See Dump agent tokens for more information. If you do not specify <file>, verbosegc.%Y%m%d.%H%M%S.%pid.txt is used. example: -Xverbosegclog:newgclogname.log,7,10000

Which tool can be used to collect data to be used for monitoring and tuning the environment?

  • A. Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzer
  • B. Performance Monitoring Infrastructure
  • C. IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer Advisor
  • D. Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer

Answer: B

Explanation: WebSphere Application Server provides Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) data to help monitor the overall healthof the WebSphere Application Server environment. PMI provides average statistics on WebSphere Application Server resources, application resources, and system metrics. Many statistics are available in WebSphere Application Server, and you might want to understand the ones that most directly measure your site's resources to detect problems.

Which two methods are used for communicating session linkages between the client and the server? (Select two.)

  • A. Cookies
  • B. LTPA Token
  • C. Rest Services
  • D. URL Rewriting
  • E. HTTP Response codes

Answer: CE

Explanation: Representational State Transfer (REST) is a lightweight framework for designing
applications that use HTTP to make calls. REST uses HTTP to perform the Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations between client and server. Applications interactwith the services by using HTTP, POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE operations.

What is the main difference between interim fixes and product fix packs as they relate to IBM WebSphere Application Server?

  • A. Interim fixes typically contain new features or functionality ahead of future product fix packs.
  • B. Product fix packs are a combination of interim fixes and internal fixes to make patching easier.
  • C. Product fix packs are generally reserved for new features or functionality whereas interim fixes are provided only to fix known issues.
  • D. Product fix packs bring WebSphere ApplicationServer to a new product level whereas interim fixes provide corrective service for specific known problems.

Answer: D

Explanation: Product fix packs contain bundled service to bring WebSphere Application Server up to a new product level. Interim fixes provide corrective service for specific known problems.

An administrator has deployed an application that uses 30 unique SQL statements with a maximum data source connection pool size of 10.
What is the recommended prepared statement cache size for the application?

  • A. 10
  • B. 30
  • C. 40
  • D. 300

Answer: B

Explanation: To determine the highest value for your cache size to avoid any cache discards, add the number of uniquely prepared statements and callable statements, as determined by the SQL string, concurrency, and the scroll type, for each application that uses this data source on a particular server. This value is the maximum number of possible statements that can be cached on a given connection over the life of the server. Setting the cache size to this value means that you never have cache discards. In general, configure a larger cache for applications with a greater number of statements.

What is one of the benefits of using a federated repository over a user registry?

  • A. Does notsupport identity profiles
  • B. Supports only one registry in a realm
  • C. Supports multiple registries within a realm
  • D. Provides account and password policy support

Answer: C

Explanation: Federated repositories enable you to use multiple repositories with WebSphere® Application Server. These repositories, which can be file-based repositories, LDAP repositories, or a sub-tree of an LDAP repository, are defined and theoretically combined under a single realm. All of the user repositories that are configured under the federated repository functionality are invisible to WebSphere Application Server.

How can an administrator reduce overhead when utilizing monitored directories?

  • A. Increase the polling interval so that the process runs less often.
  • B. Decrease the amount of time that the monitored directory is accessible by users.
  • C. Decrease the size of the monitored directory so that larger files will not be able to be stored in it.
  • D. Configure the monitored directory settingsto not automatically synchronize the application once it is installed.

Answer: A

Explanation: To change the standard polling interval setting, specify a number of seconds in the Pollinginterval field.
Figure: Configuring the monitored directory
C9510-418 dumps exhibit
References: WebSphere Application Server V8.5, July 2013, page 852

Which of the following is true regarding disk offload?

  • A. The amount of disk space to use cannot be specified.
  • B. On server startup, DynaCache loads the entire disk cache into memory.
  • C. The number of cache entries that are offloaded to disk cannot be specified.
  • D. Disk offload can be enabled to have a cache entry copied to the file system at a configurable location.

Answer: ACD

Explanation: AC:Before you enable disk offload, consider the following:
You cannot specify the number of cache entries that are offloaded to disk. You cannot specify the amount of disk space touse.
D: You can enable disk offload to have a cache entry copied to the file system (the location is configurable).

Which two statements describe a web server in a cell topology?

  • A. Creating a new node for a web server adds a managed node.
  • B. Creating a new node for a web server adds an unmanaged node.
  • C. Adding a web server to an existing node created a managed node.
  • D. Deleting a web server from an unmanaged node creates a managed node.
  • E. Deleting a web server from a managed node creates an unmanaged node.

Answer: AE

Explanation: A managed node must exist to define a Web server definition, which is always on a managed node.
C9510-418 dumps exhibit

An administrator would like to uninstall an instance of a multiple instance installation via response file.
How does the administrator ensure that the correct instance is uninstalled?

  • A. All the features must be listed.
  • B. The profile ID must point to the correct instance.
  • C. The offering IDmust point to the correct instance.
  • D. The repository location must point to the correct instance.

Answer: D

Explanation: References:https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSAW57_8.5.5/com.ibm.websphere.installation.nd.doc/ae/cins_WASv85_nd_modify_Win32.html

Which statement is true about a request made from a browser for a jsp running in an application server?

  • A. The HTTP server plug-in loaded with the embedded HTTP server within the application server forwards the request to the application server.
  • B. The plug-in configuration file loaded with the embedded HTTP server within the application server forwards the request to the application server.
  • C. The HTTP serverplug-in loaded with the HTTP server forwards the request to the embedded HTTP server within the application serve
  • D. The embedded server forwards the request into the web container.
  • E. The plug-in configuration file loaded with the HTTP server forwards therequest to the embedded HTTP server within the application serve
  • F. The embedded server forwards the request into the web container.

Answer: A

Explanation: When IBM HTTP Server receives a request for a JSP file, it passes the request to WebSphere Application Server -Express's servlet engine, which calls the JSP processor. The JSP processor is an internal servlet which converts a JSP file into Java source code and compiles it. The servlet that implements the JSP processor is org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspServlet.
References:https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/ssw_i5_54/rzamy/50/progra m/jspdef.htm

When deploying a new edition of an application, which edition rollout configuration option should be used to ensure that the two editions of the application are not active at the same

  • A. Atomic
  • B. Grouped
  • C. Soft reset
  • D. Hard reset

Answer: A

Explanation: Performing an atomic rollout to an edition replaces an edition on half of the cluster at a time to serve all user requests with a consistent edition of the application. All user requests are served by either the previous or the new edition; user requests are never served by both editions.
An atomic rollout ensures that all application requests are served by a consistent edition, for example, either edition 1.0 or 2.0, but not by both.

Which of the following is true about creating multiple security domains?

  • A. A new security domain can be created only using the administrative console.
  • B. Global security must be enabled before creating new multiple security domains.
  • C. Only usersassigned to the security-admin role can create new multiple security domains.
  • D. If a unique name for the domain is not specified, the system will automatically create one.

Answer: C

Explanation: Only users assigned to the administrator role can configure multiple security domains.

An administrator wants to verify an IBM WebSphere Application Server installation by examining the installation’s directory structure. In this example,
<WAS_installation_directory> indicates the installation’s root directory.
What is one directory tree structure that indicates a successful installation of the product files?

  • A. <WAS_installation_directory>/web
  • B. <WAS_installation_directory>/bin
  • C. <WAS_installation_directory>/profiles
  • D. <WAS_installation_directory>/installableApps

Answer: C

Explanation: WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5 for Network Deployment:
References:https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSYJ99_8.5.0/reference/wp sdirstr.html

How can an administrator configure Web services security?

  • A. Customize WS-Security policy set and bindings and attach to Web services.
  • B. Configure global security with LDAP authentication and map the configuration to Web services.
  • C. Request application developer to use Web Services Security API to achieve Web services security.
  • D. Enable the Web ServicesMetadata Exchange (WS-MetadataExchange) protocol to enable message-level security.

Answer: C

Explanation: The Web Services Security specification provides a flexible framework for building secure web services to implement message content integrity and confidentiality. The Web Services Security service programming model supports this flexible framework by providing extension points to integrate new token formats, and methods to obtains keys needed for message protection. The application server programming model provides Web Services Security programming application programming interfaces (WSS API) for securing SOAP messages.
Note: WS-Security is a message-level standard that is based on securing SOAP messages through XML digital signature, confidentiality through XML encryption, and credential propagation through security tokens. The Web services security specification defines the facilities for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of a message and provides mechanisms for associating security-related claims withthe message.

Which of the following is required for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enablement within an HTTP server?

  • A. AJDK
  • B. A valid, issued certificate
  • C. IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
  • D. Updating thehttps.conffile and not thehttpd.conffile

Answer: B

Explanation: The iKeyman GUI, which is included within the IBM HTTP Server distribution, can be used to create a key database file (for example: key.kdb) needed to store personal server certificates required by the client browser during an SSL handshake.

Assuming there are no custom properties defined in current plugin-cfg.xml file, what should be done before running the GenPluginCfg command?

  • A. Delete the globalplugin-cfg.xmlin the<profile_root>/config/cellsdirectory.
  • B. Delete the currentplugin-cfg.xmlin the<profile_root>/config/cellsdirectory.
  • C. CleartheEnable automated web server configuration processingoption in the web server plugin configuration service.
  • D. Use either the Integrated Solutions Console or theConfigurewebServerDefinition.jaclscript to create a web server definition.

Answer: B

Explanation: Delete the plugin-cfg.xml file in the profile_root/config/cells directory before you use
theGenPluginCfgcommand. Otherwise, configuration changes do not persist to the plugin- cfg.xml file. However, do not delete the plugin-cfg.xml file if you have custom properties that you previously set in it that you need to persist.
Note:You can update the global plugin-cfg.xml file using the administrative console or running the GenPluginCfg command for all of the clusters in a cell. However, you must delete the config/cells/plugin-cfg.xml file before you update the global plugin-cfg.xml file. If you do not delete the config/cells/plugin-cfg.xml file, only the new properties and their values are added to the global plugin-cfg.xml file. Any updates to existing plug-in property values are not added to the global plugin-cfg.xml file.

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