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A SIEM solution alerts a security analyst of a high number of login attempts against the company's webmail portal. The analyst determines the login attempts used credentials from a past data breach. Which of the following is the BEST mitigation to prevent unauthorized access?

  • A. Single sign-on
  • B. Mandatory access control
  • C. Multifactor authentication
  • D. Federation
  • E. Privileged access management

Answer: E

An information security analyst is compiling data from a recent penetration test and reviews the following output:
CS0-002 dumps exhibit
The analyst wants to obtain more information about the web-based services that are running on the target. Which of the following commands would MOST likely provide the needed information?

  • A. ping -t
  • B. telnet 443
  • C. ftpd 443
  • D. tracert

Answer: B

A security analyst wants to identify which vulnerabilities a potential attacker might initially exploit if the
network is compromised Which of the following would provide the BEST results?

  • A. Baseline configuration assessment
  • B. Uncredentialed scan
  • C. Network ping sweep
  • D. External penetration test

Answer: D

A security analyst is reviewing the logs from an internal chat server. The chat.log file is too large to review manually, so the analyst wants to create a shorter log file that only includes lines associated with a user demonstrating anomalous activity. Below is a snippet of the log:
CS0-002 dumps exhibit
Which of the following commands would work BEST to achieve the desired result?

  • A. grep -v chatter14 chat.log
  • B. grep -i pythonfun chat.log
  • C. grep -i javashark chat.log
  • D. grep -v javashark chat.log
  • E. grep -v pythonfun chat.log
  • F. grep -i chatter14 chat.log

Answer: D

A new on-premises application server was recently installed on the network. Remote access to the server was enabled for vendor support on required ports, but recent security reports show large amounts of data are being sent to various unauthorized networks through those ports. Which of the following configuration changes must be implemented to resolve this security issue while still allowing remote vendor access?

  • A. Apply a firewall application server rule.
  • B. Whitelist the application server.
  • C. Sandbox the application server.
  • D. Enable port security.
  • E. Block the unauthorized networks.

Answer: B

It is important to parameterize queries to prevent:

  • A. the execution of unauthorized actions against a database.
  • B. a memory overflow that executes code with elevated privileges.
  • C. the establishment of a web shell that would allow unauthorized access.
  • D. the queries from using an outdated library with security vulnerabilities.

Answer: A

A system administrator is doing network reconnaissance of a company’s external network to determine the vulnerability of various services that are running. Sending some sample traffic to the external host, the administrator obtains the following packet capture:
CS0-002 dumps exhibit
Based on the output, which of the following services should be further tested for vulnerabilities?

  • A. SSH
  • B. HTTP
  • C. SMB
  • D. HTTPS

Answer: C

An organization that handles sensitive financial information wants to perform tokenization of data to enable the execution of recurring transactions. The organization is most interested m a secure, built-in device to support its solution. Which of the following would MOST likely be required to perform the desired function?

  • A. TPM
  • B. eFuse
  • C. FPGA
  • D. HSM
  • E. UEFI

Answer: D

An analyst identifies multiple instances of node-to-node communication between several endpoints within the network and a user machine at the IP address This user machine at the IP address is also identified as initiating outbound communication during atypical business hours with several IP addresses that have recently appeared on threat feeds.
Which of the following can be inferred from this activity?

  • A. is infected with ransomware.
  • B. is not routable address space.
  • C. is a rogue endpoint.
  • D. is exfiltrating data.

Answer: D

A security analyst is reviewing vulnerability scan results and notices new workstations are being flagged as having outdated antivirus signatures. The analyst observes the following plugin output:
Antivirus is installed on the remote host:
Installation path: C:\Program Files\AVProduct\Win32\ Product Engine: 14.12.101
Engine Version: 3.5.71
Scanner does not currently have information about AVProduct version 3.5.71. It may no longer be supported.
The engine version is out of date. The oldest supported version from the vendor is 4.2.11. The analyst uses the vendor's website to confirm the oldest supported version is correct. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?

  • A. This is a false positive, and the scanning plugin needs to be updated by the vendor.
  • B. This is a true negative, and the new computers have the correct version of the software.
  • C. This is a true positive, and the new computers were imaged with an old version of the software.
  • D. This is a false negative, and the new computers need to be updated by the desktop team.

Answer: C

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is concerned the development team, which consists of contractors, has too much access to customer data. Developers use personal workstations, giving the company little to no visibility into the development activities.
Which of the following would be BEST to implement to alleviate the CISO's concern?

  • A. DLP
  • B. Encryption
  • C. Test data
  • D. NDA

Answer: D

A developer wrote a script to make names and other Pll data unidentifiable before loading a database export into the testing system Which of the following describes the type of control that is being used?

  • A. Data encoding
  • B. Data masking
  • C. Data loss prevention
  • D. Data classification

Answer: C

A security analyst received an alert from the SIEM indicating numerous login attempts from users outside their usual geographic zones, all of which were initiated through the web-based mail server. The logs indicate all domain accounts experienced two login attempts during the same time frame.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  • A. A password-spraying attack was performed against the organization.
  • B. A DDoS attack was performed against the organization.
  • C. This was normal shift work activity; the SIEM's AI is learning.
  • D. A credentialed external vulnerability scan was performed.

Answer: A

A security analyst is reviewing packet captures from a system that was compromised. The system was already isolated from the network, but it did have network access for a few hours after being compromised. When viewing the capture in a packet analyzer, the analyst sees the following:
CS0-002 dumps exhibit
Which of the following can the analyst conclude?

  • A. Malware is attempting to beacon to
  • B. The system is running a DoS attack against ajgidwle.com.
  • C. The system is scanning ajgidwle.com for PII.
  • D. Data is being exfiltrated over DNS.

Answer: D

Which of the following roles is ultimately responsible for determining the classification levels assigned to specific data sets?

  • A. Data custodian
  • B. Data owner
  • C. Data processor
  • D. Senior management

Answer: B


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