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The following condition is given: Integer x, y; IFx>0ANDx< 100
y = y + x; END-IF
Using boundary analysis for x. which test cases are required?

  • A. -1,0.1,99.100, 101
  • B. -1,0. 100,101
  • C. -500,-10,0.1,99.100.101,500
  • D. 0, 1.99, 100

Answer: B


A booking system for a city bus service prices its fares according to the time of travel:
• Peak-time tariff starts at 0600 and finishes at 1000 am
• Off-peak tariff applies during all other times of service
• The bus service does not operate between 2300 and the start of the next day’s peak service Note that all times mentioned are inclusive.
When applying the equivalence partitioning test design technique, which of the following options, shows test case inputs that each fall into a different equivalence partition?

  • A. 0600, 1000, 1200
  • B. 1001, 1300, 2259
  • C. 0100, 0800, 2200
  • D. 2400, 1000, 2301

Answer: D


Your agile project has scheduled a final sprint before release to fix and re-test all open defects with a priority level of 3 or above.
The following defect report shows the defect fields that are currently being captured on the system. Title: Unable to add excursions to pre-paid cruises
Date raised: 21/05/18 Author: Emma Rigby Status: Fixed
What occurred: I went to book an excursion for a pre-paid cruise but received an error message saying, ‘Facility not available’. I can book excursions on cruises that have not yet been fully paid.
What should have occurred: Requirement 3.12 says clearly that customers can add excursions after cruises have been fully paid so the facility should have been available (when an additional amount may now need to be paid).
Priority: 2
Software build: 2.1 Test level: System test
Environment details: System test 3
Which of ONE of the following additional defect report fields would be MOST beneficial for the sprint team to add?

  • A. Severity.
  • B. Test Script Id.
  • C. Actual results.
  • D. Expected results.

Answer: A


When considering the roles of test leader and tester, which of the following tasks would NOT typically be performed by a tester?

  • A. Prepare and acquire the test data
  • B. Set up and check the test environment
  • C. Write test summary reports
  • D. Review tests developed by others

Answer: D


Which of the following BEST describes a methodical approach to the Error Guessing test technique?

  • A. A tester dynamically designs and executes tests based on their knowledge, exploration of the test item and the results of previous tests.
  • B. An experienced tester makes a list of potential defects and failures, and designs and runs tests to generate these failures should the defects be present in the code.
  • C. A tester designs, implements and executes tests to cover test conditions found in checklists that are based on what is important for the user.
  • D. An inexperienced tester is asked to attempt to guess errors that may have been missed by experienced testers during formal test design.

Answer: A


Which of the following is a white-box test technique?

  • A. Decision table testing
  • B. Exploratory testing
  • C. Statement testing
  • D. Error guessing

Answer: C


An organization is working on updating test cases for a particular module of their software. Sam updated a set of test cases yesterday and saved the new version on his PC. Unfortunately, the hard disk of his PC crashed, and his work was lost.
The IT department of the organization restored the contents of his hard disk with the last available back-up - from the previous morning However the changes made by him yesterday were lost forever
Which of the following tools, had it been used, would have prevented the loss of Sam's updates?

  • A. Incident Management Tool
  • B. Configuration Management Tool
  • C. Test Execution tool
  • D. Backup tool

Answer: A


Which of the following is NOT an objective of testing?

  • A. Finding defects
  • B. Providing information for decision-making
  • C. Analyzing and removing the cause of failures
  • D. Gaining confidence about the level of quality of the software

Answer: B


Which ONE of the following statements does NOT describe how testing contributes to higher quality?

  • A. Performing a review of the requirement specifications before implementing the system can enhance quality
  • B. The testing of software demonstrates the absence of defects
  • C. Properly designed tests that pass reduce the level of risk in a system
  • D. Software testing identifies defects, which can be used to improve development activities.

Answer: B


Which of the following options BEST explain the pesticide paradox principle of testing?

  • A. If we do not regularly review and revise our tests, we'll stop finding defects
  • B. Repeatedly running a set of tests will ensure that a system is defect free
  • C. Defects are, paradoxically, often contained in a small number of modules
  • D. Testing, like spraying pesticide, is an effective bug / defect removal activity

Answer: C


Which of the following statements about test reports are TRUE?

  • A. Test reports shall be approved by the test team.I
  • B. Test reports shall give stakeholders information as basis for decisionsII
  • C. Test reports shall summarize what happened through a period of testing,I
  • D. Test reports shall be approved by the development team, the test team and the customer
  • E. Test reports shall include information about remaining risks.
  • F. II,1V
  • G. I
  • H. II
  • I. IV
  • J. I, II
  • K. V
  • L. II, II
  • M. V

Answer: A


What is the ideal number of regression test cycles?

  • A. As many as time and budget allow
  • B. 2
  • C. 1
  • D. Until the quality requirements are met

Answer: A


Which of the following would be LEAST appropriate as part of an incident report covering the observation of a failure during testing?

  • A. The expected result for the list friends response time was less than 10 seconds, whereas the average response time obtained was 13 seconds.
  • B. The user interface was complicated and confusing and I found it quite difficult to follow the test script.
  • C. The updates made as part of the add new member' function did not reflect the expected change as the name was written into the address field.
  • D. SQL injection into the username entry field allowed a variety of SQL commands to be executed by the application without the appropriate authority

Answer: A


When can functional and structural testing BOTH be applied?

  • A. System and Component test levels only
  • B. All 'Developement' test levels, i.
  • C. those before Acceptance testing
  • D. Component and Component integration test levels only
  • E. All test levels

Answer: D


From the following list, which of the following apply to experience-based techniques? [K2]

  • A. Test cases are derived from a model of the problem to be solved or the software
  • B. Test cases are derived from the knowledge of the testers
  • C. The knowledge of testers, developers and users is used to drive testing
  • D. The internal structure of the code is used to derive test cases
  • E. a and b.
  • F. c and d.
  • G. a and d.
  • H. b and c.

Answer: D


Which of the following would be appropriate test objectives for user acceptance testing of the first release of a new software product aimed at a general market and built using Agile methods? [K2]

  • A. To identify as many defects as possible
  • B. To maximise code coverage
  • C. To ensure the product works as expected
  • D. To assess the overall quality of the product
  • E. To determine the reliability of the product
  • F. b and c
  • G. a and d
  • H. b and e
  • I. c and d

Answer: D


Which of the following type of defect would NOT be typically found by using a static analysis tool?

  • A. A variable is defined but is then not used
  • B. A variable is used in a calculation before it is defined
  • C. A variable has the wrong numeric value passed into it
  • D. A variable is used but not declared

Answer: C


A system requirement states that up to 100 users should be able to carry out a transaction, with responses returned within 5 seconds.
What type of non-functional testing would you carry out to verify these requirements?

  • A. Stress testing
  • B. Maintenance testing
  • C. Load testing
  • D. Usability testing

Answer: A


Which of the following is a task of the Test Analysis and Design activity of the test process?

  • A. Measuring the percentage of prepared test cases with what was actually prepared
  • B. Identifying necessary test data to support the test conditions and test cases
  • C. Verifying that the test environment has been set up correctly
  • D. Checking test logs against the exit criteria specified in test planning

Answer: A


Which of the following is NOT an example of a typical risk-based testing activity?

  • A. The evaluation of a risk-management tools to decide which tool to use for future projects
  • B. The focus of testing is shifted to an area in the system where tests find with more defects than expected
  • C. Brainstorming sessions are held with a wide variety of stakeholders to identify possible failures in the system
  • D. Tests are prioritized to ensure that those associated with critical parts of the system are executed earlier

Answer: B


How are statement testing and decision testing techniques similar?

  • A. Both are specification-based testing techniques
  • B. Both are experience-based testing techniques
  • C. Both are structure-based testing techniques
  • D. Both are black box test design techniques

Answer: D


Which of the following would NOT typically be covered in a test summary report?

  • A. The risks associated with unresolved defects found during testing.
  • B. Any features of the system that were not tested along with reasons.
  • C. Whether there is any economic benefit in continuing testing beyond the planned date.
  • D. An analysis of lessons learned to determine changes for future projects.

Answer: C


Which of the following would you NOT expect to see on an incident report from test execution?

  • A. The version(s) of the software under test
  • B. The test execution schedule
  • C. Expected results and actual results
  • D. Precise steps to reproduce the problem

Answer: B


For a given set of test-cases, which of the following is a benefit of running these tests with a test automation tool?

  • A. Test coverage is increased.
  • B. The number of found bugs is reduced.
  • C. The total cost of the test project always decreases
  • D. The time spent on repetitive tasks is reduced

Answer: D


Which of the following approaches is/are used in Integration tests?

  • A. Both functional and structural
  • B. Usability
  • C. Functional only
  • D. Structural only

Answer: A


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