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Which of the following are types of storage media? (Select two.)

  • A. SCSI
  • B. SSD
  • C. Tape
  • D. SATA
  • E. USB

Answer: BC

Fault tolerant design allows a host to overcome a single HBA failure through:

  • A. clustering
  • B. UTA pairing
  • C. multipathing
  • D. NIC teaming

Answer: A


An administrator has been promoted to architect when trying to access one of the servers, the
architect receives the error: “Authentication failure: Account is not allowed”. Which of the following explains why access was denied?

  • A. Role-based ACL are enabled
  • B. Multifactor authentication is partially working
  • C. Federated information is not completely populated
  • D. Discretionary ACL are enabled

Answer: D

In an IaaS model, to which of the following methodologies would the client apply a list of OS patches,
assuming approval from CAB has been given?

  • A. Using a patch management system, identify the hypervisor type, select a group of hypervisors to be patched, and perform a rolling application of patches.
  • B. Using a patch management system, identify the guests that require patching, and select and apply the patches.
  • C. Using a patch management system, identify the applications needing the patch, select the required application in a patch management console, and apply the patches.
  • D. Using a patch management system, identify the services that require patching, and select and apply the patches.

Answer: A

A company has been migrating a significant number of its on-premises applications to various SaaS
providers. The IT department has noticed the following: User account management has become challenging. User account compromises have increased.
Accessing various SaaS applications is challenging.
Which of the following should the IT security department implement to BEST resolve the issue? (Select THREE).

  • A. Single sign-on
  • B. Multifactor authentication
  • C. Network intrusion prevention system
  • D. Password synchronization
  • E. Federation
  • F. IPSec tunnel to the SaaS providers
  • G. VPN to SaaS providers

Answer: BDE

A cloud administrator is required to implement a solution to handle data-at-rest encryption requirements for a database. Which of the following would BEST satisfy the requirements?

  • A. Install an SSL certificate and only allow secure connections to the server.
  • B. Enable two-factor authentication on connections to the database server and log activities.
  • C. Activate memory encryption on the virtual server and store the certificates remotely.
  • D. Create a virtual encrypted disk, add it to the virtual server, and have the database write to it.

Answer: A

When designing a new private cloud platform, a cloud engineer wants to make sure the new
hypervisor can be configured as fast as possible by cloning the OS from the other hypervisor. The engineer does not want to use local drives for the hypervisors. Which of the following storage types would BEST suit the engineer's needs?

  • A. CAS
  • B. NAS
  • C. DAS
  • D. SAN

Answer: D

When is chargeback, when using private cloud infrastructure in a large company, helpful to an

  • A. When the company wants to allocate cost to a specific department.
  • B. When the company needs to capitalize their cloud computing costs
  • C. When the company needs a line of credit for a set amount of resources short term.
  • D. When the company wants to charge the service provider for unused resources.

Answer: C

A system administrator found that a user repeatedly violates acceptable use policies by consuming
more disk space than the user is authorized to consume. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to enforce the acceptable use policy?

  • A. Quotas
  • B. Resource pools
  • C. LUN masking
  • D. Reservations

Answer: A

Ann, the lead product developer for a company, just hired three new developers. Ann asked the
cloud administrator to give these developers access to the fileshares in the public cloud environment. Which of the following is the BEST approach for the cloud administrator to take?

  • A. Clone Ann’s account to create three new developer accounts.
  • B. Distribute the credentials of Ann’s shared account to the three new developers.
  • C. Copy the fileshares to each new developer’s laptop.
  • D. Create a new role to access the fileshares and assign the three new developers.

Answer: D

A technician has just installed a key-value store on a server and is unable to connect it to the
application using port 8291. The technician logged on to the server and needs to determine if the port is listening. Which of the following tools should the technician use?

  • A. route
  • B. nslookup
  • C. arp
  • D. netstat

Answer: D

Which of the following cloud delivery models has the LEAST probability of data leakage?

  • A. Community cloud
  • B. Public cloud
  • C. Hybrid cloud
  • D. Private cloud

Answer: D


A business is demanding faster IT services turnaround from its IT groups. The current lead time
between request and delivery is three weeks for a task that would take a competitor two days. An architect is asked to develop a solution to reduce the lead time of the request while ensuring adherence to the company policies. Which of the following is the BEST approach to achieve the stated objective?

  • A. Document the desired state, complete a root cause analysis, and execute the flow.
  • B. Revise the schedule, implement a waterfall methodology, and flatten the network.
  • C. Identify deficiencies, optimize change management, and automate the workflow.
  • D. Follow the company policies, execute the flow, and document results.

Answer: A

Which of the following network topologies should an administrator use to segment traffic?

  • A. Metropolitan Area Networks
  • B. Local Area Networks
  • C. Virtual Local Area Networks
  • D. Wide Area Networks

Answer: C

A technician is converting a company’s physical server to a virtual server. Which of the following
should the technician do before migrating? (Select two.)

  • A. Assign server roles in the virtual environment.
  • B. Perform and verify a full system backup.
  • C. Perform and verify a full system snapshot.
  • D. Install guest management tools.
  • E. Ensure all applications are compatible in the virtual environment.

Answer: AE

A software development company is building cloud-ready applications and needs to determine the
best approach for releasing software. Which of the following approaches should be used?

  • A. Perform QA, develop, test, and release to production
  • B. Test, perform QA, develop, and release to production
  • C. Develop, perform QA, test, and release to production
  • D. Develop, test, perform QA, and release to production

Answer: D

An administrator needs to test the latency between two servers. Which of the following commands
should be used?

  • A. route
  • B. arp
  • C. ping
  • D. nslookup/dig

Answer: A

A cloud administrator configures a new web server for the site The administrator installs a wildcard SSL certificate for * When users attempt to access the site, a certificate error is received. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?

  • A. Certificate misconfigured
  • B. Certificate expired
  • C. Certificate revoked
  • D. Certificate not signed

Answer: A

A cloud engineer deployed an email server in a public cloud. Users can access the email server, but the emails they send cannot reach their destinations. Which of the following should the cloud engineer do FIRST?

  • A. Confirm the email server configuration and reinstall the email server software.
  • B. Validate the security certificate for the email domain.
  • C. Confirm email encryption service.
  • D. Consult the cloud vendor’s anti-spam policy.

Answer: A

A software solution must be deployed based on the most granular access level. Which of the
following methods should be used to meet the requirements?

  • A. Group
  • B. RBAC
  • C. File-based
  • D. LDAP

Answer: B

An administrator has recently added a new host server to a private cloud environment. The host has two quad-core processors and 128GB of RAM. The server will have ten guest servers that require a minimum of 1 CPU and 8GB of RAM per server. Four of the servers will only be used during off hours. Which of the following should the administrator implement to ensure that the guest servers have the proper resources?

  • A. Dynamic CPU
  • B. Redundancy
  • C. NIC Teaming
  • D. Dynamic RAM

Answer: A

Which of the following data replication methods provides the shortest RPO?

  • A. Asynchronous
  • B. Full
  • C. Synchronous
  • D. Incremental

Answer: C


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