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Universal Containers (UC) development team is using an Agile tool to track the status of build items, but only in terms of stages. UC is not able to track any effort estimates, log any hours worked, or keep track of remaining effort. For what reasons should UC consider using the agile tool for effort tracking?

  • A. Allows the organization to track the Developers work hours for salary compensation purposes.
  • B. Allows the management team to make critical timeline commitments based solely on developer estimates.
  • C. Allows the Developer to compare their effort, estimates and actuals to better adjust their future estimates.
  • D. Allows the management team to manage the performance of bad developers who are slacking off.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is developing a new Customer Community. Requirements for the Community are not fully defined. UC is planning on using an Agile methodology for this work and has promised delivery of the complete system in three months. What are two risks associated with this approach? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The functionality that can be delivered in 3 months is unknown, and may not meet the needs of the business (Missed)
  • B. Given the lack of requirements and the three-month timeline commitment, the project may not befeasible (Missed)
  • C. Agile is not an appropriate development methodology for Customer Community implementations
  • D. Agile does not allow for changes to requirements, so customers might not like the resulting solution

Answer: AB

Universal Containers has written several validation rules and workflow rules for the lead object. Which two test types should an Architect suggest to ensure that a large inbound call center does not experience platform slowdowns under high call volume for the Lead object? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Unit Test
  • B. Stress Test
  • C. Load Test
  • D. Performance Test

Answer: CD

Universal Containers (UC) wants to shorten their deployment time to production by controlling which tests to run in production .UC's Architect has suggested that they run only subsets of tests. Which two statements are true regarding running specific tests during deployments? Choose 2 answers

  • A. To run a subset of tests, set the Run Specified Tests test level on the DeployOptions objects and pass it as an argument to deploy() call.
  • B. run a subset of tests ,set the RunLocalTests test level on the DeployOptions object and pass it as anargument to deploy() call.
  • C. Specify both test classes and individual test methods that are required to be executed as both are supported in DeployOptions.
  • D. Specifying the test method is supported in DeployOptions, therefore specify only the test classes that are required to be executed.

Answer: AD

Universal Containers wants to implement a release strategy with major releases every four weeks and minor releases every week. Major releases follow Development, System Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Training Minor releases follow Development and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) stages. What represents a valid environment strategy consideration for UAT?

  • A. Minor releases use Partial copy and Major releases use Full copy
  • B. Minor and Major releases use separate Developer pro
  • C. Minor releases use Developer and Major releases Full copy
  • D. Minor and Major releases use same Full copy.

Answer: A

What are three necessary components for establishing a governance framework? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Automated Testing
  • B. Requirements Management
  • C. Change Control Log
  • D. Documentation Repository
  • E. Continuous Integration

Answer: ACD

Universal Containers has developed teams working on multiple projects. They are exploring a source control tool to track and manage their code/config. What two benefits does a source control tool provide? Choose 2 ans

  • A. Provide the ability for distributed teams to work in isolation.
  • B. Provides automated code/configuration deployments.
  • C. Provides the ability to backup code/configuration changes.
  • D. Provides the ability to automatically identify issues in code/configuration.

Answer: AC

What is the responsibility of an executive sponsor on a project?

  • A. Communicate project status
  • B. Determine project methodology
  • C. Design executive dashboards
  • D. Approve changes to project scope

Answer: D

Which two decisions should be made by an Architecture Review Board (ARB)? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Whether to create a new Salesforce object or override an existing object using a new Record Type
  • B. Whether to utilize the Waterfall or Agile methodology on the project
  • C. What testing tools should be used to track integration testing requirements
  • D. Whether to implement Single Sign -On with SAML or delegated authentication c

Answer: AD

Universal Containers has a stable continuous integration process and all stakeholders are happy. However, user testing takes long time, as data has to be setup. What should an Architect do to address this problem?

  • A. Include automated sample data during deployment.
  • B. Advise the project manager to assign more users to create test data.
  • C. Test data creation is outside the scope of continuous integration.
  • D. Train business users to create test data more efficiently.

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) deploys major releases on a monthly schedule. In recent months, the team has noticed the deployment time has increased two-fold from 2 hours to 4 hours .The team wants to get back to reasonable deployment times. Which three issues could be affecting their deployment times? Choose 3 ans

  • A. The number and complexity of Apex tests will have a large impact on the deployment time.
  • B. Some components profiles, custom junction objects, and fields take longer to process than others.
  • C. The deployments are being scheduled during off peak hours, which is not the best time.
  • D. Users are working in the org during deployment locking can affect users and the deployment.
  • E. The team is highly constrained with pre-deployment and post-deployment changes.

Answer: ABD

The development team members need access to a tool to manage requirements and the testing team needs access to a tool to manage defects. Additionally, stakeholders are requesting ad -hoc status reports. What tool should an Architect recommend to support the project?

  • A. Spreadsheets
  • B. Code Repository
  • C. Wave
  • D. Port management

Answer: D

Universal containers is looking to install a new application to enable advanced quoting in its current Professional Edition org. The org is near capacity with object and tab limits. Which two solutions should the Architect recommend? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Install an Aloha certified App
  • B. Upgrade to an Enterprise Edition org
  • C. Create and install an unmanaged package
  • D. Buy more user licenses to increase org limits

Answer: BD

At any given time, Universal Containers has 10 Apex developers building new functionality and fixing bugs. Which branching strategy should an Architect recommend that mitigates the risk of developers overwriting others changes?

  • A. Have all developers build new functionality in new branches, but fix bugs in the HEAD
  • B. Have all developers work in the same branch, continuously testing for regressions
  • C. Have developers work in separate branches and merge their changes in a common branch for testing
  • D. Don't use source contro
  • E. Rely on Salesforce's built-in conflict detection mechanism

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is considering updating their Salesforce Release Management process. Which three best practices should UC consider for Version Control? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Maintain separate developer branches for minor and major releases.
  • B. Automation is a must with various application branches in the repository.
  • C. Maintain unrestricted access to the release sandboxes for all changes being deployed.
  • D. Maintain a single repository for application with individual branches for projects.
  • E. Maintain a single entry point for production from the master branch.

Answer: ADE

In Architect has been working on a large project for the past 6 months. This project must be live by the end of the current month. Which two planning techniques should the Architect use to ensure all metadata changes deploy smoothly and on time? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Ensure all code that is being deployed is checked into source control
  • B. Validate the final deployment package against production prior to go-live
  • C. Create a new sandbox and perform a test deployment to that environment
  • D. Upload a change set from sandbox to production as early as possible

Answer: AB

As a part of technical debt cleanup project, a large list of metadata components has been identified by the business analysts at Universal Containers for removal from the Salesforce org. How should an Architect manage these deletions across sandbox environments and production with minimal impact on other work streams?

  • A. Generate a destructivechanges.xml file and deploy the package via the Migration Tool
  • B. Perform deletes manually in a sandbox and then deploy a Change Set to production
  • C. Assign business analysts to perform the deletes and split up the work between them
  • D. Delete the components in production and then refresh all sandboxes to receive the changes

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) is planning for a huge data migration from a home grown on-premise system to Salesforce as part of their Service Cloud Implementation. UC has approximately 5 million customers,10 million contacts, and 30 million active cases. Which are the three key areas that should be tested as part of Data Migration? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Case association with correct contact and Account.
  • B. Case assignment rules and escalation rules.
  • C. Case Ownership along with associated entitlement and milestones.
  • D. Data transformation against the source system.
  • E. Page Layout assignment to the profiles

Answer: ACD

What is the responsibility of the Technical Architect within a Change Control Board meeting?

  • A. Prioritize the Salesforce product roadmap with business stakeholders
  • B. Conduct code reviews for projects in the development phase
  • C. Troubleshoot deployment errors that occurred during the last release
  • D. Approve the upcoming release for deployment into production

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a governance framework and has asked the Architect to make recommendations regarding release planning. Which two decisions should the Architect make when planning for releases? Choose 2 answers

  • A. How to test existing functionality to ensure no regressions are introduced.
  • B. Whether Salesforce will wait to upgrade the pod until after a UC release is complete.
  • C. How to roll back to the previous Salesforce release if there are issues.
  • D. When to test a new UC feature release if there are issues.

Answer: C


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