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Ursa Major Solar would like its authenticated external users to be able to search for Quote and Contract objects but not Opportunity or Asset objects.
Which two standard features allow an administrator to accomplish that? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Remove Opportunity and Asset from the Title Menu component in the property editor.
  • B. Remove Opportunity and Asset from the navigation Menu component in the property editor.
  • C. Remove Opportunity and Asset from the object list in the Global Search Result component property editor.
  • D. Remove Opportunity and Asset from the Autocomplete object list in the Search component property editor.

Answer: CD

Dreamscape Flowers (DF) has a community for its flower growers. DF now wants to create communities for its franchisee network as well as direct B2C customers as part of a company-wide digital transformation. Other subsidiaries of DF are also undergoing digital transformation and are interested in setting up similar communities based on DF's approach.
In what two ways can Lightning Bolt help DF accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Lightning Bolts can be distributed and reused.
  • B. Lightning Bolts can help reduce implementation time.
  • C. Lightning Bolts can help minimize licensing and provisioning cost.
  • D. Lightning Bolts can help organize, manage, and reuse digital content.

Answer: BC

An administrator for Cloud Kicks wants to create a new partner user for an existing site.
Which step does the administrator need to perform right before providing user details and saving the user record?

  • A. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Customer User”.
  • B. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Account detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.
  • C. Click "New" on the User Setup page in Lightning Experience.
  • D. Click "Manage External User" on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.

Answer: D

Zephynus Relocation (ZRS) plans to launch a public site. ZRS would like to leverage a topic catalog so that site users can see all the organized topics in one place and easily navigate to any topic or subtopic.
Which step is required to set up a topic catalog?

  • A. Create at least one subtopic and add the More Topic ink link when editing the navigation menu.
  • B. Create at least one topic along with its subtopic.
  • C. Enable Topic Hierarchy and create at least one topic with two subtopics.
  • D. Create at least one topic and add the More Topics,,,, ;link editing the navigation menu.

Answer: A

Which three items are reportable by a site administrator through Google Analytics for Experience Cloud sites? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Page View by Salesforce Object
  • B. Search Activity
  • C. User Login History Option
  • D. Number of Case Created by user
  • E. Contact Support page Activity

Answer: ABE

Universal Containers’ (UC) Salesforce org uses SAML 550 with a third-party identity provider for internal user authentication. UC now wants to extend this capability for Experience Cloud site users as well.
What should the UC administrator ensure in order to successfully implement SAML 550 for the Experience Cloud site?

  • A. Register the Experience Cloud site as an Identity Provider in SAML settings.
  • B. Create a Visualforce page that receives and validates the SAML assertion.
  • C. Use the site login URL as an endpoint where SAML assertion is made.
  • D. Create a Connected App with custom attributes before configuring SAML settings.

Answer: C

Cloud Kicks (CK) is about to launch a public site and is expecting very high traffic in certain regions. CK will be using Content Delivery Network (CDN).
What should CK consider during the go-live phase to prevent usability issues?

  • A. CK should provision and activate CDN in those regions where traffic is high.
  • B. CK should provision CDN in those regions where traffic is high and activate CDN where traffic is low.
  • C. CK should provision and activate CDN in those regions where traffic is lo
  • D. SRS ES?
  • E. CK should provision CDN in those regions where traffic is low and activate CDN where traffic is high.

Answer: C

How can records owned by Customer Community users be shared with internal users?

  • A. Create a Sharing Set that includes a Customer Community profile and create a Share Group for the Sharing Set.
  • B. Create an owner-based sharing rule to share records owned by a Customer Community role with all internal users.
  • C. Create a Share Group for a Customer Community profile that is not associated with a Sharing Set.
  • D. Use the standard is Owned By External User checkbox on records to create a criteria-based sharing rule to share records owned by Customer Community users with all internal users.

Answer: C

Which two statements regarding data categories are true? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Child roles cannot see more data categories than their parent rol
  • B. If the parent role’s visibility changes, the child role’s category visibility is reset to its parent's category visibility.
  • C. Customer Portal users and partner portal users inherit data category visibility settings of the role assigned to their account (owner) managers by default.
  • D. When a category is made visible to a user through custom settings or is made visible by default, its child and parent categories are not included.
  • E. Translated articles will not follow the master article data categor
  • F. Therefore, translated articles can beassigned to a different data category.

Answer: AB

DreamHouse Reality (DR) is switching to a franchise-based business model in order to grow its market share. Franchises as well as properly appraised at DR, will immediate access to a real estate opportunity in their area as soon, as it crosses a threshold.
What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend for record sharing?

  • A. Apex sharing
  • B. Sharing Set
  • C. Account Hierarchy
  • D. Sharing Rule

Answer: D

Ursa Major Solar is creating an employee experience portal.
Using audience targeting, how should the Experience designer set it up so that different pages in the portal appear to different departments and roles within those departments?

  • A. By using Location criteria and specifying which IP address applies to each department and domain
  • B. By using Profile criteria and selecting the Service profile
  • C. By using Domain criteria and creating custom domains for each department or role to access the portal
  • D. By using User criteria and selecting appropriate user fields on CRM objects

Answer: D

Ursa Major Solar would like to make an external user an Experience Site Moderator.
What are two of the several moderation permissions available to assign an external user in order for them to be an effective Experience Site Moderator?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Access Experience Management
  • B. Access Sharing Sets
  • C. Manage Setup
  • D. Manage Experiences

Answer: AD

No Moré Homelessness (NMH) is about to create a public site for volunteers where they will be able to sign up for volunteering opportunities at local events. Each registration will result in a record being created for a custom Event Registration object.
Which three considerations should NMH keep in mind for records created by guest users? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Queues cannot be assigned as owners of records created by guest users.
  • B. When possible, one should create and assign queues as owners of records created by quest users.
  • C. Setting the default owner for records created by guests is an option in Experience Cloud sites.
  • D. Default owner does not need Read/Write access to view the records created by guest users.
  • E. Any active user in an org can be assigned as the default owner of records created by guest users.

Answer: BCE

Ursa Major Solar would like to use three Record Detail components on a page to display object details for the Account, Case, and Opportunity objects for the user who is logged in to the company’s portal. When they drop the components on the page, they are not getting the desired results.
What is causing this issue?

  • A. The Record Detail component populates the recordID associated with the object for the page template, so this component will not work for this use case.
  • B. The Record Detail component populates the record associated with the object for the page template so this component will only work on the Home page template
  • C. The Record Detail component is a custom component and was not configured correctly
  • D. The Record Detail component will only show record details for the Case object.

Answer: A

Dreamscape flowers is looking to launch a public site for its current customers and prospects. Which three actions are performed automatically when a site is created Expense Cloud? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Creation of a guest role
  • B. Creation of moderation criteria that are applied only to guest users
  • C. Creation of a guest profile
  • D. Creation of sharing mechanisms that are available only to guest users
  • E. Creation of a guest user record

Answer: CDE


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