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You work as a SharePoint Administrator for TechWorld Inc. You must protect your SharePoint server farm from viruses that are accidentally uploaded to the SharePoint libraries. You have installed antivirus software that is designed for use with Windows SharePoint server. You have logged on to the Central Administration site.
How can you configure the SharePoint site so that the document libraries are protected?

  • A. SharePoint does not support antivirus solutions.
  • B. Restrict users to read only on document libraries.
  • C. Choose the Scan documents on upload option in the antivirus settings.
  • D. Require all documents to be scanned on the local PC before uploading to the SharePoint sit e.

Answer: C


Which of the following methods of encryption uses a single key to encrypt and decrypt data?

  • A. S/MIME
  • B. Asymmetric
  • C. PGP
  • D. Symmetric

Answer: D


Which of the following attacks saturates network resources and disrupts services to a
specific computer?

  • A. Teardrop attack
  • B. Replay attack
  • C. Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack
  • D. Polymorphic shell code attack

Answer: C


Kelly is the project manager of the NNQ Project for her company. This project will last for one year and has a budget of $350,000. Kelly is working with her project team and subject matter experts to begin the risk response planning process. When the project manager begins the plan risk response process, what two inputs will she need?

  • A. Risk register and the results of risk analysis
  • B. Risk register and the risk response plan
  • C. Risk register and the risk management plan
  • D. Risk register and power to assign risk responses

Answer: C


Which of the following protocols provides secured transaction of data between two computers?

  • A. SSH
  • B. FTP
  • C. Telnet
  • D. RSH

Answer: A


Which of the following is the main purpose of using OODA loops?

  • A. Providing economic balance
  • B. Making the information delivery process faster
  • C. Information welfare
  • D. Creating advanced military weapons

Answer: C


You and your project team have identified the project risks and now are analyzing the probability and impact of the risks. What type of analysis of the risks provides a quick and high-level review of each identified risk event?

  • A. A risk probability-impact matrix
  • B. Quantitative risk analysis
  • C. Qualitative risk analysis
  • D. Seven risk responses

Answer: C


You work as a Network Administrator for Infonet Inc. The company has a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory domain-based network. The network has three Windows Server 2008 member servers and 150 Windows Vista client computers. According to the company's security policy, you want to apply Windows firewall setting to all the computers in the domain to improve security.
Which of the following is the fastest and the most effective way to accomplish the task?

  • A. Apply firewall settings manually.
  • B. Apply firewall settings on the domain controller of the domain.
  • C. Use group policy to apply firewall settings.
  • D. Use a batch file to apply firewall setting.

Answer: C


Mark is implementing security on his e-commerce site. He wants to ensure that a customer
sending a message is really the one he claims to be. Which of the following techniques will he use to ensure this?

  • A. Authentication
  • B. Firewall
  • C. Packet filtering
  • D. Digital signature

Answer: D


Which of the following roles is used to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the services are maintained to the levels approved on the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

  • A. The Service Level Manager
  • B. The Configuration Manager
  • C. The IT Security Manager
  • D. The Change Manager

Answer: C


You are the project manager for BlueWell Inc. You are reviewing the risk register for your project. The risk register provides much information to you, the project manager and to the project team during the risk response planning. All of the following are included in the risk register except for which item?

  • A. Trends in qualitative risk analysis results
  • B. Symptoms and warning signs of risks
  • C. List of potential risk responses
  • D. Network diagram analysis of critical path activities

Answer: D


You are configuring the Terminal service. What Protocols are required with Terminal services? (Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.) Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose two.

  • A. L2TP
  • B. TCP/IP
  • C. RDP
  • D. CHAP
  • E. PPTP

Answer: BC


You have successfully installed an IRM server into your environment. This IRM server will be utilized to protect the company's videos, which are available to all employees but contain sensitive data. You log on to the WSS 3.0 server with administrator permissions and navigate to the Operations section. What option should you now choose so that you can input the RMS server name for the WSS 3.0 server to use?

  • A. Self-service site management
  • B. Content databases
  • C. Information Rights Management
  • D. Define managed paths

Answer: C


What are the benefits of using a proxy server on a network?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. It enhances network security.
  • B. It uses a single registered IP address for multiple connections to the Internet.
  • C. It cuts down dial-up charges.
  • D. It is used for automated assignment of IP addresses to a TCP/IP client in the domain.

Answer: AB


Which of the following statements are true about classless routing protocols? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  • A. They extend the IP addressing scheme.
  • B. The same subnet mask is used everywhere on the network.
  • C. They support VLSM and discontiguous networks.
  • D. IGRP is a classless routing protocol.

Answer: AC


John works as an Exchange Administrator for Apple Inc. The company has a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain-based network. The network contains several Windows Server 2003 servers. Three of them have been configured as domain controllers. John complains to the Network Administrator that he is unable to manage group memberships. Which of the following operations master roles is responsible for managing group memberships?

  • A. PDC emulator
  • B. Infrastructure master
  • C. Schema master
  • D. RID master

Answer: B


Joseph works as a Software Developer for WebTech Inc. He wants to protect the algorithms and the techniques of programming that he uses in developing an application. Which of the following laws are used to protect a part of software?

  • A. Trademark laws
  • B. Patent laws
  • C. Copyright laws
  • D. Code Security law

Answer: B


Based on the information given in the case study, which two authentication methods should you use to allow customers to access their photos on the Web site?
(Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.) Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose two.

  • A. Basic authentication without SSL
  • B. Digest authentication with SSL
  • C. Integrated Windows authentication
  • D. Anonymous access
  • E. Basic authentication with SSL
  • F. Digest authentication without SSL

Answer: BE


Peter, a malicious hacker, wants to perform an attack. He first compromises computers distributed across the internet and then installs specialized software on these computers. He then instructs the compromised hosts to execute the attack. Every host can then be used to launch its own attack on the target computers. Which of the following attacks is Peter performing?

  • A. Teardrop attack
  • B. SYN flood attack
  • C. Ping of Death attack
  • D. DDoS attack

Answer: D


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