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What does Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) provide for wireless devices? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Data integrity
  • B. Authentication
  • C. Encryption
  • D. Bandwidth

Answer: ABC


Which of the following options cannot be accessed from Windows Update?

  • A. Restore Hidden Updates
  • B. Check for Updates
  • C. View Update History
  • D. View AntiVirus Software Update

Answer: D


Which of the following federal laws are related to hacking activities? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

  • A. 18 U.S.
  • B. 1029
  • C. 18 U.S.
  • D. 1028
  • E. 18 U.S.
  • F. 1030
  • G. 18 U.S.
  • H. 2510

Answer: ACD


You work as a Network Administrator for Tech World Inc. The company has a TCP/IP- based router. You have configured a router on your network. You want to accomplish the following goals:
l Configure the router to require a password to move from user EXEC mode to privileged EXEC mode.
l The password must be listed as a hidden entry in the configuration file. You run the following command: enable password <password>
Which of the goals will this action accomplish?

  • A. The password will be listed as a hidden entry in the configuration file
  • B. The action will accomplish neither of the goals
  • C. The action will accomplish both the goals
  • D. The router will require a password to move from user EXEC mode to privileged EXEC mode

Answer: D


You are the project manager of a new project to install new hardware for your organization's computer network. You have never worked with networking software or hardware before so you enroll in a class to learn more about the technology you'll be managing in your project. This is an example of which one of the following?

  • A. Cost of nonconformance to quality
  • B. Enhancing your personal professional competence
  • C. Team development
  • D. A waste for the project as the project manager does not need to know much about the project's application

Answer: B


You work as a Network Administrator for ABC Inc. The company has a secure wireless network.
However, in the last few days, an attack has been taking place over and over again. This attack is taking advantage of ICMP directed broadcast. To stop this attack, you need to disable ICMP directed broadcasts. Which of the following attacks is taking place?

  • A. Smurf attack
  • B. Sniffer attack
  • C. Cryptographic attack
  • D. FMS attack

Answer: A


You work as a Product manager for Marioiss Inc. You have been tasked to start a project for securing the network of your company. You want to employ configuration management to efficiently manage the procedures of the project. What will be the benefits of employing configuration management for completing this project?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. It provides the risk analysis of project configurations.
  • B. It provides object, orient, decide and act strategy.
  • C. It provides the versions for network devices.
  • D. It provides a live documentation of the project.

Answer: CD


Which of the following is the process of making additional copies of data so that they may be used to restore the original after a data loss event?

  • A. Data mining
  • B. Back-up
  • C. Data recovery
  • D. File storage

Answer: B


According to the case study, what protocol should be used to protect a customer's privacy and credit card information?
(Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.)

  • A. L2TP
  • B. FTP
  • C. HTTP
  • D. MS-CHAP
  • E. HTTPS
  • F. PPTP

Answer: E


John, a novice web user, makes a new E-mail account and keeps his password as "apple", his favorite fruit. John's password is vulnerable to which of the following password cracking attacks? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Dictionary attack
  • B. Rule based attack
  • C. Brute Force attack
  • D. Hybrid attack

Answer: ACD


You are working on your computer system with Linux Operating system. After working for a few hours, the hard disk goes to the inactive state (sleep). You try to restart the system and check the power circuits. You later discover that the hard disk has crashed. Which of the following precaution methods should you apply to keep your computer safe from such issues?

  • A. Use Incident handling
  • B. Use OODA loop
  • C. Use Information assurance
  • D. Use SMART model.

Answer: D


John works as a Network Security Professional. He is assigned a project to test the security of He is working on the Linux operating system and wants to install an Intrusion Detection System on the We-are-secure server so that he can receive alerts about any hacking attempts. Which of the following tools can John use to accomplish the task?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Samhain
  • B. SARA
  • C. Snort
  • D. Tripwire

Answer: AC


You work as the Network Administrator of TechJobs. You implement a security policy, to be in effect at all times, on the client computer in your network. While troubleshooting, assistant administrators often change security settings on the network. You want the security policy to be reapplied after changes have been made. How can you automate this task? (Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.)

  • A. Create a group policy object (GPO) and implement it to the domai
  • B. Configure a security policy on i
  • C. Give Administrators read-only permission on that GPO.
  • D. Create a separate OU for the Administrators to test the security settings.
  • E. Ask the assistant administrators to re-apply the security policy after the changes have been made.
  • F. Schedule the SECEDIT command to run on the client computers.

Answer: D


Based on the case study, to implement more security, which of the following additional technologies should you implement for laptop computers?
(Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.) Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  • A. Encrypted Data Transmissions
  • B. Digital certificates
  • C. Two-factor authentication
  • D. PAP authentication
  • E. Encrypting File System (EFS)

Answer: BE


The security of a computer against the unauthorized usage largely depends upon the efficiency of the applied access control method. Which of the following statements are true about a computer access control method?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. It can be based upon fingerprint or eye recognition.
  • B. It can be time-synchronous.
  • C. It provides security against the virus attacks.
  • D. It provides security against Eavesdropping.
  • E. It checks the authenticity of a person.
  • F. It is used to encrypt a message before transmitting it on a network.

Answer: ABE


Which of the following techniques are used after a security breach and are intended to limit the extent of any damage caused by the incident?

  • A. Corrective controls
  • B. Detective controls
  • C. Safeguards
  • D. Preventive controls

Answer: A


Which of the following types of viruses can prevent itself from being detected by an antivirus application?

  • A. File virus
  • B. Boot sector virus
  • C. Multipartite virus
  • D. Stealth virus

Answer: D


Which of the following protocols is used to provide remote monitoring and administration to network management machines on the network? The management machines will use this protocol to collect information for network monitoring. At times, the protocol can also be used for remote configuration.

  • A. NNTP
  • B. Telnet
  • C. SSH
  • D. SNMP

Answer: D


You are an Incident manager in Orangesect.Inc. You have been tasked to set up a new extension of your enterprise. The networking, to be done in the new extension, requires different types of cables and an appropriate policy that will be decided by you. Which of the following stages in the Incident handling process involves your decision making?

  • A. Containment
  • B. Identification
  • C. Preparation
  • D. Eradication

Answer: C


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