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Which component of HPE iLO provides continuous monitoring of more than 1600 parameters?

  • A. insight Diagnostics
  • B. Active Health System
  • C. Insight Remote Support
  • D. Silicon root of trust

Answer: B

A customer has reported that while running an application that is streaming live data, they experience fluctuations in processor frequency as they increase the server performance.
Which HPE ProLiant Gen10 system tuning feature would help eliminate this issue?

  • A. workload matching
  • B. silicon root of trust
  • C. core boosting
  • D. jitter smoothing

Answer: D

A customer wants to safeguard their server firmware and asks you about the HPE ProLiant Gen10 features that provide this level of security.
Which Gen10 feature best addresses the customer’s concern?

  • A. The Secure Boot feature in Gen10 servers checks the signature of the firmware drivers and other files to ensure that the firmware is trusted by the operating system.
  • B. Gen10 servers use silicon root of trust to validate and detect corrupted firmware, and authentication to block unauthorized updates.
  • C. Gen10 servers support data encryption at rest, which uses cryptography on the database housing the data and on the physical storage where the databases are stored.
  • D. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Gen10 servers protects firmware by using public and private key encryption.

Answer: B

A fast-growing customer with a NAS-based storage solution is evaluating Fibre Channel storage for their VMware environment.
How would this customer benefit from adding 16 Gb Fibre Channel storage to their environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. increased performance
  • B. simplified connectivity
  • C. increased simplicity
  • D. reduced latency
  • E. simplified administration

Answer: AD

In which layer of the OSI model would you find an IP address?

  • A. Application
  • B. Network
  • C. Physical
  • D. Data link

Answer: B

A customer needs a storage to run a database in an environment with many virtual machines. You have recommended a HPE MSA 2042 solution, but the customer has reservations about whether the MSA 2042 can deliver the required performance.
Which feature of MSA 2042 will help to improve iOP performance?

  • A. 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity
  • B. thin provisioning
  • C. RAID 6 Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)
  • D. optimal flash acceleration

Answer: D

You are configuring a FlexFabric switch for a customer environment. The customer has requested specific SFP+ transceivers, power options, and cables.
Which HPE tool enables you to select and configure a switch according to precise specifications?

  • A. Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK)
  • B. Networking Online Configurator
  • C. One Config Simple (OCS)
  • D. Switch Selector

Answer: C

A customer needs to reconfigure their data center network because their network often becomes congested, and the customer cannot monitor the network.
How should the customer configure their network?

  • A. Isolate the management network from production traffic
  • B. Isolate the SAN on a public network and use a virtual private network (VPN) for secure data
  • C. Configure IRF on the switches
  • D. Configure in-band management to manage the switches through gigabit Ethernet ports

Answer: A

You are installing new drives into the internal cage of a HPE ProLiant DL380 server. How is the drive device number set?

  • A. The Smart Array controller assigns the device number automatically based on the bay
  • B. HPE OneView uses the server profile to assign the device number
  • C. The operating system assigns the device number automatically based on the drive installation order
  • D. You must use Smart Storage Administrator to assign the device number

Answer: A

You are installing a server solution in a customer’s data center.
How can you ensure that the installation complies with relevant electrical best practices? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use a single-phase, two-wire power receptacle with protective earth or ground (PE) to filter interference from the power grid
  • B. Do not allow the overall system AC current load to exceed 80% of the branch circuit AC current rating
  • C. Use fanout cables when connecting the server to the network for maximum electrical impedance
  • D. Balance the server power load between available AC supply branch circuits
  • E. Configure the server power to a single electrical circuit in the data center

Answer: BD

You need to install 10 HPE ProLiant servers in an environment without DHCP. Which tool can you use to set up remote management?

  • A. Intelligent Provisioning
  • B. UEFI System Utilities
  • C. Intelligent Management Center
  • D. iLO 5 Configuration Utility

Answer: C

You are designing a system for a customer that has a contract with a government agency. The contract requires the highest level of security algorithms possible.
Which HPE ProLiant Gen10 feature set will address this customer’s needs?

  • A. CNSA mode
  • B. FIPS 140-2 mode
  • C. high security mode
  • D. production mode

Answer: A

A customer has redundant SAN fabrics with a single HPE SN6000B 16 GB 48-port.24 SAN switch in each fabric. They plan to expand their virtualization environment by adding two HPE DL360s and an MSA 2042. Each DL360 will connect to the fabric via dual port 16 Gbps FC HBAs, and the MSA 2042 will connect with four FC Ports. The 24 ports on each switch are currently In use for other applications.
How many additional Port on demand licenses must be customer purchase for each switch if they redundantly connect all the new FC HBA ports to their existing SN600B switches?

  • A. 1
  • B. 4
  • C. 8
  • D. 12

Answer: C

A customer needs to improve throughput performance of iSCSI traffic on their Layer 2 switch. Which feature should the customer implement at the switch level?

  • A. Jumbo frames
  • B. Oversubscription
  • C. SMB Direct
  • D. Remote Data Memory Access

Answer: A

Match the HPE Tool with its use case. Select all that apply.
HPE0-S56 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

One Config Advanced (OCA) - Estimate the power and cooling requirements and weight for a rack of equipment
Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK) - Check compatibility of storage components Products and solutions Now (PSNow) - Download a technical presentation for a DL380 Gen10

A Nimble storage customer is experiencing rapid data growth and needs to scale their storage resources. Which action should the customer take first?

  • A. Access InfoSight for recommendations
  • B. Access the SSMC for upgrade advice
  • C. Access the clustering feature in the CMC to configure active/active clustering
  • D. Access Smart Storage Administrator to configure additional storage resources

Answer: A

A customer has a HPE OneView environment and has added all their HPE ProLiant servers and enclosures. Which benefits does a customer gain by configuring Remote Support on their environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Support case resolutions are automatically generated for them based on real-time analyses
  • B. HPE is given remote access rights to registered devices for quick and accurate problem resolution
  • C. HPE Proactive Care is enabled and cases are created automatically in the event of hardware failures
  • D. Proactive Scan reports and firmware/software analysis reports can be provided from collected data
  • E. Real-time performance analytics result in failure predictions and online self-healing

Answer: CD

You need to update the firmware on an MSL2024 to version 26.43.51. Which HPE utility do you need to use?

  • A. OneView Standard
  • B. Smart Storage Administrator
  • C. Central Management Console
  • D. Library & Tape Tools

Answer: D

A company plans to purchase new HPE servers. The company needs to maximize local storage capacity within the servers.
Which HPE servers should the company install?

  • A. ProLiant BL460c Gen10
  • B. ProLiant DL380 Gen10
  • C. ProLiant ML110 Gen 9
  • D. ProLiant DL360 Gen 9

Answer: B

A customer has a branch office that needs a local file server. The branch office does not have a server rack.
For backup performance, the server must have two processors. Which HPE server should the company install?

  • A. ProLiant ML350 Gen10
  • B. ProLiant ML110 Gen9
  • C. ProLiant BL460c Gen10
  • D. ProLiant DL360 Gen10

Answer: A

A customer has an ESXi server in a branch office They need to perform backups locally. The local backups must be replicated to the main data center with built-in deduplication
What should the customer install at the branch office?

  • A. StoreOnce 3100
  • B. StoreOnce VSA
  • C. MSA 2042
  • D. Storevirtual VSA

Answer: D


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