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How do Aruba IntroSpect and Aruba ClearPass work together to increase value for customers?

  • A. ClearPass provides Guest Wi-Fi management, while IntroSpect offers the customizable portal which includes social logins.
  • B. IntroSpect provides centralized encryption that combines with deep packet inspection from the ClearPass firewall to provide trusted traffic.
  • C. ClearPass Sensors are placed in areas with high mobile wireless traffi
  • D. They send information to IntroSpect, which used machine learning analytics to analyze Wi-Fi performance and provide suggestions for how to improve performance.
  • E. IntroSpect detects anomalies and once an Entuty360 Risk Score reaches a certain level, it can send an alert to ClearPass, which can invoke a range of responses based on pre-defined.

Answer: C

A customer requires a highly secure network solution, and you have proposed an Aruba controller-based solution and Aruba switches. What is one security benefit that the controllers provide?

  • A. They can detect intrusion attempts based on machine learning (ML).
  • B. They can create a baseline of normal wireless device behavior and detect anomalies.
  • C. They can provide secure SNMPv3-based management for the Aruba switches.
  • D. They can apply role-based firewall policies to wireless and wired traffic.

Answer: D

A small customer has a tight budget but needs 10 GbE uplinks. Which HPE OfficeConnect switch should you suggest?

  • A. HPE OfficeConnect 1620 switch
  • B. HPE OfficeConnect 1820 switch
  • C. HPE OfficeConnect 1850 switch
  • D. HPE OfficeConnect 1405 switch

Answer: C

A large entertainment venue needs a location-based solution to enhance the guest experience, and you have recommended Aruba Meridian and beacons. What is one benefit of Meridian that you should emphasize?

  • A. It integrates with Aruba ClearPass to track users’ location and log suspicious activity, this improves the security of the venue and protects the customer’s assets.
  • B. It provides proactive testing of the performance of the guest user network, which ensures that guests have a good experience and are satisfied.
  • C. It has built-in Bluetooth-based analytics, which give the customer more insight into how guests are using the space and interacting with the venue’s mobile app.
  • D. It delivers wayfinding services based on GP
  • E. Because GPS is the best option for large indoor environments, guests have a better experience.

Answer: C

Your customer emphasizes the need to simplify network operations.
What is one reason for recommending Aruba 5400R zl2 switches for the customer’s campus network?

  • A. Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) allows customers to combine 5400R switches into a single virtual switch which simplifies management tasks and provides more resilient connectivity.
  • B. Traditional stacking enables network administrators to manage up to 10 5400R switches from a single GUI.
  • C. Backplane stacking enables multiple 5400R switches to function as a single logical switch, using dedicated modules and stacking cables to integrate the switches.
  • D. Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) provides redundancy for management modules on the 5400R switches, with seamless failover.

Answer: A

What is one challenge that is pushing customers toward SD-WAN solutions?

  • A. need to move to exclusive MPLS for branch connections
  • B. lack of control over and visibility into WAN traffic
  • C. insufficient security expertise in IT staff at branches
  • D. too few products and solutions at the branches across their WAN

Answer: A

What correctly describes the addressable market for SD-WAN and the opportunity that it presents?

  • A. While the SD-WAN market experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, the market is now slowing down and experiencing a small reduction in growth.
  • B. While the SD-WAN market is much smaller than the campus switching and WLAN market in absolute value, the SD-WAN market is growing more rapidly.
  • C. The SD-WAN market is experiencing slow growth at rates comparable to the campus and switching market as a whole, and it should peak in the next 5 years.
  • D. The SD-WAN market is experiencing very rapid growth and will overtake the campus switching and WLAN markets in absolute value within the next 2 years.

Answer: A

Which challenge does the increase of digital learning environments present to primary schools?

  • A. Schools are not deploying enough wired and wireless IoT devices for the digital learning environments to succeed.
  • B. Schools often have too large of an IT department, which can result in a network that is too mismanaged and siloed to meet performance requirements.
  • C. Schools lack the budget to obtain a reliable wired and wireless network that can handle the increase in devices and connectivity needs.
  • D. Schools have focused primarily on cloud solutions for the past decade, so switching back to an on-prem infrastructure seems daunting.

Answer: C

What is one way that industry analysts recognize Aruba’s leadership in the industry?

  • A. Gartner awarded Aruba the number two spot in five out of six use cases in its 2018 Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure report.
  • B. Industry analyst CRN recognizes Aruba primarily for its wireless expertise.
  • C. Industry analysts have praised Aruba for its multiple wired and wireless architectures.
  • D. Gartner has given Aruba the title of market leader in the wireless or wired and wireless LAN Access Magic Quadrant for more than 12 years in a row.

Answer: A

What is one key way that Aruba IntroSpect enhances security for a customer network?

  • A. It enforces role-based policies to ensure the right users connect to the right resources.
  • B. It provides an enhanced guest portal with user identification and tracking features.
  • C. It inspects all traffic and ensures that sensitive data is securely encrypted.
  • D. It ties security alerts to the user or device identify associated with the alert.

Answer: C

An SMB has ArubaOS switches and Aruba Instant APs. The company is growing and wants to simplify deploying and managing the infrastructure devices.
What should you explain?

  • A. Aruba switches and APs can integrate with third-party SEIM solutions to simplify management.
  • B. Aruba AirWave is specifically designed as a management tool for SMB customers such as this.
  • C. Aruba Mobility Master (MM) can manage the Instant APs and simplify deployment.
  • D. Aruba Central provides simple cloud-based management and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP).

Answer: D

Your customer uses Aruba Central and ClearPass in their Aruba-powered campus network. The company is rapidly deploying branches and the CIO wants to ensure enterprise scalability for these networks without having to spend extra money on management.
Which aspect of the Aruba Branch Gateway should you emphasize for this customer?

  • A. smart rate ports for future-proofing
  • B. routing through the data center for better security
  • C. machine learning and AI-powered security assurance
  • D. single policy enforcement point at branches

Answer: D

Which characteristic could make a Virtual Mobility Controller (VMC), as opposed to a hardware controller, a good solution for a customer?

  • A. need for flexibility in moves and changes
  • B. desire to remain on pre-8.0 ArubaOS code
  • C. need for highest throughput
  • D. little communication between server and networking teams

Answer: A

What is one business benefit of Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)?

  • A. It helps to optimize ArubaOS switches to connect to servers in a highly virtualized data center environment.
  • B. It enables companies to extend services consistently across sites through the use of VPN tunnels between ArubaOS switches.
  • C. It enables companies to apply consistent policies on wireless users and wired users connected to ArubaOS switches.
  • D. It helps to reduce downtime for a network core of ArubaOS switches, while also providing a simple architecture.

Answer: A

A customer is concerned about the performance of the company’s wireless network. What two Aruba features would you emphasize in your discussions with this customer? (Select two.)

  • A. Web Content Classification
  • B. AirMatch
  • C. Deep packet inspection
  • D. Dynamic segmentation
  • E. RFProtect

Answer: BD

What business benefit does Aruba AirMatch provide?

  • A. better load balancing and availability for controllers
  • B. enhanced user experience in dense environments
  • C. simpler troubleshooting with AP and client tracking
  • D. better security through matching policies on wireless and wired

Answer: B

Which two customer characteristics should lead you to position Aruba AirWave over Aruba Central? (Select two.)

  • A. The customer has a multivendor network.
  • B. The customer wants a CAPEX model with on-premises management.
  • C. The customer wants to move to an OPEX model and access the management platform from anywhere.
  • D. The customer is interested in guest Wi-Fi management, presence analytics, or managed services.
  • E. The customer has limited IT resources in each of many branch offices.

Answer: AB

You have already determined that a customer has a distributed enterprise.
Which question will help qualify the customer for the Aruba SD-Branch solution?

  • A. Do you use a SIEM today, and is it satisfying your needs for scalability and attack detection?
  • B. Have you considered using MPLS to reduce costs?
  • C. How do you access cloud services, and what issues are you seeing with your current router?
  • D. Which branches experience the smallest and highest traffic loads?

Answer: D

Your customer is considering Aruba ClearPass for policy management, but suggests Microsoft’s Active Directory is enough of an access control system to protect the enterprise network.
How should you counter this objection?

  • A. Active Directory authenticates users, but true network access control must define who and which devices can connect to which devices, data, infrastructure, and apps, as ClearPass does.
  • B. While Active Directory can define access controls for users based on factors such as identity and type of connection, it does not provide machine learning to track user behavior, as ClearPass does.
  • C. Microsoft’s Active Directory has been proven by multiple security analysts to be easily hackable, so it requires ClearPass’s more secure credential repository to enhance it.
  • D. Active Directory alone is not enough, but when it is integrated with the role-based access firewall, the combined solution functions as a mobile device management solution.

Answer: A

You want to begin qualifying a customer for Aruba IntroSpect. Which topic can you introduce to begin the conversation?

  • A. how much insight IT staff have into the root causes behind performance issues
  • B. whether the customer uses SEIM and is overwhelmed with alerts
  • C. whether the customer has detected rogue Aps in the environment
  • D. how the customer would like to define access policies for wireless users

Answer: A

What is one indication that a customer could be a good candidate for an Aruba wireless solution?

  • A. The customer is a company of about 60 employees and wants a simple plug-and-play solution.
  • B. The customer recently upgrade their wired network to a third-party vendor’s equipment.
  • C. The customer wants to ensure better segmentation of the wired network from the wireless one.
  • D. The customer has another vendor’s wireless solution and experiences dropped calls in their UCC solution that negatively affects productivity.

Answer: D

A customer has indicated that IT staff members spend a lot of their time troubleshooting. The architect plans to propose Aruba 8400 switches at the core. What feature of this switch can the architect emphasize to address the customer issue?

  • A. Network Analytics Engine (NAE)
  • B. Smart Rate ports
  • C. Dynamic segmentation
  • D. Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)

Answer: A


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