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A user connects to an Aruba Access Point wireless SSID named 'Secure-Corporate" and performs an 802 1X authentication with ClearPass as the authentication server
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
Based on this service configuration, which service will be triggered?

  • A. Service One
  • B. Service Two
  • C. Service Three
  • D. No service will be triggered

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
What are two consequences of the Cache Timeout being set to 36000 seconds? (Select two.)

  • A. ClearPass will cache all user and machine attributes from AD every 10 hours in anticipation of one of those users or machines attempting to authenticate.
  • B. Less traffic is required between ClearPass and the AD server when re-authenticating within a 10 hourperiod.
  • C. The Cache Timeout is designed to reduce the amount of traffic between ClearPass and the AD server by caching user credentials for a 10 hour period.
  • D. A user changing departments may not see their Department attribute change in AD reflected while authenticating until the Cache Timeout period has ended.
  • E. On a failed authentication attempt, ClearPass will consider any subsequent attempts within 10 hours as total failed attempts before blacklisting the client.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
What does a bold field indicate?

  • A. The field is currently enabled.
  • B. The field is a non-system field
  • C. The field has been customized
  • D. The field Is required

Answer: B

Which option supports DHCP profiling for devices in a network?

  • A. configuring ClearPass as a DHCP relay for the client
  • B. DHCP profiling is enabled on ClearPass by default; configuration of the network access devices is not necessary
  • C. enabling the DHCP server to profile endpoints and forward meta-data to ClearPass
  • D. enabling DHCP relay on our network access devices so DHCP requests are forwarded to ClearPass

Answer: A

What are two ways to add guest accounts to ClearPass? (Select two.)

  • A. Using the "Import Accounts" under ClearPass Guest
  • B. Using the "Create Account" or "Create Multiple'' options under ClearPass Guest
  • C. Assigning the default role "Lobby Ambassador to a receptionist to then add the accounts
  • D. Using the "Sync Accounts'' under ClearPass Guest
  • E. importing accounts from Active Directory once ClearPass is added with Admin credentials

Answer: AB

What is RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA)?

  • A. It allows ClearPass to transmit messages to the Network Attached Device/Network Attached Server (NAD/NAS) to modify a user’s session status
  • B. It allows clients to issue a privilege escalation request to ClearPass using RADIUS to switch to TACACS+
  • C. It is a mechanism that enables ClearPass to assigned a User-Based Tunnel (UBT) between a switch and controller for Dynamic Segmentation
  • D. It forces the client to re-authenticate upon roaming to an access point controlled by a foreign mobility controller.

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
What is true regarding leaving the indicated option "Use cached Roles and Posture attributes from previous sessions" unchecked?

  • A. The service will make the enforcement decision based upon the updated Posture regardless of caching
  • B. A posture change applied to an endpoint is going to be lost each time the client re-authenticates
  • C. Posturing win no longer be evaluated in determining the enforcement policy for current or future sessions.
  • D. Cached posture results are no longer stored by ClearPass but instead are saved to the endpoint of the client.

Answer: B

An organization wants guests to be able to create their own guest accounts for access to the public WLAN Guests do not want to have to repeatedly tog in multiple times through the day Which clearPass feature can meet these requirements?

  • A. Enforcement based on endpoint profiling
  • B. Guest access with Media Access Control (MAC) caching
  • C. ClearPass Onboard Portal.
  • D. Guest self-registration with sponsor approval

Answer: C

Which ClearPass feature assesses endpoint context and client device type?

  • A. Profiling
  • B. Posture
  • C. Captive Portal
  • D. Onboard

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
Which user authentication request will match the service rules of the Policy Service shown?

  • A. a wireless user connection would fail because of miss-configured service rules
  • B. a wireless user connected to any SSID named "CORP"
  • C. a wireless user connecting to any SSID on an Aruba Controller
  • D. a wireless user connecting to an Aruba IAP on the SSID "CORP"

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
HPE6-A82 dumps exhibit
A client is attempting to authenticate using their Windows account with a bad password if the Remote Lab AD server is down for maintenance, what win be the expected result?

  • A. ClearPass receives a timeout attempt when trying the Remote Lab AD server firs
  • B. It will then try the server Backup 1 and receive a result of Active Directory Authentication faile
  • C. No further processing will occur.
  • D. ClearPass try either server Backup 1 or Backup 2 depending on which has responded the fastest in prior attempts to authenticate ClearPass will then receive a result of Active Directory Authentication failed.No further processing will occur.
  • E. ClearPass receives a timeout attempt when trying the Remote Lab AD server firs
  • F. It will then try the server Backup 1 and Backup 2; both will send a result authentication failed.
  • G. ClearPass receive a timeout attempt when trying the Remote Lab AD server firs
  • H. No further processing will occur until the Remote Lab AD server is marked as "Down" by the Administrator.

Answer: A

Which statement is true about OnGuard? (Select two.)

  • A. It is used to identify and remove any malware/viruses
  • B. It is used to ensure that Antivirus/Antispyware programs are running
  • C. It supports Doth Windows and Mac OS X clients
  • D. It only supports 802 1X authentication

Answer: BC

A customer with 985 employees would like to authenticate employees using a captive portal guest web login page Employees should use their AD credentials to login on this page
Which statement is true?

  • A. The customer needs to add second guest service in the policy manager for the guest network.
  • B. The customer needs to add the AD server as an authentication source in a guest service
  • C. Employees must be taken to a separate web login page on the guest network
  • D. The customer needs to add the AD servers RADIUS certificate to the guest network.

Answer: B

What is the benefit to installing a wild card certificate for captive portal authentication?

  • A. Guests no longer are required to validate certificates during captive portal.
  • B. Allows different certificates for each controller for increased security
  • C. Wild card certificates are provide greater security than normal certificates
  • D. Allows the single wild card certificate to be installed on all controllers in the environment

Answer: D

What services are recommended to be allowed by the pre-authenticated role assigned to the Client during the Captive Portal process? (Choose three.)

  • A. DHCP options 43 and 150
  • B. RADIUS to ClearPass
  • C. HTTPS to ClearPass
  • D. HTTPS to the Internet
  • E. DHCP address assignment
  • F. DNS resolution

Answer: CEF

Which items can be obtained from device profiling'? (Select three )

  • A. Device Category
  • B. Device Family
  • C. Device Health
  • D. Device Type
  • E. Device Location

Answer: CDE

An organization with 345 employees wants to have the guest create their own accounts for access to the public WLAN. and when guests reconnect they do not want the guest to have to tog in again
Which ClearPass features can be used to meet these requirements?

  • A. ClearPass Onboard Portal
  • B. Guest access with MAC caching
  • C. Guest serf-registration with sponsor approval
  • D. Enforcement based on endpoint profiling

Answer: B

Which actions are necessary to set up a ClearPass guest captive portal web login page to execute with no errors? (Select two)

  • A. Configure the vendor settings in the Web Login page to match the Network Access Device (NAD).
  • B. Install a publicly signed HTTPS certificate in ClearPass and the Network Access Device (NAD).
  • C. Install an enterprise Certificate Authority (CA) signed HTTPS certificate in the Network Access Device (NAD).
  • D. Install an enterprise Certificate Authority (CA) signed HTTPS certificate in ClearPass and the Network D18912E1457D5D1DDCBD40AB3BF70D5DAccess Device (NAD).
  • E. Configure the vendor settings in the Network Access Device (NAD) to match the web login page.

Answer: BE

Which are valid enforcement profile types? (Select two)

  • A. Policy Service Enforcement
  • B. RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA)
  • C. Aruba Script Enforcement
  • D. ClearPass Entity Update Enforcement

Answer: BD

Which authentication method requires a client certificate?

  • A. PEAP
  • B. Guest serf-registration
  • C. EAP-TLS
  • D. MAC Authentication

Answer: C

Which ClearPass fingerprint collectors are valid for active profiling of endpoints? (Select two.)

  • A. DHCP fingerprinting
  • B. IF-MAP
  • C. SNMP
  • D. HTTP user agents
  • E. NMAP

Answer: CD


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