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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a number of employees who do NOT need access Salesforce objects. Trie employees should sign in to a custom Benefits web app using their Salesforce credentials.
Which license should the identity architect recommend to fulfill this requirement?

  • A. Identity Only License
  • B. External Identity License
  • C. Identity Verification Credits Add-on License
  • D. Identity Connect License

Answer: A

Universal containers uses an Employee portal for their employees to collaborate. employees access the portal from their company's internal website via SSO. It is set up to work with Active Directory. What is the role of Active Directory in this scenario?

  • A. Identity store
  • B. Authentication store
  • C. Identity provider
  • D. Service provider

Answer: C

Which two considerations should be made when implementing Delegated Authentication? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The authentication web service can include custom attributes.
  • B. It can be used to authenticate API clients and mobile apps.
  • C. It requires trusted IP ranges at the User Profile level.
  • D. Salesforce servers receive but do not validate a user’s credentials.
  • E. Just-in-time Provisioning can be configured for new users.

Answer: BE

Which three different attributes can be used to identify the user in a SAML 65> assertion when Salesforce is acting as a Service Provider? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Federation ID
  • B. Salesforce User ID
  • C. User Full Name
  • D. User Email Address
  • E. Salesforce Username

Answer: ACD

An architect needs to set up a Facebook Authentication provider as login option for a salesforce customer Community. What portion of the authentication provider setup associates a Facebook user with a salesforce user?

  • A. Consumer key and consumer secret
  • B. Federation ID
  • C. User info endpoint URL
  • D. Apex registration handler

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) would like its community users to be able to register and log in with Linkedin or Facebook Credentials. UC wants users to clearly see Facebook &Linkedin Icons when they register and login. What are the two recommended actions UC can take to achieve this Functionality? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Enable Facebook and Linkedin as Login options in the login section of the Community configuration.
  • B. Create custom Registration Handlers to link Linkedin and facebook accounts to user records.
  • C. Store the Linkedin or Facebook user IDs in the Federation ID field on the Salesforce User record.
  • D. Create custom buttons for Facebook and inkedin using JAVAscript/CSS on a custom Visualforce page.

Answer: AB

Universal containers (UC) wants to implement Delegated Authentication for a certain subset of Salesforce users. Which three items should UC take into consideration while building the Web service to handle the Delegated Authentication request? Choose 3 answers

  • A. The web service needs to include Source IP as a method parameter.
  • B. UC should whitelist all salesforce ip ranges on their corporate firewall.
  • C. The web service can be written using either the soap or rest protocol.
  • D. Delegated Authentication is enabled for the system administrator profile.
  • E. The return type of the Web service method should be a Boolean value

Answer: ABE

Universal Containers uses Salesforce as an identity provider and Concur as the Employee Expense management system. The HR director wants to ensure Concur accounts for employees are created only after the appropnate approval in the Salesforce org.
Which three steps should the identity architect use to implement this requirement? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Create an approval process for a custom object associated with the provisioning flow.
  • B. Create a connected app for Concur in Salesforce.
  • C. Enable User Provisioning for the connected app.
  • D. Create an approval process for user object associated with the provisioning flow.
  • E. Create an approval process for UserProvisionlngRequest object associated with the provisioning flow.

Answer: BCE

Universal Containers is implementing a new Experience Cloud site and the identity architect wants to use dynamic branding features as of the login process.
Which two options should the identity architect recommend to support dynamic branding for the site? Choose 2 answers

  • A. To use dynamic branding, the community must be built with the Visuaiforce + Salesforce Tabs template.
  • B. To use dynamic branding, the community must be built with the Customer Account Portal template.
  • C. An experience ID (expid) or placeholder parameter must be used in the URL to represent the brand.
  • D. An external content management system (CMS) must be used for dynamic branding on Experience Cloud sites.

Answer: BC

which three are features of federated Single Sign-on solutions? Choose 3 answers

  • A. It federates credentials control to authorized applications.
  • B. It establishes trust between Identity store and service provider.
  • C. It solves all identity and access management problems.
  • D. It improves affiliated applications adoption rates.
  • E. It enables quick and easy provisioning and deactivating of users.

Answer: BCE

Universal Containers is considering using Delegated Authentication as the sole means of Authenticating of Salesforce users. A Salesforce Architect has been brought in to assist with the implementation. What two risks Should the Architect point out? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Delegated Authentication is enabled or disabled for the entire Salesforce org.
  • B. UC will be required to develop and support a custom SOAP web service.
  • C. Salesforce users will be locked out of Salesforce if the web service goes down.
  • D. The web service must reside on a public cloud service, such as Heroku.

Answer: BC

The security team at Universal containers(UC) has identified exporting reports as a high-risk action and would like to require users to be logged into salesforce with their active directory (AD) credentials when doing so. For all other uses of Salesforce, Users should be allowed to use AD credentials or salesforce credentials. What solution should be recommended to prevent exporting reports except when logged in using AD credentials while maintaining the ability to view reports when logged in with salesforce credentials?

  • A. Use SAML Federated Authentication and Custom SAML jit provisioning to dynamically add or remove a permission set that grants the Export Reports permission.
  • B. Use SAML Federated Authentication, treat SAML sessions as high assurance, and raise the session level required for exporting reports.
  • C. Use SAML Federated Authentication and block access to reports when accesses through a standard assurance session.
  • D. Use SAML Federated Authentication with a login flow to dynamically add or remove a permission set that grants the export reports permission.

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses the Customer 360 Platform implemented on Salesforce Experience Cloud. The development team in charge has learned of a contactless user feature, which can reduce the overhead of managing customers and partners by creating users without contact information.
What is the potential impact to the architecture if NTO decides to implement this feature?

  • A. Custom registration handler is needed to correctly assign External Identity or Community license for the newly registered contactless user.
  • B. If contactless user is upgraded to Community license, the contact record is automatically created and linked to the user record, but not associated with an Account.
  • C. Contactless user feature is available only with the External Identity license, which can restrict the Experience Cloudfunctionality available to the user.
  • D. Passwordless authentication can not be supported because the mobile phone receiving one-time password (OTP) needs tomatch the number on the contact record.

Answer: C

customer service representatives at Universal containers (UC) are complaining that whenever they click on links to case records and are asked to login with SAML SSO, they are being redirected to the salesforce home tab and not the specific case record. What item should an architect advise the identity team at UC to investigate first?

  • A. My domain is configured and active within salesforce.
  • B. The salesforce SSO settings are using http post
  • C. The identity provider is correctly preserving the Relay state
  • D. The users have the correct Federation ID within salesforce.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has a Desktop application to collect leads for marketing campaigns. UC wants to extend this application to integrate with Salesforce to create leads. Integration between the desktop application and salesforce should be seamless. What Authorization flow should the Architect recommend?

  • A. JWT Bearer Token flow
  • B. Web Server Authentication Flow
  • C. User Agent Flow
  • D. Username and Password Flow

Answer: C

An identity architect has been asked to recommend a solution that allows administrators to configure personalized alert messages to users before they land on the Experience Cloud site (formerly known as Community) homepage.
What is recommended to fulfill this requirement with the least amount of customization?

  • A. Customize the registration handler Apex class to create a routing logic navigating to different home pages based on the user profile.
  • B. Use Login Flows to add a screen that shows personalized alerts.
  • C. Build a Lightning web Component (LWC) for a homepage that shows custom alerts.
  • D. Create custom metadata that stores user alerts and use a LWC to display alerts.

Answer: B

A company's external application is protected by Salesforce through OAuth. The identity architect for the project needs to limit the level of access to the data of the protected resource in a flexible way.
What should be done to improve security?

  • A. Select "Admin approved users are pre-authonzed" and assign specific profiles.
  • B. Create custom scopes and assign to the connected app.
  • C. Define a permission set that grants access to the app and assign to authorized users.
  • D. Leverage external objects and data classification policies.

Answer: B

The CIO of universal containers(UC) wants to start taking advantage of the refresh token capability for the UC applications that utilize Oauth 2.0. UC has listed an architect to analyze all of the applications that use Oauth flows to. See where refresh Tokens can be applied. Which two OAuth flows should the architect consider in their evaluation? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Web server
  • B. Jwt bearer token
  • C. User-Agent
  • D. Username-password

Answer: AC

Universal Containers (UC) wants to build a few applications that leverage the Salesforce REST API. UC has asked its Architect to describe how the API calls will be authenticated to a specific user. Which two mechanisms can the Architect provide? Choose 2 Answers

  • A. Authentication Token
  • B. Session ID
  • C. Refresh Token
  • D. Access Token

Answer: CD


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