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Universal Containers has decidedthat acquisition of other companies will be a key focus of their growth for the next several years. All acquired customer service agents will use UC's pre-existing customer support process built in Salesforce. the ERP application at any acquired company will not be immediately replaced, and customer service agents must be able to see up-to-date order status from all ERP systems.
What recommendation should a technical Architect make to minimize complexity during new acquisitions?

  • A. Use custom Linksto direct users to the appropriate ERP system to view order status.
  • B. Build all Integrations as nightly ETL batches to minimize real-time overhead.
  • C. Leverage Apex callouts to integrate directly with acquired applications.
  • D. Use an ESB to abstract the Salesforce integration from other enterprise application

Answer: B

Universal Containers manages a catalog of over one million products that it makes available to its customers. The master product catalog is stored and managed in their ERP application with frequent updates made to the product catalog by their sourcing team. The sourcing team may update attributes such as price, general catalog availability, and the product description. When the sourcing team makes an update that change must go into effect during the next business day and there may be thousands of changes made over the course of the day.
What integration pattern would you recommend to best manage this scenario?

  • A. Write a custom web service to accept product catalog changes from ERP.
  • B. Use the streaming API to receive product changes in real time from ERP.
  • C. Write an outbound message to send product changes in real time from ERP.
  • D. Build a scheduled ETL job to sync products on a nightly basis from ER

Answer: D

Universal containers utilizes the REST API to update the multiple Salesforce objects in real time based upon changes from their ERP system. They recently started encountering API Limits and have consulted the Integration Architect on possible solutions.
What two possible strategies should the architect consider? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Migrate the integration to the partner WSDL to support 200 DML operations in a single API call.
  • B. Migrate the integration to the Bulk API which does not count towards the API limits.
  • C. Utilize the REST API batch URI to consolidate 100 DML operations into single API call.
  • D. Utilize workflow outbound messaging which does not count towards the API limits.

Answer: BC

Universal Containers leverages Sales Cloud as their sales platform. For every opportunity, three backoffice
systems need to be updated online in parallel under a single transaction, Unit of Work. If an
update to one of the systems fails, a rollback is required for all successful updates in the transaction. Each system exposes different Services for the update and Call to the Services may take more than 10 seconds.
Which two options should an Integration Architect introduce to support this requirement?

  • A. Salesforce Outbound Messaging
  • B. Integration Middleware
  • C. Message-oriented Middleware
  • D. Salesforce Continuatio

Answer: AC

What are three capabilities of Salesforce outbound messaging? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Provide a session ID as part of the outbound message.
  • B. Repeatedly send a SOAP notification for up to 24 hours until an acknowledgement is received.
  • C. Build integration components without the Use of APEX.
  • D. Define a WSDL based upon 2 objects related via Master-Detaikls relationship.
  • E. Define a custom WSDL based upon an Apex Interface class definitio

Answer: ABC

Universal Containers acquiresplanetary shipping and decides to migrate all customer contacts of planetary Shipping into Universal Containers Salesforce org Due to the lack of common unique identifier, they decide that a combination of first name, last name and street address could be used as a key to identify duplicate contacts. These three fields are populated on all contacts in both the systems.
Which two methods should be considered to load contacts into Universal Containers org and avoid creation of duplicate contacts?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a new text field to contain a hashed value for (first name+last name + street number) in Universal containers org and define it as External ID.
  • B. Create an indexed formula field for (first name+last name + street number) so that a search can be done on the key before loading records.
  • C. Create a new formula field for (first name+last name + street number) in universal containers org and use it as External ID.
  • D. Create no new fields, but define the three fields (first name+last name + street number) as External IDs in universal Containers org.

Answer: AB

Which tool would an architect likely leverage while diagnosing issues with an inbound RESTful integration to Salesforce?

  • A. Workbench
  • B. Data Loader
  • C. SOAP Explorer
  • D. Metadata audit trail

Answer: A

Universal containers ships millions of orders per year and releases code fixes to the production org mightily. Their corporate testing strategy requires that tests must be performed against Production data in an isolated test environment before code can be released to production.
How can Universal Containers achieve the requirement?

  • A. Use Salesforce-to- Salesforce to keep data synchronized between production and full sandboxes.
  • B. Utilize a middleware solution and batch API to do a nightly synch from production to Full sandbox.
  • C. Create APEX unit tests so testing can be done against Production data, but rolled back before being committed.
  • D. Request that Salesforce to schedule a full sandbox refresh on a nightly basi

Answer: B

In order to avoid slowing down inbound call center sales agents, Universal Containers wants to deduplicate Lead records against their 3rd-party MDM system after that the agent has served the
record in Salesforce.
What integration strategy should an Architect recommend?

  • A. Outbound message to MDM with a callback to Salesforce to mark duplicate Leads.
  • B. Sync the MDM system to a custom object in Salesforce and execute a Lookup validation rule against the object.
  • C. Batch APEX process to de-duplicate all records first in Salesforce then against MDM, deleting the newest MDM record.
  • D. Use Out-of-the-Box Lead De-duplication Rules to checkagainst MD

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) stores inventory of products in one Salesforce org. UC wants regional and local branch offices who have their own Salesforce orgs to see the latest information about the product.
What is the recommended approach to provide data access?

  • A. Use Heroku Connect to provide access to products as external objects from other orgs.
  • B. Use Salesforce Connect with oData to provide access to products as external objects.
  • C. Use Apex HTTP Callouts to call Salesforce Rest APIs and provide access restrictions within the Apex class.
  • D. Use Cross-Org adapter for Salesforce Connect to provide access to products as external object

Answer: D

Universal Containers is integrating their Salesforce platform with their on-premise ERP system. As part of the test class design DML operations are to be performed before making the test callout. What capability does Salesforce provides to facilitate this?

  • A. Perform the DML operation within the Test.StartTest and Test.Stop Test and make the callout within Test.StartTest and Test.StopTest block.
  • B. Perform the DML operation outside the Test.StartTest and Test.StopTest and make the callout with the Test.StartTest and Test.StopTest block.
  • C. Perform the DML operation inside the Test.StartTest and Test.Stop Test and make the callout outside the Test.StartTest and Test.Stop Test block.
  • D. Perform the DML operation outside the Test.StartTest and Test.StopTest and make the callout outside of the Test.StartTest and Test.StopTest block.

Answer: B

As part of their customer setup process. Universal containers requires that any address put into Salesforce be validated by the US Postal Service.
The customer must provide their address while they are on the phone with the Universal Containers representative.
What two solutions should a Technical Architect recommend to fulfill this requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Implement a VisualForce page that validates entered addresses against an API.
  • B. Write a trigger with an @future callout that validates addresses against an API.
  • C. Build a custom Address object and a trigger that will validate the address against the object.
  • D. Leverage an Appexchange application to validate addresses entere

Answer: AD

Universal Containers has a customer setup process that relies on external database to send customers welcome & registration emails. When a customer contacts Universal containers via phone they need to receive the welcome email shortly following the conversation with the UC representative. Universal containers representatives work exclusively in Salesforce and any new customer contacts are created in Salesforce by the representative. The external database exposes a SOAP API for integration with other applications.
What Salesforce technology best fulfills this requirement?

  • A. Write a nightly batch synchronization to send customer information to the external database.
  • B. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to an ESB.
  • C. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to the external database.
  • D. Write a trigger with an @future method to send customer Information to the external database

Answer: C

Universal containers is migrating to Salesforce from a legacy system with existing SMTP-based integrations.
What Salesforce platform capability should an Integration Architect consider?

  • A. Custom Apex class with webservice methods that implement the SMTP protocol.
  • B. Custom InboundEmailHandler to process the messages.
  • C. Lightning connect with an oData/SMTP interchange.
  • D. Custom Apex batch job to check for SMTP message

Answer: A

Universal Containers would like to integrate to an external system from Salesforce over a secure channel howeverthe external system does not support HTTP-basic authentication
What approach should an integration Architect recommend that enables the external system to trust the data being received?

  • A. Digitally sign the Payload using a private key trusted by the external syste
  • B. B.Include a secret passphrase in the payload that is a validated by the external system.
  • C. Base64 encode the data to ensure untrusted 3rd parties don't see it.
  • D. Utilize a 3rd-party SSO solution to authenticate the sessio

Answer: C

Customer Support Reps at Universal Containers (UC) work on a Case record in Salesforce while talking to a customer on the phone about a piece of machinery they have purchased from UC. This machine is a connected device and sends data packets to UC as the customer presses buttions on the machine.
What integration pattern will allow the support Rep to watch their screen and diagnose problems customer is having in near real-time?

  • A. UI Update Based on Data Changes
  • B. Remote Process Invocation-Request and Reply
  • C. Remote Process Invocation-Fire and Forget
  • D. Remote Call-In

Answer: A

Universal containers is building an integration from their employee portal to salesforce Chatter.They would like their employee portal to read and write to the Chatter API on behalf of the employee using the portal.
What is the correct way to authenticate to the chatter API to meet this requirement?

  • A. Use oAuth to authorize the portal to access the chatter API on behalf of the user.
  • B. Use oAuth Which will pass their portal credentials to the chatter API.
  • C. Use a chatter API integration user which authenticates to salesforce using oAuth.
  • D. Use a chatter API integration user which authenticatesto Salesforce using Enterprise WSDL login().

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is working with multiple partners to get lists of leads into the Lead aggregation system. These leads are imported into Salesforce as parot of a daily batch integration through the ETL tool. UC observed that may times, leads are duplicated, as they are sourced from different partners.
Which two options should an Architect recommend to improve data quality?

  • A. Extract Salesforce lead data into a staging table and use ETL to de-duplicate.
  • B. Create a custom web service to identify duplicate leads and load.
  • C. Design an ETL job to eliminate duplicates from the lead aggregation system.
  • D. Use duplicate management rules on Lead to report duplicate record

Answer: CD

What are the two considerations of Apex REST services that an integration architect should keep in mind when building custom integrations?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. They cannot utilize publisher actions.
  • B. They require unit and functional testing
  • C. They cannot be built or maintained declaratively
  • D. They consume more API limits than SOAP or REST API

Answer: AC

Universal Containers wants to ensure Salesforce will only accept secure connections from their ETL tool.
How should calls to a custom Apex web service be secured?

  • A. VPN
  • B. Two-way SSL
  • C. Profile Security
  • D. IP Whitelisting

Answer: B

Universal containers merges with planetary shipping both companies use Salesforce for order
processing and they decide to consolidate for processes. universal containers has well-established
channels for receiving orders, so they decide to use Universal containers org for receiving and preprocessing of orders and Planetary Shipping's org for processing and fulfillment of orders.
What is the best way to integrate the business processes of the companies?

  • A. Use Apex callout to push orders from universal Containers to Planetary Shipping
  • B. Use salesforce-to-Salesforce integration between Universal containers and Planetary shipping
  • C. Use Outbound messages to send orders from Universal Containers to Planetary shipping.
  • D. Use a Middleware tool to pull orders from Universal Containers and push to Planetary Shippin

Answer: B

Universal Containers has a call center that would like to have a dashboard that updates in real time and shows information about phone calls that have been completed today (recorded in the Activity object). There are several teams in the call center, and each dashboard should only show calls from that team. An employee can start the board each morning, but after that no further user interaction should be needed.
What is a recommended pattern that would minimize implementation time?

  • A. Develop a Visaulforce page that uses the Steaming API.
  • B. Use Heroku to develop a dashboard page that uses the REST API.
  • C. Use native Salesforce dashboard functionality
  • D. Develop a Visualforce page that uses JavaScript Remotin

Answer: A

Universal Containers would like to display data from an external system inside of Salesforce, and has chosen not to enable lightning Experience. They do not need the data for any other purposes within Salesforce.
Which approach should an Integration Architect recommend that matches the Salesforce UI? Choose 2 answers

  • A. An iFrame embedding a custom .Net application that displays data from the other systems.
  • B. A custom visualforce page with a controller thats calls-out to the other systems.
  • C. A custom Visualforce page with client- side calls out to the other systems.
  • D. A middleware orchestration to continuously persist data from other systems into Salesforc

Answer: AB

Universal Containers wishes to move data between 3 back office systems: ERP, financial and a legacy home-grown shipping system that will be replaced 3 months after integration is scheduled to be complete.
What integration pattern should an architect recommend to ensure minimal throwaway code?

  • A. point-to-point
  • B. Web Mashup
  • C. MiddleWare
  • D. Apex batch Processing

Answer: C


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