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You are asked to design security into the configuration of routing protocols on your Junos network to stop rogue neighbors from forming adjacencies for an enterprise WAN What win accomplish this task?

  • A. PAP
  • B. SAML
  • C. MOS
  • D. TTLS

Answer: D

When considering data center security. which aspect represents the weakest link?

  • A. IPS signatures
  • B. application software bugs
  • C. firewall performance
  • D. people

Answer: A

When two security services process a packet whether it is being processed in the first-packet path or the fast path? (Choose two.)

  • A. screen options
  • B. ALG
  • C. route lookup
  • D. policy lookup

Answer: CD

Multiple customers use the shared infrastructure of your data center. These customers require isolation for compliance and security reasons.
What would you do to satisfy this requirement?

  • A. Isolate each customer by using different physical hard//are
  • B. Deploy multiple physical security control points
  • C. Deploy a single logical security control point.
  • D. Place each customers VLANs separate virtual router

Answer: C

You are designing a security solution that includes SRX Series firewalls in a chassis cluster. In this scenario. which two dements must be part of the design? (Choose two.)

  • A. The physical interface on each SRX Series device making up the reth interface must be in the same L2 domain
  • B. The physical interface on each SRX Series device making up the reth interface must be in separate L2 domains
  • C. The duster ID must be the same on both SRX Series devices
  • D. The node 10 must be the same on both SRX Series devices

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
JN0-1332 dumps exhibit
You arc designing a security solution using an SRX Series chassis duster in two separate buildings In this scenario, what are three considerations? (Choose three )

  • A. The switches connecting to interface fab1 must support jumbo frames
  • B. Latency on the fabric path must be under 1000 ms
  • C. Latency on the control path must be under 100 ms
  • D. The switches connecting to interface fxp: must support jumbo frames
  • E. Both HA Inks must be on physically different switches.

Answer: ACD

A new virus is sheading across the Internet, with the potential to affect your customer's network
Which two statements describe how Policy Enforcer interacts with other devices to ensure that the network is protected in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. Policy Enforcer pulls security intelligence feeds from Juniper ATP Cloud to apply to SRX Series devices
  • B. Policy Enforcer pulls security policies from Juniper ATP cloud and apples them to SRX Series devices
  • C. Policy Enforcer automates the enrollment of SRX Series devices with Jumper ATP Cloud
  • D. Security Director pulls security intelligence feeds from Juniper ATP Cloud and applies them to Policy Enforcer

Answer: B

JN0-1332 dumps exhibit
In the 3-tier VPN design shown in the exhibit, which function are the Campus A and Campus B SRX Series devices performing?

  • A. Internet security gateway
  • B. data center firewall
  • C. WAN aggregation
  • D. VPN bridging

Answer: A

Which statement about Junos firewall filters is correct?

  • A. Firewall filters can be applied as a security policy action
  • B. Firewall filters do not operate on stateful flows and they serve no purpose in a next-generation firewall
  • C. Firewall filters can be applied as the packet enters the security device, and they are stateless.
  • D. Firewall filters are applied to TCP packets onl
  • E. and they do not block UDP pockets

Answer: B

You are designing Enterprise WAN attachments and want to follows Jumper recommended security practices In 0*s scenario. which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. Authentication authorization and accounting should be implemented on network resources
  • B. The branch CPE should be configured to all outbound Ml:
  • C. Printer traffic should be segmented from data traffic.
  • D. Network management traffic should be segmented from data traffic

Answer: AD

In yew network design, you must include a method to block IP addresses from certain countries that will automatically update within the SRX Series devices' security policies.
Which technology would accomplish this goal?

  • A. UTM
  • B. GeolP
  • C. dynamic DNS
  • D. IPS

Answer: C

As part of your design to secure a service provider WAN. you are asked to design a destination-based remote triggered black hole (RTBH) solution What arc two reasons for using this design? (Choose two)

  • A. The attack is focused on a single IP address
  • B. You do not know the source address of DDoS packets
  • C. The attack comes from a limited number of source IP addresses
  • D. You want to ensure that the destination IP remains reachable

Answer: D

Which two steps should be included in your security design process? (Choose two )

  • A. Define an overall routing strategy
  • B. identity external attackers
  • C. Identify permitted communications
  • D. Identify security requirements for the customer's organization

Answer: BC

Which three statements about Group VPNs #e true? (Choose three.)

  • A. The IP pay load is encrypted
  • B. Data can flow directly between sites without transiting a central hub
  • C. Group VPNs use a client/server architecture
  • D. All data transits through a central hub
  • E. The IP headers are encrypted

Answer: ACD

You want to reduce the possibility of your data center's server becoming an unwilling participant in a DDoS attack When tvA3 features should you use on your SRX Series devices to satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. dynamic IPsec tunnels
  • B. Juniper ATP Cloud GeolP
  • C. UTMWebtaering
  • D. Juniper ATP Cloud CC feeds

Answer: AD

Your network design requires that you ensure privacy between WAN endpoints. Which transport technology requires an IPsec overlay to satisfy this requirement?

  • A. L3VPN
  • B. leased line
  • C. internet
  • D. L2VPN

Answer: A

You are asked to enable denial of service protection for a webserver behind an SRX Series device In this scenario, which feature would you enable?

  • A. screens
  • B. App Secure
  • C. Web filtering
  • D. Juniper ATP

Answer: D

Which two statements describe Juniper ATP Cloud? (Choose two)

  • A. Juniper ATP Cloud can use a sandbox to detect threats that use evasion techniques.
  • B. Juniper ATP Cloud runs mime with network traffic to Nock all traffic before reaching endpoint.
  • C. Juniper ATP Cloud provides protection against zero-day threats
  • D. Juniper ATP Cloud is an added app that must be instated with Security Director

Answer: AD


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