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Free demo questions for Network-Appliance NS0-520 Exam Dumps Below:


How do you configure the iSCSI-SendTargets datastore when the datastore is provisioned from NetApp storage?

  • A. You must configure jumbo frames when SendTargets-based iSCSI is used.
  • B. Use static discovery to add the target IQN.
  • C. Use dynamic discovery to add the target IQN.
  • D. You must configure a single protocol on the SVM when SendTargets-based iSCSI is used.

Answer: C


Reference: https://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r40_u1/vsp_40_u1_iscsi_san_cfg.pdf (37)


A customer's Red Hat Linux 7.0 server's Linux native DM-MP settings for multi pa thing have not been set correctly. In this scenario, what would cause this problem?

  • A. The multi path, conf file contains the blacklist stanza.
  • B. Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) is not enabled.
  • C. The rdloaddriver=scsi_dh_alua was not added to the end of the boot loader file.
  • D. The incorrect WWID was added to the multipath.conf file.

Answer: D


An administrator has six VMware hosts, each with dual HBAs that are connected to a dual fabric using single initiator multiple target zoning. Four nodes are being added to the existing 4-node ONTAP cluster.
In this scenario, what is the minimum number of FC zones that need to be updated on each fabric switch?

  • A. 6
  • B. 8
  • C. 4
  • D. 2

Answer: B


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
Dining a data mobility test on a 4-node ONTAP 9.3 cluster, the host loses direct access to its LUNs. The LUNs are hosting on node cl1-01 and are being moved to cl1-03 on a different HA pair.
Referring to the exhibit, which corrective step is needed to ensure access while the volume is moved?

  • A. Add reporting nodes for cl1-03 and cl1-04.
  • B. Create additional LIFs on cl1-01 and cl1-02.
  • C. Create a new destination volume on cll-03.
  • D. Create new igroups on cl1-03 and cl1-04.

Answer: A


Which type of multipathing does Linux support?

  • A. dm_mp
  • B. dsm
  • C. mpio
  • D. mcs

Answer: A


Which resource would you use to verify whether a specific SAN configuration is supported by NetApp?

  • A. SAN Configuration Guide
  • B. Hardware Universe (HWU)
  • C. Active IQ
  • D. Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT)

Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.dot-cm-sanconf/SAN%20configuration.pdf


An administrator is configuring their existing Ethernet network switches to provide ISCSI LUNs to several servers. The network switches are also used for other traffic from various hosts. In this scenario,
which statement is true?

  • A. Increase the ratio of access ports to trunk ports to 2:1
  • B. Configure the MTU size to be larger on the switch and storage than on the host.
  • C. Use multiple VLANs to isolate traffic from other network traffic
  • D. Netapp recommends using the same LIFs for NFS and ISCSI traffic

Answer: C

VLANs offer specific benefits, such as increased security and improved network reliability that you might want to leverage in iSCSI.
You can find more information on this link:
https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.dot-cm-sanconf/SAN%20configuration.pdf (page 5)


An administrator is migrating from a third-party's SAN to a newly purchased FAS9000. The administrator decides to use the NetApp Foreign LUN Import (FL1) process.
What must the administrator do for this process to work properly?

  • A. Create multiple igroups for the Initiator ports.
  • B. Create six distinct zones that include specific ports within each zone.
  • C. Zone target ports of source storage with initiator ports of destination storage.
  • D. Make the destination LUN larger than the foreign LUN.

Answer: C


The ESX host reports inconsistent performance for iSCSI-based connectivity. In this scenario, what would cause this problem?

  • A. The host and storage are connected to different switches.
  • B. The flow control was disabled on the storage.
  • C. The hardware initiators were used instead of software.
  • D. The flow control is enabled on the storage.

Answer: B


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, what is the total amount of space that is guaranteed for the LUNs in the
/vo1/vo1_sanlunsiprod_03 volume?

  • A. 0 GB
  • B. 300 GB
  • C. 600 GB
  • D. 2600 GB

Answer: A


An administrator is configuring their Ethernet switches to support an AFF A300 cluster that will be providing iSCSI LUNs to servers. The switches are also used for other traffic from various hosts.
In this scenario, which statement about the switch configuration is correct?

  • A. Use a larger MTU size at the SAN connection rather than the host connections to allow for greater SAN bandwidth.
  • B. Use network ports as access ports only.
  • C. Use multiple VLANs to segregate iSCSI traffic from other traffic types
  • D. Use a single VLAN to consolidate all data traffic on the switches.

Answer: A


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
Which two storage efficiencies have been enabled on the NVMe namespace that is shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

  • A. deduplication
  • B. compaction
  • C. compression
  • D. thin provisioning

Answer: B


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
You are moving volumes between aggregate aft_01_aggr1 and the aggregate Aggr_Data shown in the exhibit. How much space will be moved?

  • A. 11.17 TB
  • B. 935.75 GB
  • C. 296 KB
  • D. 1. 91 TB

Answer: C


A4-node ONTAP FAS9000 cluster was used to serve I/O from six RedHat 7.3 servers. The servers were configured with maximum, queue depth.
For production purposes, an additional 60 similarly configured hosts were added to the environment. Later, the hosts started reporting random QFull errors, and the aggregated performance degraded.
Which two solutions would alleviate the QFull errors and performance problems? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remove Selective LUN Mapping (SIM) from the 4-node FAS9000 cluster.
  • B. Download the latest FC HBA driver, firmware, and BIOS, and deploy them on the hosts.
  • C. Configure and use additional FC target HBAs in the FAS9000 cluster.
  • D. Reduce FC HBA gueue depth on the hosts.

Answer: CD


You have an existing 8-node Netapp Cluster serving NFS data, and you want to expand your cluster by an additional four nodes to serve ISCSI. In this scenario, where would you validate this configuration?

  • A. Active IQ Upgrade Advisor
  • B. Interoperability Matrix Tool
  • C. SAN Administration Guide
  • D. Hardware Universe

Answer: D

Hardware Universe shows how many nodes and which filers are compatible to mix between them


What is the default Ethernet packet size (or MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit) for Ethernet ports on Ethernet switches?

  • A. 2112 bytes
  • B. 9000 bytes
  • C. 1500 bytes
  • D. 12000 bytes

Answer: C


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
The VMware ESX host discovers only two of four paths to a LUN on a new ONTAP cluster. Referring to the exhibit, which statement Is correct?

  • A. The fabric zoning configuration does not allow access to the target LlFs.
  • B. The igroup does not contain th
  • C. WWPN of one initiator.
  • D. The fabric name server is disabled.
  • E. The initiator HBA is not connected to the fabric.

Answer: D


Click the Exhibit button.
NS0-520 dumps exhibit
The LUN that is shown in the exhibit is mounted by a Windows 2016 server. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. The LUN has misaligned I/O.
  • B. The LUN has aligned I/O.
  • C. The LUN’s space is reserved.
  • D. The LUN’s space is not reserved.

Answer: BD


NS0-520 dumps exhibit
A customer is testing a dual-fabric FC SAN configuration as shown in the exhibit and the zones are implemented on the switches shown below.
NS0-520 dumps exhibit
If all the nodes are in the SLM reporting nodes list, hoe many path per LUN should the customer expect when simulating an FC SFP failure by bringing LIF_3 offline?

  • A. 15 paths
  • B. 3 paths
  • C. 4 paths
  • D. 7 paths

Answer: D


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