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NS0-592 dumps exhibit
A customer is reporting that numbers in the statistics volume show command output appear to be incorrect. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A. The problem is due to a difference in operation size.
  • B. Perfstat should be used to explain the behavior.
  • C. There are operation types that are not listed in the output.
  • D. A case with NetApp should be raised to find the root cause.

Answer: A

You are investigating a CIFS issue at a customer site, but it is unclear which SMB version is being used between the client and the server. The customer has provided you with a packet trace output.
In this scenario, which packet exchange contains information to indicate which SMB version was agreed upon by the client and the server?

  • B. Session Setup Request Session Setup Response
  • C. Negotiate Protocol RequestNegotiate Protocol Response
  • D. Tree Connect Request TreeTree Connect Request Response

Answer: D

End users are complaining of high latency when accessing an ONTAP 9 luster.
Which command helps you to determine whether there is a storage component that is contributing to this problem?

  • A. qos statistics performance show
  • B. qos statistics latency show
  • C. sysstat -c 30 -M 1
  • D. wafltop show -v -cpu -I 10 -c 5-n 6

Answer: A

A customer performs a takeover and giveback of their controllers and notices that several of their NFS clients lose access to their volumes for a short period of time during the SFO process. The customer reviewed the LIF failover policies, and the polices are correct.
What is the reason for this behavior?

  • A. The clients are using NFSv4 to access the volumes.
  • B. The export policies are incorrect and must be updated with node’s HA partner LIF information.
  • C. A firewall is blocking the necessary network ports and needs to be updated to allow NFS communication.
  • D. NFSv4 file locks need to be broken manually before initiating an SFO operation.

Answer: A

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, which change is required to enable the CIFS Autolocation function for the Users share?

  • A. Edit the CIFS share’s properties to remove the changenotify property.
  • B. Re-create the LIFs to allow both CIFS and NFS protocols.
  • C. Change the CIFS share’s Symlink Properties parameter to symlinks.
  • D. Modify the CIFS server’s option to enable SMB multichannel.

Answer: C

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NS0-592 dumps exhibit
You are investigating an AutoSupport Disk Redundancy Failed alert. Cluster A lost connectivity to storage bridge BrB1, while cluster B lost connectivity to storage bridge BrA1.
Referring to the exhibit, which three components need investigation? (Choose three.)

  • A. storage bridges BrB1
  • B. FC switch SwA1
  • C. FC switch SwB1
  • D. FC switch SwA2
  • E. ISL cables

Answer: BCE

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
Your customer added a new DS4246 shelf to their FAS system. They created an aggregate on the new shelf. Two weeks later, they log in to Active IQ and discover the Medium Impact error shown below.
“Both SAS connections from one controller go to the same shelf.” Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A. You are unable to obtain a “Cable Visualization” overview from Active IQ.
  • B. A faulty cable is causing the problem.
  • C. A faulty IOM is causing the problem.
  • D. You can correct this problem without downtime on the FAS system.

Answer: D

Your customer added a new DS2246 shelf to an existing stack on their FAS8060A system. The customer then noticed that the new shelf’s disks appear with the shelf serial number instead of the shelf ID in the sysconfig -r command output.
What is the reason for this problem?

  • A. The SAS is cabled incorrectly.
  • B. There is failed IOM module in the new shelf.
  • C. The ACP is cabled incorrectly.
  • D. The new shelf has the same ID as another shelf.

Answer: A

A customer is attempting to move from NFSv3 to NFSv4.x and reports that all attempts to mount using NFSv3 continue to be successful, however, all of their NFSv4.x mount attempts fail with an “access denied” error.
Which two statements would cause this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. The NFS server does not have NFSv4 enabled.
  • B. The SVM’s root volume allows execute access for all users.
  • C. The export policy applied to the data volume does not allow clients to access it using NFSv4.
  • D. The export policy applied to the SVM’s root volume does not allow the NFSv4 clients to access it.

Answer: BC

At a customer site, the storage failover giveback command fails when giving back the root aggregate. What would be two reasons for this failure? (Choose two.)

  • A. There are active NFS connections.
  • B. There are failed disks.
  • C. The HA interconnect is not operational.
  • D. There are active SIS operations running.

Answer: BC

Which statement is correct about the wafliron command?

  • A. The wafliron command is used to correct parity inconsistencies.
  • B. The wafliron command is used to correct inconsistent WAFL metadata.
  • C. The wafliron command is used to correct WAFL i2p inconsistencies.
  • D. The wafliron command is used to correct inconsistent user data blocks.

Answer: B

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
Many end users are complaining that logging in their systems takes a long time. When the login to the desktop finishes, everything is fine. The home directories are on NetApp storage. You do not see any significant disk or CPU contention on the controller, so you gather output statistics from the controller and focus on SMB.
Referring to the exhibit, which two actions would help diagnose the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Engage your Windows team to make sure that the domain controllers are not overloaded.
  • B. Engage your desktop team to collect network traces from the clients.
  • C. Collect more statistics to determine whether the controller itself is causing latency.
  • D. Engage your network team to make sure that there are no issues between the storage controller and the domain controller.

Answer: CD

After you replaced the motherboard, the node stopped in the “waiting for the cluster application to come
online” state.
Which two actions should you perform to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Check the status of the HA with the interconnect-up field of storage failover show command.
  • B. Verify the setting of the cluster interconnect switch.
  • C. Verify that the physical links on the cluster ports are up.
  • D. Check the status of the cluster with the cluster ring show command.

Answer: AD

A customer’s FAS8200 node1 went down an hour ago after a WAFL inconsistency error. All data is being served from partner node2, but the storage failover show command output is not showing a node1 as “Waiting for giveback”.
What is the corrective action for this situation?

  • A. Re-create the root aggregate on node1.
  • B. Boot the system and run the wafliron command on the inconsistent data aggregate.
  • C. From the LOADER prompt, run the wafliron command on the system’s root aggregate.
  • D. Boot the system and run the WAFL_check command on the inconsistent data aggregate.

Answer: A

A customer complains that the copy offload does not work when copying large file from a Windows 8 client between the CIFS shares that are hosted on the same ONTAP cluster.
What are two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deduplication is not enabled on the destination volume.
  • B. The client should be using Windows 10 for ODX support.
  • C. The source and target volumes reside on different cluster nodes.
  • D. SMB 3.0 disabled on the CIFS SVM.

Answer: AD

The error message shown below is reported in the EMS log file.
“[sis.changelog.full:warning]: Change logging metafile on volume DATA1 is full and can not hold any more
fingerprint entries.”
What are two ways to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Clear the changelog manually so that the operation can restart.
  • B. Increase the size of the changelog to allow the operation to continue.
  • C. Modify the storage efficiency policy so that deduplication runs more frequently.
  • D. Modify the threshold that triggers a deduplication operation.

Answer: BD

A customer has a 2-node MetroCluster. They experienced a complete power loss at site B. The customer has lost connectivity to site B and now realizes that the DR partner at site A has not taken over the DR partner at site B.
Which two actions must be performed in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. On the DR partner at site A, perform the process to switchover.
  • B. Ensure that site B is prevented from serving data or simply powered off (nodes and disk shelves).
  • C. On the DR partner at site A, perform the process to heal the data aggregates.
  • D. On the DR partner at site B, perform the process to heal the root aggregate.

Answer: AD

You migrated from a FAS3250 system to a new A200 system. After the migration, you notice that data compaction fails to be enabled on the migrated volumes.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. You need to schedule background deduplication on all volumes.
  • B. You need a license to have full efficiency on AFF systems.
  • C. Data compaction is not supported on the A200 system.
  • D. The volumes are thick-provisioned.

Answer: D

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
A customer reports that when they are failing over Hyper-V VMs, the process fails, and the server reports an error that indicates that there is something wrong with the storage.
Referring to the exhibit, which three actions would be required in ONTAP to solve this problem? (Choose three.)

  • A. Verify that the -symlink-properties parameter is enabled on the share.
  • B. Verify that the access-based-enumeration share parameter is configured.
  • C. Verify that the continuously -available share parameter is configured.
  • D. Verify that -offline-files parameter is set to manual on the share.
  • E. Verify that the oplocks share property is configured.

Answer: BCE


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