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A company needs to create a quoting process for its internal agents. During quoting, the agent selects a product and specifies the grade (A, B. C, D. E) and the size (Small Medium, Large, X-large). The process should look up the unit price using the product code, the grade, size, and then multiplies the unit price by a discount factor.
Which two OmniStudio tools should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Calculation Matrix
  • B. DataRaptor Transform
  • C. DataRaptor Extract
  • D. Calculation Procedure

Answer: AC

Which of the following is a key difference between Integration Procedures and DataRaptors?

  • A. DataRaptors can access data from external sources.
  • B. DataRaptors can invoke multiple actions in a single server call.
  • C. Integration Procedures can access data from external sources.
  • D. Integration Procedures can retrieve data from multiple related objects.

Answer: C

In which two scenarios should a DataRaptor be used? Choose 2 answers

  • A. To retrieve an account and Its related contacts
  • B. To retrieve today's financial news
  • C. To send an SMS alert to the user when a process completes
  • D. To merge the city and state fields into a single field

Answer: AD

A business has a requirement to display cases in a console for service agents. Cases can have a variety of statuses, including Active, Closed, or Escalated. When a case is Closed, agents need to be able to reopen the case. When the case is Active or Escalated, agents should not have the option to reopen the case.
Which FlexCard functionality can be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. Conditional View
  • B. Flyouts
  • C. State
  • D. Styling

Answer: A

A company wants to create a new customer buying journey for their website. The buying journey should
include the following functionality:
• Allow the user to enter contact and address information
• Require the user to enter age, gender, and optionally income bracket
• Compute a discount percentage per product based on the customer data provided
• Save the list of suggested products including discounts
Which three OmniStudio tools should the consultant use to design a solution that meets these requirements7 Choose 3 answers

  • A. OmniScript
  • B. Integration Procedures
  • C. Calculation Procedures and Matrices
  • D. FlexCard
  • E. OmniStudio Action

Answer: ABC

A business has a project that must be completed soon in order to meet important deadlines. However, the developer on the project has left the company, and the new team on the project has decided to use OmniStudio tools. The development work completed so far was done using APEX code. The new team must complete the project following these guidelines:
• Minimize implementation time
• Ensure end-user processes are as simple as possible
• Find a way to ensure optimal UX
In this scenario, what two actions should the consultant recommend to the project team' Choose 2 answers

  • A. Replace existing APEX using DataRaptors and HTTP Actions
  • B. Create new LWC templates for branding and styling
  • C. Implement FlexCards and OmniScripts for the front-end
  • D. Use existing APEX classes as data sources

Answer: AC

A business is creating a new OmniScript that will allow agents to launch a guided selling process from an account detail page. The consultant reviews the initial design proposed for the OmniScript and sees that the process ^ the following steps:
• Step 1: Enter account name to retrieve account information
• Step 2: Review and edit account information
• Step 3: Select products
• Step 4: Enter payment information
Following best practices, what suggestion should the consultant make to improve the design?

  • A. Remove Step 1 and prefill the account information automatically.
  • B. Divide Step 2 into two steps, so each task is distinct.
  • C. Use an Edit Block in Step 4 to enter payment information.
  • D. Use Multi-select elements in Step 3 for the product list.

Answer: A

A business process needs to perform a multi-step calculation on each contact record in a list.
Using an Integration Procedure to process the list, what feature can be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. Loop Block
  • B. Batch Action
  • C. Conditional Block
  • D. DataRaptor Transform Action

Answer: A

A company has an OmniScript that allows agents to schedule service calls. The first step displays the account name, primary contact name, and telephone number to the user for confirmation. On the second step, it displays available appointment slots, which are retrieved from an external service in XML and then transformed into JSON. The following actions are currently used in the OmniScript:
• DataRaptor Extract Action
• HTTP Action
• DataRaptor Transform Action
Following best practices, what can the consultant recommend to reduce processing time?

  • A. Combine these actions into an Integration Procedure
  • B. Change DataRaptors to extract single objects
  • C. Add conditional views to the OmniScript
  • D. Add reusable OmniScripts for each step

Answer: A

A business needs to display installed products for field service technicians on service calls using a mobile device The installed product information must be summarized so the technician can see key details at a glance. How the technician also needs to sometimes access a list of past service dates for each product.
Which two FlexCards features should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use flyouts
  • B. Use card states
  • C. Enable the Responsive property
  • D. Customize the styling

Answer: AC

A business wants to transform an existing process into a digital interaction using OmniScript. The process includes several steps. Some steps apply to all users, and other steps only apply to users depending on their responses to certain questions. The business does not want all users to have to go through all the steps.
Which OmniScript feature should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. User Roles
  • B. Conditional Views
  • C. Script Configuration
  • D. Script Profiles

Answer: B

Which OmniStudio tool can be used to invoke scheduled jobs?

  • A. Integration Procedure
  • B. DataRaptor Extract
  • C. DataRaptor Load
  • D. Calculation Procedure

Answer: A

A company is creating a FlexCard for agents to respond to account inquiries. The company has decided to lim actions on the card to the three most frequent and important actions users typically take.
Based on the user analysis exhibit shown below, which three actions should appear on the card?
OmniStudio-Consultant dumps exhibit
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Verify a transaction
  • B. Request higher limit
  • C. View credit score history
  • D. View statements
  • E. Make a payment

Answer: CDE

What is the purpose of Step elements in OmniScript?

  • A. Allows the user to input data
  • B. Groups elements that extract data
  • C. Enables the use of repeatable blocks
  • D. Organizes the script into one or more pages

Answer: D

In which two cases should an integration procedure be used as a data source for FlexCards and OmniScripts, Choose 2 answers

  • A. To achieve elastic scaling
  • B. To retrieve multiple data sources in a single response
  • C. To minimize the number of elements to be configured
  • D. To separate the user interface from changes in the data sources

Answer: BD

A company wants to create a guided process for their customers. The process needs to retrieve data from Salesforce as well as external systems, and the steps of the process will branch depending on input from the user. Users will complete the process in a single session.
How should the consultant design the solution to meet these requirements?

  • A. FlexCards and Integration Procedures
  • B. FlexCards and DataRaptors
  • C. OmniScripts and Integration Procedures
  • D. OmniScripts and DataRaptors

Answer: C

A company has a process that requires a birthday validation. At the beginning of the process, the user is asked to input their birthday. If the user is less than 18 years old. then the process should display an error stating that the age cannot be less than 18. The process should restrict users from continuing. If the user is 18 or older, then the process should proceed without any error message.
Which two OmniScript features should the consultant recommend to meet this validation requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Calculation
  • B. Messaging
  • C. Alert
  • D. Formula

Answer: BD

Which three of the following are functions of a Text Block element in OmniScript? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Error conditions
  • B. User input fields
  • C. Links or images
  • D. Text formatting
  • E. Table formatting

Answer: CDE

A business wants to create a FlexCard for mobile plans to add to their Customer 360° console application. The FlexCard needs to include the following actions:
• Start a process to retrieve plan consumption data
• Create a new case
• Open a promotions web page
• Change the SIM card
which combination should the consultant use in designing the solution?

  • A. Custom Event and Redirect URL
  • B. OmniScript and Navigate
  • C. Event, Navigate and Card
  • D. Flyout and OmniScript

Answer: B


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