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A developer need to configure a calculation procedure to calculation a subtotal using twodifferent depending on whether the input Boolean variable is Customer is set to true or false.
How should a developer configure the calculation procedure to conditionally execute the correct formula?

  • A. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: use the ISTRUE(isCustomer) and NOT (ISTRUE) (isCustomer) functions in the Condition syntax.
  • B. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: reference just theisCustomer variable in the Conditional syntax (no comparison necessary)
  • C. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: compare the isCustomer variable directly to the literal true and false values in the Condition syntax.
  • D. Use a single Calculation Stepswith IF statement directly in the formula definition to reference the isCustome variable and conditionally perform the appropriate calculation.

Answer: B

Users receive an APEC CPU limit Exceeded error when running an OmniScript in a Salesfoce Community. The OmniScript includes an Integration Procedure that contains two DataRaptors.
Which two Location should the developer check to troubleshoot the issue? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Script configuration
  • B. Community logs
  • C. DataRaptor configuration
  • D. Action Debugger

Answer: CD

A developer needs to build a DataRaptor Transform to send current weather to both an OmniScript Card Layout. Which of these samples would be valid for the Expected Output JSON?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: D

In an OmnoScript, a developer needs to configure a Disclosure element to require user input only if the user already checked a Non-Disclosure Agreement Checkbox.
How should the developerconfigure the conditional view to meet this requirement?

  • A. Show element if true
  • B. Disable read only if true
  • C. Set element to optional if false
  • D. Set element to require if true

Answer: A

A company wants to allow agents to send customers a quote for signature. The quote is a documentscreated using a DocuSign template that has been prefilled with all of the quote details. The document will be emailed to one or more recipients for signature.
How should a developer configure this functionality in an OmniScript?

  • A. DocuSign Envelope Action
  • B. PDF Acwm
  • C. DocuSign Signature Action
  • D. Email Action

Answer: C

A developer is configuring the API URL in an HTTP Action element within an Integration procedure. What is the merge code syntax for passing a Date node from an element named SetValues in the URL?

  • A. x%SetValues.Date%
  • B. (‘ Setvalues’] [ ‘Date’]
  • C. %SetValues Date
  • D. {(SetValue
  • E. Date)}

Answer: C

Which two in an integration Procedure or DataRaptorcan execute a function like CONCAT or DATEDIFF? Choose 2 answers

  • A. In a Set Values Action in a Value field.
  • B. In a DataRaptor in an Output Tab Output JSON Path.
  • C. In a DataRaptor Action in an Input Parameters value field.
  • D. In a Remote Action m an Additional Output value field.

Answer: AD

A developer has a requirement to create a child FlexCard that contains all of its parent FlexCard’s records In a Datable How should the developer configure the parent FlexCard’s Node?

  • A. {Records{0}}
  • B. {Records}
  • C. {Params, records}
  • D. {Recorded}

Answer: C

In a calculation procedure, what is required for the output of a calculation step to be used in an aggregation step?

  • A. It must be included in constants.
  • B. It must be amatrix lookup step.
  • C. It must be a calculation step.
  • D. It must be included m the calculation output.

Answer: D

When launching an OmniScript from an action on a FlexCard, the OmniScript displays, but no Salesforce data is populated:
Which two errors could cause this behavior? Choose 2 answers
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The Id Field for Actions in the FlexCard is blank.
  • B. There is no active version of the Data Raptor Extract.
  • C. There is no active version of the OmniScript
  • D. In the DataRaptor Extract Action, the Input Parameters Filter Value is misspelled.

Answer: AD

A developer needs to display read-only contact information in a OmniScript. The developer will format the information as a table, using merge codes to dynamically include first name, last name, street address, state, postal, code, and country from the data JSON.
Which OmniScript element should the developer use to meet this requirement?

  • A. Rich text Area
  • B. Text area
  • C. Text Block
  • D. Edit Block

Answer: C

A developer creates an Integration Procedure with a Set Valuesand a DataRaptor Extract Action that requires AccountId as a key. When the developer previews the Integration Procedure, the developer enters the AccountId correctly and execute the Preview. The developer sees the data extract by the DataRaptor in the Debug Log, but the response is empty.
What is the likely cause of this issue?

  • A. The DataRaptor Action did not have the add response Ro Response JSON property set to true.
  • B. The Response cannot be previewed directly.
  • C. A Response Action was not added to theintegration Procedure.
  • D. The AccountId used for the preview is invalid.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
A developercreates an OmniScript display FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate of a contact using a Type Ahead Block. The DataRaptor used in the Type Ahead has been tested and fetches the correct data.
When previewing Omniscript, the developer enters a name in the TypeAhead and males a selection of a contact from the list. However, the text fields FirstName. LastName, and BirthDate are not getting populated with the data.
What is the reason that the fields fail to display the fetched data?

  • A. Lookup Mode is not selectedin the properties of the Type A Head Block.
  • B. Use Data JSON is not selected in the properties of the Type Ahead Block.
  • C. FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate are not placed inside the Type ahead Block.
  • D. The Typeghead ley is not in the correct format

Answer: C

A developer writes an OmniScript that includes a DataRaptor that updates the Account statue based on information provided from the OmniScript. The information must be updated only if the Account record already exists. Otherwise, a new account must be created.
How should the developer accomplish this task?

  • A. Populate the Lookup object and Lookup fields
  • B. Check the Upset key and is required for Upsert checkboxes on the Account id field
  • C. Check the Upsert key checkbox on the Account Status field
  • D. Check Overwrite Target for all Null input checkbox on the Account id field

Answer: B

A developer creates a FlexCard with five state elements. For of the states have a condition. To test the FlexCard, the developer previews it using sample data that causes two of the states to have trueconditions.
In this scenario, how will the developer know which state will display?

  • A. The first state with true conditions sequence closest to the top of the FlexCard canvas will display.
  • B. The first state with true nested condition, regardless of sequence in the FlexCard canvas, will display
  • C. The state sequenced first in the FlexCard canvas will display.
  • D. The first state with a true AND condition, regardless of sequence in the FlexCard canvas, will display.

Answer: C

An OmniScript displays data from an API using Integration Procedure, but some of the data is missing. Which two configuration errors could cause this? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The element name for the missingdata does not match the JSON node key in the Integration Procedure Response.
  • B. The Integration Procedure Preview Input Parameters do not match the JSON sent from the OmniScript.
  • C. The JSOW sent from the Integration Procedure Action does not match any ofthe Original Input for the Integration Procedure
  • D. The missing data is trimmed in the Integration Procedure Action Response JSON Path.

Answer: AD

What two advantages does a DataRaptor Turbo Extract have over a standard DataRaptor Extract? Choose 2 answers

  • A. It populates data in PDF and DocuSign format
  • B. It is easier to configure
  • C. It hasbetter performance at runtime
  • D. It supports complex field mappings

Answer: BC

A customer sets up to LWC Omniscripts, one embedded into another. Account is set in a Set Values element in the parent Omniscript.
The AccountId set in the parent Omniscript is used to another Set Values elementContextAccountid in the embedded OmniScript. The embedded Omniscript is activated.
While previewing the OmniScript flow from the parent, it is found that Account is set correctly in the parent OmniScript. However. ContextAccountId in the embedded OmniScript is not set with the AccountId from parent Omniscript. On previewing the embedded OmniScript individually, it is found that ContextAccountId is set correctly.
What is the reason for this? Refer to the exhibit below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Both parent and embedded OmniScripts have the same element name for the Set values element.
  • B. A developer failed to include a Navigation Element to pass data from the parent OmniScript.
  • C. The LWC PubSub Message flag in the Set Values action of the parent has not been set.
  • D. The flagpassDataJSON in the parent OmniScript in not configured correctly.

Answer: C


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