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Universal Container has developed a custom Visualforce page that will accept user input and must prefer returning the results to the users.
Which two techniques should be used to ensure the users cannot perform a SOQL injection attack?

  • A. Escape double quotes in the user input.
  • B. Use bind variable in the SOQL query.
  • C. Use the escapesinglequotes() method to sanitize user input.
  • D. Use the with Sharing keyword on the controller.

Answer: B

The System Administrator at Universal Containers has created two list views called ListV1 and ListV2. One group of users should only see ListV1 and the second group of users should only see ListV2. Two public groups were created to restrict visibility to the respective list views. However, users in both groups are able to see both list views. What system permission in their profile enabled the users to see all list views?

  • A. Manage Custom List Views
  • B. Manage Private List Views
  • C. Manage Public List Views
  • D. Manage Custom Permissions

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has Affiliates who sell containers in countries’ where UC does not have a local office Community to manage the sales cycle. One of their affiliates has exponentially grown in the last years and .. with the following structure:
Sales VP ..> Direct of Sales .. > Sales Manager ..> Sales Reps
UC would like to have the ability to open up access to the sales opportunities according to the above structure. What is the main problem a Salesforce Architect will face to provide a solution?

  • A. Super User does not work in Partner Community.
  • B. Partner Community does not support Role Hierarchy.
  • C. The Channel manager Role can not be shared with Partner Community.
  • D. Partner User Roles are limited to three levels.

Answer: D

Universal Containers is designing a new community using the Customer Community license type. They would like to have the users complete survey questions through the community interface and store the responses in a Custom Object that has a lookup to the account object. Any internal user who has access to the account should be able to see all survey responses. All Customer Community users should be able to see surveys filled in by other users for their company, but not surveys for other companies. What are the correct security settings to achieve this?

  • A. Set all Organization-Wide Default settings to be "Public Read/Write" for both internal and external users.
  • B. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be "Private" for both internal and external users and use Sharing Rules to grant the desired access
  • C. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be "Public Read/Write" for internal users and "Private" for external users.
  • D. Set the custom object to be master-detail to the Account and leave the Organization-Wide Default settings as their default values.

Answer: B

Universal Containers would like to restrict users' access to export reports What option supports this requirement?

  • A. Remove the "Report Manager" user permission.
  • B. Remove the Export button from the report page layout.
  • C. Remove "Allow Export" on the report folder settings.
  • D. Remove the "Export Reports" profile permission.

Answer: D

Universal Containers has a custom object, Employee Review, with an Organization-Wide Default security setting of Private. A user lookup on the Employee Review object is populated when a reviewer is assigned to perform a review. How can this user be granted edit access to the record if they are not the owner?

  • A. The user will be granted access to the record automatically when the user lookup is populated.
  • B. Create a workflow rule to share the Employee Review record with the user in the lookup field.
  • C. Create an Apex trigger to insert an Employee Review Share record with an access level of Edit.
  • D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share the record with the user in the lookup field.

Answer: D

Universal Containers has Controlled by Parent sharing settings on the Contact object and Public Read Only sharing settings on Account, Opportunity, and Case objects. Which two options can the user see while adding Account team members to the Account?

  • A. Case Access
  • B. Opportunity Access
  • C. Contact Access
  • D. Activity Access

Answer: AB

How would you make sure Visualforce page is security proof? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Manually check for cross site
  • B. Manually check for sql injection
  • C. Submit to force security scanner
  • D. Use web application tool for security
  • E. Use debug to check hijacked requests

Answer: CDE

Universal Containers is a fast-growing company that sells containers globally. It has thousands of dealerships throughout the world where local dealers service Containers sold locally. They recently opened two dealerships in California: NorthCal and SoCal. Universal Containers implemented a new partner community to enable their dealers. Each dealership has a dealer Manager who has all service agents report into them. Assuming a private sharing model, what is the best option to enable dealer managers to have visibility to customer cases within their dealership and not across all dealerships?

  • A. Create sharing groups that share all cases to all agents under the Dealer manager.
  • B. Create a batch job that creates sharing rules as needed, based on the cases created.
  • C. Build a trigger that create manual sharing of cases as needed whenever a new case is created.
  • D. No changes are needed to the sharing and visibility model to implement this requirement.

Answer: D

Besides their own team accounts, sales managers at Universal Container need to have READ access to all other countries.
Role hierarchy was implemented accordingly (based on countries) but a Sales manager in the US comp records of the same segment in Canada.
What should be done to grant access in a proper way?

  • A. Create criteria-based sharing rule to grant access to account records that have the same segment.
  • B. Create owner-based sharing rule to grant access to account records that have the same segment.
  • C. Create a public group and include all accounts of the same segment and grant access through.
  • D. Change the role hierarchy and put all the sales managers in the US and Canada as the same role.

Answer: A

Universal Containers has a Private Sharing Model for the Opportunity object. Sales Rep A at Universal Containers created the Opportunity record and then transferred ownership of the Opportunity record to Sales Rep B. Both Sales Rep A and B have the same role in the Role Hierarchy.
What access will Sales Rep A have to the Opportunity after the transfer?

  • A. Full Access
  • B. No Access
  • C. Read/Write
  • D. Read Only

Answer: B

Universal Containers has Public Read Only sharing settings on the Opportunity object. What Opportunity access options can the user see while adding account team members to the Account?

  • A. Read Only
  • B. Private and Read Only
  • C. Private
  • D. Read Only and Read/Write

Answer: D

Universal Containers has a custom object to maintain Job information with a private sharing model. The Delivery group is distributed through the Role Hierarchy based on geography. As the Delivery group often collaborates on Jobs, all users in the Delivery profile required View access to all Job records. In special case, the Delivery user who owns a job must be able to grant a Product Development user access to a Job record. Which two platform features can be used to support these requirements?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Criteria-based Sharing Rules
  • B. "View All" Profile settings
  • C. Owner-based Sharing Rules
  • D. Manual Sharing

Answer: BD

Universal Containers is planning to pilot a new application to a small set of Sales Reps.
What is the optimal way to grant inly this Sales Reps access to the new functionality, while hiding ..

  • A. Clone the Sales Rep profile, adjust settings, and assign the pilot users the new profile.
  • B. Revoke access to legacy function in the Sales Rep profile and create a permission set for the ..
  • C. Create a permission set to grant access to the new functionality and hide the old functionality.
  • D. Create new user records for the pilot user that they will use for the pilot.

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) has created a public group with certain Sales Engineers to help on complex deals and a sharing rule to grant access to these opportunities. Opportunity OWD is private.
What is the impact of these sharing settings?

  • A. Subordinates of Managers who have Sales Engineers in the public group will also have access to these records.
  • B. Sales Engineers that have a similar role of the Sales Engineers of the public group will also have access to these records.
  • C. Sales Engineers Managers and their managers in the role hierarchy will also have access to these records.
  • D. Sales Engineers direct reports will also have access to these records.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has a custom Apex class that enforces a business process and updates opportunities. UC has noticed that fields with field level security permission of read only on certain users' profiles are being updated by this class.
How should the architect fix this problem?

  • A. Add With Sharing keyword to the class,
  • B. Put the code in an inner class that uses the With Sharing keyword.
  • C. Use the IsUpdateable() Apex method to test each field prior to allowing update.
  • D. Use the WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED keyword in the SOQL statement.

Answer: D

Universal Containers has the following requirements: A custom Loan object requires Org-Wide Defaults set to Private. The owner of the Loan record will be the Loan Origination Officer. The Loan record must be shared with a specific Underwriter on a loan-by-loan basis. The Underwriters should only see the Loan records for which they are assigned. What should the Architect recommend to meet these requirements?

  • A. Use criteria-based sharing rules to share the Loan object with the Underwriter based upon the criteria defined in the criteria-based sharing
  • B. Create a lookup relationship from the Loan object to the User objec
  • C. Use a trigger on the Loan object to create the corresponding record in the Loan share object
  • D. Create a master-detail relationship from the Loan to the User objec
  • E. Loan records will be automatically shared with the Underwriter
  • F. Create an Apex Sharing Reason on the Loan object that shares the Loan with the Underwriter based upon the criteria defined in the Sharing Reason

Answer: B

Which three areas should the Architect review in order to increase performance of "Record Access" and "Sharing" calculations?
Choose 3 answers.

  • A. Custom Object data, to ensure that no Account has more than 10,000 Custom Objects that look up to it.
  • B. Opportunity data, to ensure that no Account has more than 10,000 Opportunity records that are related to it.
  • C. Record ownership, to ensure that no user owns more than 10,000 Object records in the system.
  • D. Apex Managed Sharing triggers, to ensure that no trigger is querying more that 10,000 Object records.

Answer: ABC

Which two capabilities does the delegated administrator permission provide? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Assign users profiles
  • B. Unlock users
  • C. Set OWD
  • D. Create profiles

Answer: AB

Sales managers at Universal Containers (UC) have requested viewing customer invoices in Salesforce .. system. The architect at UC decided to surface the customer invoices in Salesforce using external objects a.. Configured an external object called Invoice.
Created a lookup relationship between account and the invoice
How can the architect grant the sales managers access to the customer invoices data?

  • A. By creating a sharing set a share invoice with users in a sales manager role.
  • B. By using manual sharing to share invoices with relevant sales managers.
  • C. By creating sharing rules to share the invoice records with users in sales manager roles.
  • D. By controlling the invoices object permission on the sales manager's profile.

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented Customer Community with customer community plus licenses for their distributors. Some distributors requested granting specific community users (agents) to view cases submitted by other agents of the same distributor.
Which feature only supports these requirements?

  • A. Permission set to grant community admin permission
  • B. Delegate external user
  • C. Partner super user
  • D. Partner community admin.

Answer: C

Universal Containers would like to customize the security and sharing features of Salesforce Account Teams. They have decided to implement a Custom Account Team object. They would like the new enhancement to include all of the features of the existing account team, but also utilize Apex and Visualforce on the custom Account Team object.
Which two different approaches should the Architect consider when designing this enhancement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The need to synchronize the AccountTeamMember object with the Custom Account Team object data.
  • B. The need to maintain the Account_share object based upon the Custom Account Team object data.
  • C. The need to dynamically create Criteria-Based Sharing rules with Custom Account Team object data.
  • D. The need to customize Account screens in Visualforce, as the Account_share object cannot be maintained programmatically.

Answer: AB

Universal Containers (UC) wants to reduce the amount of redundant leads entered into the system. UC also wants to ensure that leads are only edited/reassigned by the lead owner.
What organization wide default (OWD) approach should be recommended to help UC implement these requirements?

  • A. Implement a Public Read Only OWD on Lead.
  • B. Implement a Private OWD on Lead.
  • C. Implement a Public Read Only/Transfer OWD on Lead.
  • D. Implement a Public Read/Write OWD on Lead.

Answer: A


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