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Exam Name: CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the X11 system?

  • A. X11 provides graphical display capabilities
  • B. X11 provides command line capabilities
  • C. X11 provides networking capabilities
  • D. X11 provides telephony capabilities.

Answer: A

An administrator needs to see the type of CPU that a server is running. Which of the following files contains this information?

  • A. /proc/cpuinfo
  • B. /etc/devices/info.conf
  • C. /dev/proc/cpu
  • D. /sys/dev/cpuinfo

Answer: A

A systems administrator needs to retrieve specific fields from a csv file. Which of the following tools would accomplish this task?

  • A. awk
  • B. sort
  • C. print
  • D. echo

Answer: A

An administrator receives a warning about a file system filling up, and then identifies a large file located at /tmp/largelogfile. The administrator deletes the file, but no space is recovered on the file system.
Which of the following commands would BEST assists the administrator in identifying the problem?

  • A. lsof | grep largelogfile
  • B. pkill /tmp/largelogfile
  • C. pgrep largelogfile
  • D. ps –ef | grep largelogfile

Answer: A

A systems administrator has finished building a new feature for the monitoring software in a separate Git branch.
Which of the following is the BEST method for adding the new feature to the software’s master branch?

  • A. Merge the changes from the feature branch to the master branch.
  • B. Save the changes to the master branch automatically with each Git commit.
  • C. Clone the feature branch into the master branch.
  • D. Pull the changes from the feature branch into the master branch.

Answer: A

A user has connected a Bluetooth mouse to a computer, but it is not working properly. Which of the following commands should the systems administrator use to fix the issue?

  • A. lsmod –i bluetooth
  • B. insmod bluetooth
  • C. modprobe –r bluetooth
  • D. depmod –i bluetooth

Answer: C

A systems administrator needs to install a new piece of hardware that requires a new driver. The driver should be manually installed. Which of the following describes the order of commands required to obtain module information, install the module, and check the log for any errors during module installation?

  • A. lsmod, modprobe, modinfo
  • B. modinfo, insmod, modprobe
  • C. modinfo, insmod, dmesg
  • D. lsmod, insmod, dmesg

Answer: A

A user, jsmith, needs access to database files located on a server. Which of the following will add jsmith to the “dba” group and preserve existing group memberships?

  • A. usermod –a –G dba jsmith
  • B. usermod –g dba jsmith
  • C. useradd –g dba jsmith
  • D. groupmod dba –u jsmith

Answer: AC

According to the reference given below. Both AC is correct.

A configuration management tool running every minute is enforcing the service HTTPd to be started. To perform maintenance, which of the following series of commands can be used to prevent the service from being started?

  • A. systemctl stop httpd && systemctl mask httpd
  • B. systemctl disable httpd && systemctl mask httpd
  • C. systemctl stop httpd && systemctl hide httpd
  • D. systemctl disable httpd && systemctl hide httpd

Answer: A

A Linux administrator needs to remotely update the contents of the www.comptia.org/contacts URL.
Which of the following commands would allow the administrator to download the current contents of the URL before updating?

  • A. curl www.comptia.org/contacts
  • B. dig www.comptia.org/contacts
  • C. apt-get www.comptia.org/contacts
  • D. yum list www.comptia.org/contacts

Answer: A

Which of the following will provide a list of all flash, external, internal, and SSD drives?

  • A. lspci
  • B. lsmod
  • C. lsblk
  • D. lsusb

Answer: C

A systems administrator has received reports of intermittent network connectivity to a particular website. Which of the following is the BEST command to use to characterize the location and type of failure over the course of several minutes?

  • A. mtr www.comptia.org
  • B. tracert www.comptia.org
  • C. ping www.comptia.org
  • D. netstat www.comptia.org

Answer: B

A Linux storage administrator wants to create a logical volume group. Which of the following commands is required to start the process?

  • A. pvcreate
  • B. vgcreate
  • C. lvcreate
  • D. mkfs.xfs

Answer: B

Ann, a junior Linux administrator, needs to copy software from her local machine to assist in developing a software application on a remote machine with the IP address The file needs to be placed on the /tmp directory. After downloading the RPM to the local machine, which of the following commands would be BEST to use to copy the software?

  • A. scp ~/software.rpm USER@
  • B. scp ~/software.rpm USER@ /tmp
  • C. wget USER@ -f ~/software.rpm
  • D. scp USER@ ~/software.rpm :/tmp

Answer: C

An administrator needs to change the IP address on a server remotely. After updating the configuration files, a network restart is needed. However, the administrator fears that when the network connection drops, the network restart script will be killed before the new IP address has been set.
Which of the following commands would prevent the script from being killed?

  • A. nohup service network restart
  • B. service network restart &
  • C. echo “service network restart” | at now
  • D. dg service network restart

Answer: A

Two specific users need access to a directory owned by root where backups are located. Which of the following commands would BEST ensure the specified users can access the backup files?

  • A. umask
  • B. chcon
  • C. chmod
  • D. setfacl

Answer: D

A Linux administrator implemented a new HTTP server using the default configuration. None of the users on the network can access the server. If there is no problem on the network or with the users’ workstations, which of the following steps will BEST analyze and resolve the issue?

  • A. Run netstat to ensure the port is correctly bound, and configure the firewall to allow access on ports 80 and 443
  • B. Run route to ensure the port is correctly bound, and configure the firewall to allow access on ports 80 and 443
  • C. Run netcat to ensure the port is correctly bound, and configure a static route to the web to allow access on ports 80 and 443
  • D. Run route to ensure the port is correctly bound, and configure SELinux to allow access on ports 80 and 443

Answer: C

A Linux systems administrator installed a new web server, which failed while attempting to start. The administrator suspects that SELinux is causing an issue and wants to temporarily put the system into permissive mode. Which of the following would allow the administrator to accomplish this?

  • A. echo SELINUX=PERMISSIVE >> /etc/sysconfig/selinux
  • B. setenforce 0
  • C. sestatus 0
  • D. chcon httpd_sys_content_t /var/

Answer: B

A company wants to ensure that all newly created files can be modified only by their owners and that all new directory content can be changed only by the creator of the directory. Which of the following commands will help achieve this task?

  • A. umask 0022
  • B. umask 0012
  • C. chmod –R 0644 /
  • D. chmod –R 0755 /

Answer: A

A junior systems is configuring localization option environment variables. The administrator is given a checklist of tasks with the following requirements:
View current settings of the LC_ALL environment variable only. Modify the LANG environment variable to US English Unicode.
Given this scenario, which of the following should be performed to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. echo $LC_ALL
  • B. locale
  • C. cat $LC_ALL
  • D. export LANG = en_US.UTF-8
  • E. export $LANG = en_US.UTF
  • F. stty

Answer: BD

A systems administrator is unable to reach other devices on the network and the Internet. The server is configured with the IP address on eth0. The server’s router is The administrator reviews the output of route –n:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Which of the following commands should the administrator run to correct the issue?

  • A. route del default gw eth0; route add default gw eth0
  • B. route add –net netmask gw eth0
  • C. route add default eth0
  • D. route host gw eth0

Answer: B

A Linux administrator is testing a new web application on a local laptop and consistently shows the following 403 errors in the laptop’s logs”
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
The web server starts properly, but an error is generated in the audit log. Which of the following settings should be enabled to prevent this audit message?

  • A. httpd_can_network_connect = 1
  • B. httpd_enable_scripting = 1
  • C. httpd_enable_homedirs = 1
  • D. httpd_enable_cgi = 1

Answer: A

A four-drive Linux NAS has been improperly configured. Each drive has a capacity of 6TB, for a total storage capacity of 24TB. To reconfigure this unit to be not pluggable for drive replacement and provide total storage of 11TB to 12TB, which of the following would be the correct RAID configuration?

  • A. RAID 01
  • B. RAID 03
  • C. RAID 10
  • D. RAID 50

Answer: C

A Linux administrator must identify a user with high disk usage. The administrator runs the # du –s /home/* command and gets the following output:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Based on the output, User3 has the largest amount of disk space used. To clean up the file space, the administrator needs to find out more information about the specific files that are using the most disk space.
Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

  • A. df –k /home/User/files.txt
  • B. du –a /home/User3/*
  • C. du –sh /home/User/
  • D. find . –name /home/User3 -print

Answer: C

A Linux systems administrator needs to set permissions on an application with the following parameters: The owner of the application should be able to read, write, and execute the application.
Members of the group should be able to read and execute the application. Everyone else should not have access to the application.
Which of the following commands would BEST accomplish these tasks?

  • A. chmod 710 <application name>
  • B. chmod 730 <application name>
  • C. chmod 750 <application name>
  • D. chmod 760 <application name>

Answer: D


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