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A Review Of Exact Sales-Cloud-Consultant exam question

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Does a deactivated user count against yourorganization’savailableuser licenses?

Answer: No. A deactivated user doesn't count against your organization’s available user licenses.


Company A is bought by a larger company and needs to provide information on a monthly basis to the new parent company (B) to help predict sales. What data/report should company A provide for review?

Answer: Opportunity pipeline report grouped by month.


What are the components of a territory?

Answer: A collection of accounts and users that have (at a minimum)read-access to accounts, regardless of owner

Users within a territory have Read, Read/Write or Owner (the ability to view, edit, transfer, and delete record) access to records contained within the territory

Answer: M between account, territory and user

Ability to manuallyadd accounts to territories or use assignment rules to auto allocateaccounts to a territory

Q84. How can end users work with Salesforce for Outlook? (Select all that apply)

A. Define Outlook configurations

B. Assign configurations tootheir users with their profile

C. Install Salesforce forOutlook

D. Select Outlook sync folders

Answer: CD

Q85. To create a PDF file of your quote, click "Create PDF" on the quote detail page.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Q86. Forecast Category "Best Case" can be summarized as:

A. Closed

B. Closed + Commit

C. Closed + Commit + Best Case

D. Commit + Best Case + Pipeline

Answer: C

Q87. 2 lines of business LOB, each with custom opportunity stages & record types – choose 2 answers

A. Users able to see all stages in listview filter drop downs

B. Users able to see all stages in report filterdrop downs

Answer: A,B

Q88. Your client is using Account data that is old. How can you help?

A. Enhance Account content with

B. Use Account Merge utility

C. Change you data migration plan for Accounts

D. Re-load all Account records

Answer: A


CustomizableForecasting must be enabled by Support.Trueor False.

Answer: False. An Admin can do it in Setup.

Q90. Which of the following describes the Forecast Category field?

A. Identifies where a deal is in relation to actually being closed.

B. Determines the row in your Forecast where the amount will be aggregated.

C. The numeric prediction that the revenue from an opportunitywill be realized.

Answer: B