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Q41. You maintain a SAM program for a customer. The customer experiences the following recent developments: 

•A new SAM tool is purchased. 

•The SAM program design is complete. 

•The assigned SAM manager leaves the company. 

•The SAM program budget is approved and allocated. 

You need to maintain the SAM program. 

What should you do first? 

A. Secure executive sponsorship. 

B. Secure the support of the IT department. 

C. Recommend starting a new SAM program. 

D. Generate a Microsoft Product License Advisor (MPLA) report. 


Q42. You plan to assess the SAM processes of a customer. You communicate roles, analyze the infrastructure, and conduct onsite discussions. 

You need to identify how to improve the SAM processes. 

What should you do? 

A. Generate an inventory report. 

B. Generate a SAM planning report. 

C. Develop a project implementation plan. 

D. Perform a SAM optimization assessment. 


Q43. Your customer has four offices. 

Each office uses a different software reseller to purchase software licenses. Each office maintains a report detailing its software purchases. Each report contains the following fields: 

•Product edition 

•Product version 

•Product family name You need to identify which data field enables the consolidation of information into a complete software entitlements report. Which data field should you identify? 

A. Date of purchase 

B. Licensing model 

C. Product price per unit 

D. Software reseller part number 


Q44. You collect the following information from a customer: 

•Hardware and software inventory 

•All proof of licenses (POLs) The customer has the following Microsoft Office products: 

•Office Standard Edition 2003 that has Microsoft Software Assurance 

•Office Standard Edition 2007 that is currently used on all desktop computers You need to ensure that the customer's Office licenses are valid. What should you do? 

A. Compare all Office installations to the number of Office licenses. 

B. Compare all Office 2007 licenses to the number of Office 2007 installations. 

C. For each Office version, reconcile the installations against the Office 2003 licenses. 

D. For each Office edition, reconcile the installations against the licenses and agreement rights. 


Q45. Your customer has an Active Directory forest that contains a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (CfgMgr) server. 

Users have portable computers that are frequently disconnected from the network. 

The customer does not have a change management system in place. The current hardware inventory is out-of-date. 

You need to update the hardware inventory to meet the following requirements: 

•Ensure that all desktop and portable computers are included in the inventory. •Minimize the amount of time it takes to update the inventory. What should you do? 

A. Perform a network discovery scan. 

B. Perform a manual count of all desktop computers. 

C. Gather install, move, add, change (IMAC) activities. 

D. Gather information from the Active Directory database, the CfgMgr database, and the purchasing history. 


Q46. Rate your level of proficiency with Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). 

A. Very High 

B. High 

C. Moderate 

D. Low 

E. Very Low 


Q47. You have a report that contains all hardware inventories for a customer. 

The customer purchases upgrade licenses for Microsoft Office installations. All computers run the most up-to-date version of Office. 

You need to ensure that all upgrade licenses are in compliance. 

What should you do? 

A. Review all Certificates of Authenticity (COAs). 

B. Compare the inventory to the upgrade licenses. 

C. Assign each upgrade license to a valid original license. 

D. Generate a Microsoft Product License Advisor (MPLA) report. 


Q48. Your customer has 800 thin clients that log on to Terminal Services servers. The network consists of one Active Directory forest. 

You need to ensure that the software inventory is accurate. 

What should you do? 

A. Collect user logon information from Active Directory. 

B. Collect user licensing information from the Terminal Services servers. 

C. Ensure that the thin client device names and names of accessed software products are stored in the inventory database. 

D. Ensure that the Terminal Services server name and names of accessed software products are stored in the inventory database. 


Q49. Your customer has an office in New York. 

The customer plans to donate 400 desktop computers to a local nonprofit organization. All computers have Windows preinstalled. 

You need to ensure that the customer can donate the computers and remain in compliance with all applicable licensing agreements. The solution must provide as many hardware and software resources as possible for the nonprofit organization. 

What should you do? 

A. Remove the operating system and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from each computer. Transfer the computers to the nonprofit organization. 

B. Reinstall Windows by using the original media. Transfer the computers, media, Certificates of Authenticity (COAs), and manuals to the nonprofit organization. 

C. Purchase a Windows license for each computer under a volume licensing agreement. Transfer the computer and the license to the nonprofit organization. 

D. Remove the hard disks from all computers. Transfer the computers to the nonprofit organization and recommend that they purchase a new Windows license for each computer under a full packaged product (FPP) licensing agreement. 


Q50. You plan to secure funding for a SAM program. 

You gather the following information from a customer: •Hardware inventory is incomplete. •Users install unsupported software. •All software purchasing is decentralized. •Departments use different versions of Microsoft Office. 

You need to identify two benefits that support implementing a SAM program for the customer. 

Which two benefits should you identify? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 

A. Decreased licensing costs 

B. Decreased IT support costs 

C. Improved payment processes 

D. Improved project management processes 

Answer: A,B