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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 – Question 12)

Q1. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is configuring CAR costing for call. When the customer runs the costing reports calls are not being tagged correctly. Which two changes allow proper costing to be determined for these calls? (Choose two)

A. The toll free area code field must be updated to include all toll free area codes

B. A new local pattern must be added with the pattern "k "

C. A new pattern must be added for the 914 and 625 area codecs

D. The items are out of order and must be sorted with the most specific at the top

E. Overlapping area codec on the trunks must be removed

F. All external patterns must be change to include the outside access code

Answer: AB


Choose System > System Parameters > Dial Plan Configuration.

The Dial Plan Configuration window displays.

ln the Toll Free Numbers field, enter the numbers in your dial plan that can be placed without a charge.

lf the number of digits dialed equals 10 and the pattern is K (more than one digit, in this case a 10-digit number that starts with a trunk code),

the call gets classified as Local.

Q2. A UCCX manager is monitoring several groups and has added a new team for the finance department. The manager can monitor all team members except those that have just been added in the finance department.

Which UCCX administration steps can resolve the issue?

A. Wizards> RmCm Wizards > Modify existing service queue

B. Subsystem> RmCm> Resources

C. Subsystem> RmCm> Contact service queue

D. Subsystem> Team> Assign supervisor and contact service queue

E. Tools> User management> Agent capability view

Answer: B

Q3. Which configuration file does a Cisco lP phone with MAC address 1111.2222.3333 request from the TFTP server when an lnitial Trust List file is present?

A. SEP111122223333.cnf.xml B. SEP111122223333.cnf

C. SEP111122223333.cnf.xml.sgn

D. SEPDefault.cnf.xml.sgn

E. SEP111122223333.cnf.xml.enc.sgn

Answer: C

Q4. A Cisco Unified Contact Center Express manager wants to add database integration to the self-service lnteractive voice response application. Which four types of licensing and database servers support this requirement? (Choose four.)

A. The server must have enhanced licensing.

B. The server must have premium licensing.

C. A server running Sybase Adaptive Server is required.

D. A server running Oracle is required.

E. A server running PostgreSQL is required.

F. A server running SAP SQL server is required.

G. A server running Microsoft SQL server is required.

H. The server must have standard licensing.

Answer: BCDG

Q5. A service provider wants to use a controller to automate the provisioning of service function chaining. Which two overlay technologies can be used with EVPN MP- BGP to create the service chains in the data centre? (Choose two.)



C. Provider Backbone Bridging EVPN

D. 802.1Q


Answer: AC

Q6. A Call is made between two desk phones enabled with single number reach that are registered to a cisco unified CM cluster. The device pool for each device has a local route group defined. When the call is placed to exit the system, which device pool control the destination gateway?

A. Destination RDP

B. Source Phone

C. Source RDP

D. Destination phone

Answer: B

Q7. Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco Unified CM users report that they hear dead air during call transfer but bi- directional audio resumes after the transferees answer the call. The transferees are located across a SlP trunk. A collaboration engineer is checking the SlP trunk configuration on the Cisco Unified CM Which Two configuration changes fix this problem? (Choose two)

A. Assign a Media Resource Group List to the SlP Trunk

B. Place a check mark on Media Termination Point Required

C. Make sure there is an Annunciator Resource available on the MRGL

D. Modify the call Classification on the SlP trunk to OnNet

E. Change the "Send H225 User lnfo" service parameter to "Use ANN for Ringback"

Answer: AB

Q8. Refer to the exhibit.

A collaboration engineer is configuring dynamic call routing and DN learning between two Cisco UCM and Two Cisco UCM express. What two configuration tasks will support this? (Choose two)

A. CME B should be configure as service advertisement forwarder only

B. CME B should be configure as service advertisement client and forwarder

C. Router A and CME B should be configure to use the same autonomous system number

D. Router A and CME B should be configure to use the same autonomous system number

E. Router B and CME B should be configure to use the same autonomous system number

F. CME B should be configured as service advertisement client only.

Answer: BC

Q9. Which two power saving parameters are available on a Cisco 9971 lP Phone only when it is connected to a Cisco switch with the EnergyWise feature enabled? (Choose two)

A. Enable Power Save Plus

B. Power Negotiation

C. Phone On Time

D. Display on Time

E. LLDP Power Priority

F. Day Display Not Active

Answer: AC

Q10. Which statement describes virtual SNR DN configuration and behaviour on a Cisco Communication Manager Express lOS router?

A. A virtual SNR DN is a DN that must be associated with multiple registered lP phones

B. Mid-calls on virtual SNR DN can be pulled back as soon as a phone becomes associated with the DN

C. SNR feature can only be invoked if the virtual SNR DN is associated with at least one registered lP phone

D. A call that is ringing a virtual SNR DN prior to its association with a registered phone, cannot be answered by the phone even after the association is made

E. Virtual SNR DN supports either SCCP or SlP lP phone DNs

Answer: D

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