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Q31. – (Topic 1) 

Scenario: An application that renders locally and creates a large number of temporary files on the local drive is installed on the Desktop OS machines. A Citrix Administrator creates a vDisk in Private mode with this application installed. The administrator is in the process of updating a vDisk from Private mode to Standard mode and needs to determine the write cache type. 

Which cache type would provide the best performance? 

A. Cache on server 

B. Cache on device hard drive 

C. Cache on device hard drive encrypted 

D. Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk 


Q32. – (Topic 3) 

What should a Citrix Administrator do to restart a machine from Citrix Director after a user or machine name has been found? 

A. From the dashboard, select the session and restart the machine. 

B. On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Power Control'. 

C. On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Session Control'. 

D. From the dashboard, filter all connections, click on 'Maintenance Mode' and select 'Turn off'. 


Q33. CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 5) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator must modify the store configuration on a StoreFront server to provide users with access to desktop OS machines and server OS hosted applications. 

A Delivery Controller named Controller-1 needs to be added to the existing site. Controller-1 will serve as the Secure Ticket Authority. The administrator has been instructed to ensure communication with the Delivery Controllers takes place over port 8080. 


1. Modify the store named Apps and Desktops to provide users with access to desktop OS machines and server OS hosted applications using hostnames only. Do NOT assume the FQDN. 

2. Ensure communication with the Delivery Controllers take place over port 8080. 

3. Set up Controller-1 as the Secure Ticket Authority. 

Answer: Review the steps and solution in explanation below. 

Q34. – (Topic 2) 

What should a Citrix Administrator create before configuring Power Management for a desktop group? 

A. A policy 

B. A hosting connection 

C. An Administrator with the Host Administrator role 

D. An Administrator with the Machine Catalog Administrator role 


Q35. – (Topic 1) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop environment with 2000 Desktop OS machines. The storage administrator has informed the Citrix Administrator that the name of the storage resources will be changing to meet the requirements of a naming scheme required by management. 

Which component of the XenDesktop environment will be impacted by the storage resource name change? 

A. Citrix Director 

B. Virtual Delivery Agent 

C. Provisioning Services 

D. Machine Creation Services 


Q36. – (Topic 3) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is informed of latency at a branch office. Users report they are experiencing slow mouse and keyboard responses, as well as slow screen refreshes, while working within their Desktop OS machines. Users at the branch office access their Desktop OS machines through the NetScaler Gateway. 

Which tool could the administrator use to monitor the user experience at the remote office? 

A. Citrix Scout 

B. Citrix Studio 

C. Citrix Director 

D. Citrix Command Center 


Q37. – (Topic 1) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has deployed 2000 Desktop OS machines in a call center environment. The call center is segmented into three shifts that span the full 24-hour day. The Desktop OS machines are deployed as non-persistent Desktop OS machines with Provisioning Services. The administrator needs to increase the RAM allocated to each Desktop OS machine by 1 GB. 

What should the administrator do to add the memory to each Desktop OS machine in this environment? 

A. Increase the memory of the Master Target Device inside the Provisioning Services Console. 

B. Use PowerShell cmdlets on the Delivery Controller to set the Desktop OS machine settings for a specific Machine Catalog. 

C. Update the template in the hosting infrastructure. In Citrix Studio, select the Machine Catalogs node, select the machine catalog in the results pane, and click Update Machine. 

D. Create new virtual machines with the XenDeskop Setup Wizard using the updated hosting template. Once all Delivery Groups have been migrated to the new catalog, delete the existing Desktop OS machines. 


Q38. – (Topic 1) 

Which report could a Citrix Administrator run to determine the number of users that have used Microsoft Visio in the last two months? 

A. Logon Performance 

B. Concurrent Sessions 

C. Hosted Application Usage 

D. Failed Server OS Machines 


Q39. – (Topic 1) 

Scenario: Auto-created client printers are enabled within a XenDesktop deployment. A Citrix Administrator receives complaints from users of the Finance group who say they do NOT have the option to print to tray three on their default printer. The administrator decides to implement session printing for only the Finance users to resolve this issue. 

Which two steps should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable legacy client printer names. 

B. Configure network printers on the client device. 

C. Disable automatic installation of in-box printer drivers. 

D. Install the printer drivers on the Desktop OS machine. 

E. Configure a session printer policy within Citrix policies. 

Answer: A,E 

Q40. – (Topic 3) 

Scenario: A line of business application has been deployed as a hosted server application in XenDesktop. The deadline for a critical project is quickly approaching. Users report that the application is slower than usual. The Server OS machines are non-persistent. 

Where should a Citrix Administrator gather information to resolve the performance issue? 

A. Citrix Studio 

B. Citrix Director 

C. Provisioning Services vDisk statistics 

D. Performance Monitor on the Delivery Controller