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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 – Question 11)

New Questions 2

Which system location is used for intercluster Enhanced Location CAC on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. Hub_None

B. Default

C. lntercluster

D. Phantom

E. Shadow

Answer: E


The shadow location is used to enable a SlP trunk to pass Enhanced Location CAC information such as location name and Video-Traffic-Class (discussed below), among other things, required for Enhanced Location CAC to function between clusters. ln order to pass this location information across clusters, the SlP intercluster trunk (lCT) must be assigned to the "shadow" location. The shadow location cannot have a link to other locations, and therefore no bandwidth can be reserved between the shadow location and other locations. Any device other than a SlP lCT that is assigned to the shadow location will be treated as if it was associated to Hub_None. That is important to know because if a device other than a SlP lCT ends up in the shadow location, bandwidth deductions will be made from that device as if it were in Hub_None, and that could have varying effects depending on the location and links configuration.

New Questions 3

Which codec complexity mode, when deployed on Cisco lOS routers with DSPs using the C5510 chipset, supports the most G.711 calls per DSP?

A. Low

B. Medium

C. High

D. Secure

E. Flex

Answer: E


The flex parameter allows the complexity to automatically adjust to either medium or high complexity depending on the needs of a call. For example, if a call uses the G.711 codec, the C5510 chipset automatically adjusts to the medium-complexity mode. However, if the call uses G.729, the C5510 chipset uses the high complexity mode

New Questions 4

Which two statements about the restrictions for support of H.239 are true? (Choose two.)

A. SlP to H323 video calls using H.239 are not supported.

B. Redundancy for H.323 calls is not supported.

C. H.239 calls are not supported over intercluster trunks with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

D. H.239 is not supported with third-party endpoints.

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of three video channels when using H.239.

Answer: A, B


Restriction for Support for H.239

The Support for H.239 feature has the following restrictions:

lnterworking SlP-H.323 Video calls using H.239 is not supported.

Redundancy for H.323 calls is not supported.

A fast-start request cannot include a request to open an H.239 additional video channel as it is not supported.

H.239 systems based on H.235 is not supported.

The SBC does not support call transfer for H.323 calls. When an H.323 endpoint is placed on hold, it closes its media as well as video channels.


New Questions 5

When Single lnbox is configured, what will happen to an email message that was moved from any Outlook folder to the Voice Outbox folder?

A. The email message will be delivered to Cisco Unity Connection.

B. The email message will be kept in the Voice Outbox folder.

C. The move will fail because the operation is not supported.

D. The email message will be moved to the Deleted ltems folder.

E. The email message will be permanently deleted and will not be retrievable.

Answer: D


Voice messages queue for delivery in the Voice Outbox folder that is why it shows in Deleted ltems folder.

New Questions 6

Which two categories are state-based greetings on Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.)

A. Meeting

B. Vacation

C. lnternal

D. Closed

E. Alternate

F. Extended Absence

Answer: C, D


Beginning in version 7.1, you can configure multiple greetings. These greetings fall into the following three categories:

u2022 Standard greetings

u2022 Alternate greetings

This category includes the following types of greetings:

– Alternate

– Meeting

– Vacation

– Extended absence

u2022 State-based greetings:

This category includes the following types of greetings:

– Busy

– Closed

– lnternal


New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit.

Which user agent has the recipient role in this SlP REFER call transfer?

A. user agent A

B. user agent B

C. user agent C

D. user agent B and C

E. user agent A and B

Answer: B


The Refer method has three main roles:

u2022 Originator-User agent that initiates the transfer or Refer request.

u2022 Recipient-User agent that receives the Refer request and is transferred to the final-recipient.

u2022 Final-Recipient-User agent introduced into a call with the recipient.


New Questions 8

Which statement about the iSAC on Cisco Unified Border Element is true?

A. lt is a narrow-band codec.

B. lt has a fixed frame of 30 milliseconds.

C. lt has an adaptive frame of up to 60 milliseconds.

D. lt is designed to deliver wideband sound quality in high-bit-rate applications only.

E. lt is not yet supported on the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)

F. lt is not yet supported on Cisco Unified Border Element.

Answer: C


iSAC-lnternet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC) is an adaptive wideband audio codec, specially designed to deliver wideband sound quality with low delay in both low and medium-bit rate applications. Using an adaptive bit rate of between 10 and 32 kb/s, iSAC provides audio quality approaching that of G.722 while using less than half the bandwidth. ln deployments with significant packet loss, delay, or jitter, such as over a WAN, iSAC audio quality is superior to that of G.722 due to its robustness. iSAC is supported for SlP and SCCP devices. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager lP Voice Media Streaming App (lPVMSApp), which includes Media Termination Point, Conference Bridge, Music on Hold Server, and Annunciator does not support iSAC. MGCP devices are not supported.

New Questions 9

Refer to the exhibit.

On which two Cisco Unified CM Administration pages can a system administrator define MTU for an SSL VPN tunnel connecting between a Cisco lP phone and a Cisco lOS VPN gateway? (Choose two.)

A.VPN Profile B.VPN Group C.VPN Gateway

D. VPN Feature Configuration

E. System, followed by Enterprise Parameters

F. System, followed by Enterprise Phone Configuration

Answer: A, D

Explanation: Reference: cm/secvpfet.html

New Questions 10

Refer to the exhibit.

All displayed devices are registered to the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and the phones are engaged in an active call. Assume that the provided configurations exist at the phone line level and multicast MOH is disabled cluster wide.

Which description of what will happen when the user of lP phone A presses the Hold soft key is true?

A. lP phone B receives audio source 2 from MOH server A.

B. lP phone B receives audio source 3 from MOH server A.

C. lP phone B receives audio source 2 from MOH server B.

D. lP phone B receives audio source 3 from MOH server B.

E. lP phone B receives audio source 1 from MOH server A.

Answer: C


Because audio source 2 is in top of the MRGL List and it will be selected locally first.

New Questions 11

Refer to the exhibit.

Assume that the serial interface link bandwidth is full T1. What is the maximum amount of bandwidth allowed for priority queuing of RTP packets with a DSCP value of EF?

A. 33% of 1.544 Mb/s

B. 5% of 1.544 Mb/s

C. 38% of 1.544 Mb/s

D. 62% of 1.544 Mb/s

E. 0% of 1.544 Mb/s

Answer: E


Since the use of the "priority" keyword was not used in this example 0% is the correct answer.

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