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Pinpoint ISC2 CISSP vce

Ucertify offers free demo for cissp domains exam. “Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)”, also known as cissp certification exam, is a ISC2 Certification. This set of posts, Passing the ISC2 free cissp training exam, will help you answer those questions. The cissp exam dates Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real ISC2 free cissp training exams and revised by experts!


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Q61. the information below to answer the question. 

A security practitioner detects client-based attacks on the organization’s network. A plan will be necessary to address these concerns. 

In the plan, what is the BEST approach to mitigate future internal client-based attacks? 

A. Block all client side web exploits at the perimeter. 

B. Remove all non-essential client-side web services from the network. 

C. Screen for harmful exploits of client-side services before implementation. 

D. Harden the client image before deployment. 


Q62. When building a data center, site location and construction factors that increase the level of vulnerability to physical threats include 

A. hardened building construction with consideration of seismic factors. 

B. adequate distance from and lack of access to adjacent buildings. 

C. curved roads approaching the data center. 

D. proximity to high crime areas of the city. 


Q63. Discretionary Access Control (DAC) is based on which of the following? 

A. Information source and destination 

B. Identification of subjects and objects 

C. Security labels and privileges 

D. Standards and guidelines 


Q64. An engineer in a software company has created a virus creation tool. The tool can generate thousands of polymorphic viruses. The engineer is planning to use the tool in a controlled environment to test the company's next generation virus scanning software. Which would BEST describe the behavior of the engineer and why? 

A. The behavior is ethical because the tool will be used to create a better virus scanner. 

B. The behavior is ethical because any experienced programmer could create such a tool. 

C. The behavior is not ethical because creating any kind of virus is bad. 

D. The behavior is not ethical because such.a tool could be leaked on the Internet. 


Q65. Which of the following methods protects.Personally Identifiable.Information (PII).by use of a full replacement of the data element? 

A. Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) 

B. Column level database encryption 

C. Volume encryption 

D. Data tokenization 


Q66. A large bank deploys hardware tokens to all customers that use their online banking system. The token generates and displays a six digit numeric password every 60 seconds. The customers must log into their bank accounts using this numeric password. This is an example of 

A. asynchronous token. 

B. Single Sign-On (SSO) token. 

C. single factor authentication token. 

D. synchronous token. 



Which Web Services Security (WS-Security) security tokens will be issued, renewed and validated? Click on the correct specification in the image below. 


Q68. Which of the to determine classification and ownership? 

A. System and data resources are properly identified 

B. Access violations are logged and audited 

C. Data file references are identified and linked 

D. System security controls are fully integrated 



Which Web Services Security (WS-Security) specification.maintains a single authenticated identity across multiple dissimilar environments?.Click.on the correct specification in the image.below. 


Q70. A software scanner identifies a region within a binary image having high entropy. What does this MOST likely indicate? 

A. Encryption routines 

B. Random number generator 

C. Obfuscated code 

D. Botnet command and control