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Practical CASP CAS-002 vce

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Q141. – (Topic 2) 

Ann is testing the robustness of a marketing website through an intercepting proxy. She has intercepted the following HTTP request: 

POST /login.aspx HTTP/1.1 


Content-type: text/html 


Which of the following should Ann perform to test whether the website is susceptible to a simple authentication bypass? 

A. Remove all of the post data and change the request to /login.aspx from POST to GET 

B. Attempt to brute force all usernames and passwords using a password cracker 

C. Remove the txtPassword post data and change alreadyLoggedIn from false to true 

D. Remove the txtUsername and txtPassword post data and toggle submit from true to false 


Q142. – (Topic 1) 

At 9:00 am each morning, all of the virtual desktops in a VDI implementation become extremely slow and/or unresponsive. The outage lasts for around 10 minutes, after which everything runs properly again. The administrator has traced the problem to a lab of thin clients that are all booted at 9:00 am each morning. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem and the BEST solution? (Select TWO). 

A. Add guests with more memory to increase capacity of the infrastructure. 

B. A backup is running on the thin clients at 9am every morning. 

C. Install more memory in the thin clients to handle the increased load while booting. 

D. Booting all the lab desktops at the same time is creating excessive I/O. 

E. Install 10-Gb uplinks between the hosts and the lab to increase network capacity. 

F. Install faster SSD drives in the storage system used in the infrastructure. 

G. The lab desktops are saturating the network while booting. 

H. The lab desktops are using more memory than is available to the host systems. 

Answer: D,F 

Q143. – (Topic 5) 

A company has migrated its data and application hosting to a cloud service provider (CSP). 

To meet its future needs, the company considers an IdP. Why might the company want to select an IdP that is separate from its CSP? (Select TWO). 

A. A circle of trust can be formed with all domains authorized to delegate trust to an IdP 

B. Identity verification can occur outside the circle of trust if specified or delegated 

C. Replication of data occurs between the CSP and IdP before a verification occurs 

D. Greater security can be provided if the circle of trust is formed within multiple CSP domains 

E. Faster connections can occur between the CSP and IdP without the use of SAML 

Answer: A,D 

Q144. CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 3) 

The IDS has detected abnormal behavior on this network Click on the network devices to view device information Based on this information, the following tasks need to be completed: 

1. Select the server that is a victim of a SQL injection attack. 

2 Select the source of the buffer overflow attack. 

3. Modify the access control list (ACL) on the router(s) to ONLY block the buffer overflow attack. 

Instructions: Simulations can be reset at any time to the initial state: however, all selections will be deleted. 

Answer: Follow the Steps as 

Q145. – (Topic 4) 

The security administrator of a large enterprise is tasked with installing and configuring a solution that will allow the company to inspect HTTPS traffic for signs of hidden malware and to detect data exfiltration over encrypted channels. After installing a transparent proxy server, the administrator is ready to configure the HTTPS traffic inspection engine and related network equipment. Which of the following should the security administrator implement as part of the network and proxy design to ensure the browser will not display any certificate errors when browsing HTTPS sites? (Select THREE). 

A. Install a self-signed Root CA certificate on the proxy server. 

B. The proxy configuration of all users’ browsers must point to the proxy IP. 

C. TCP port 443 requests must be redirected to TCP port 80 on the web server. 

D. All users’ personal certificates’ public key must be installed on the proxy. 

E. Implement policy-based routing on a router between the hosts and the Internet. 

F. The proxy certificate must be installed on all users’ browsers. 

Answer: A,E,F 

Q146. – (Topic 5) 

A court order has ruled that your company must surrender all the email sent and received by a certain employee for the past five years. After reviewing the backup systems, the IT administrator concludes that email backups are not kept that long. Which of the following policies MUST be reviewed to address future compliance? 

A. Tape backup policies 

B. Offsite backup policies 

C. Data retention policies 

D. Data loss prevention policies 


Q147. – (Topic 1) 

Which of the following describes a risk and mitigation associated with cloud data storage? 

A. Risk: Shared hardware caused data leakageMitigation: Strong encryption at rest 

B. Risk: Offsite replicationMitigation: Multi-site backups 

C. Risk: Data loss from de-duplicationMitigation: Dynamic host bus addressing 

D. Risk: Combined data archivingMitigation: Two-factor administrator authentication 


Q148. CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 3) 

Answer: any 3389 any 

Q149. – (Topic 3) 

A small company hosting multiple virtualized client servers on a single host is considering adding a new host to create a cluster. The new host hardware and operating system will be different from the first host, but the underlying virtualization technology will be compatible. Both hosts will be connected to a shared iSCSI storage solution. Which of the following is the hosting company MOST likely trying to achieve? 

A. Increased customer data availability 

B. Increased customer data confidentiality 

C. Increased security through provisioning 

D. Increased security through data integrity 


Q150. – (Topic 4) 

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is reviewing the IT centric BIA and RA documentation. 

The documentation shows that a single 24 hours downtime in a critical business function will cost the business $2.3 million. Additionally, the business unit which depends on the critical business function has determined that there is a high probability that a threat will materialize based on historical data. The CIO’s budget does not allow for full system hardware replacement in case of a catastrophic failure, nor does it allow for the purchase of additional compensating controls. Which of the following should the CIO recommend to the finance director to minimize financial loss? 

A. The company should mitigate the risk. 

B. The company should transfer the risk. 

C. The company should avoid the risk. 

D. The company should accept the risk.