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New Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 – Question 11)

Q1. Scenario: An administrator deployed a new application on all the XenApp servers. The administrator needs to set up an alert to be notified if the application process takes up all the CPU time and RAM on the XenApp servers.

Which alert must the administrator configure?

A. Thrashing application

B. Application performance

C. High application resource usage

D. Health Monitoring and Recovery Action Failure

Answer: C

Q2. Scenario: All users connect from thin clients to a XenApp hosted desktop. Recently, the Order Entry team has been printing all documents in color. A session printers policy has been created and applied to this user group.

How can the XenApp Administrator ensure that these printers default to a setting of monochrome?

A. Modify the Printer Properties Retention Policy.

B. Change the universal driver preference policy to default to PCL4.

C. Modify the existing session printing policy with the required printer settings.

D. Adjust the Citrix Universal Printer default settings in the registry of the XenApp servers.

Answer: C

Q3. A Citrix XenApp Administrator needs to create a load balancing policy and apply it to several XenApp servers.

Which two methods would require the administrator to use the least amount of effort to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Create a worker group and add targeted servers to it.

B. Create a load balancing policy and assign it to targeted servers.

C. Create a load balancing policy and assign it to the worker group.

D. Create a worker group and attach the load balancing policy to XenApp servers.

Answer: A,C

Q4. A XenApp Administrator plans to use Citrix NetScaler to load balance Web Interface servers.

Which persistence setting should the administrator choose to correctly configure high availability for Web Interface?





Answer: D

Q5. Scenario: A XenApp Administrator of a 100-server farm needs to apply Citrix and vendor hotfixes on a monthly basis, and a server restart is always required. The administrator needs to automate this process but does NOT have a third party tool available.

Which two tasks should the administrator complete to guarantee that updates will be applied successfully? (Choose two.)

A. Prohibit logons and notify users.

B. Restart the server and install hotfixes.

C. Apply application load evaluators and notify users.

D. Log off all users from servers and schedule a .EXE setup file installation.

Answer: A,B

Q6. Scenario: Currently users log in to their desktop and are prompted several times for credentials while accessing XenApp published applications. The XenApp Administrator is asked to configure pass-through authentication to ensure that users only log in to their desktop and will NOT get prompted anymore.

Which three components will need to be configured when setting up pass-through authentication? (Choose three.)

A. Web Interface

B. ICAClient.ADM

C. Citrix Receiver

D. XenApp Servers

E. Citrix User policy

F. Citrix Single sign-on

Answer: A,B,C

Q7. Scenario: A Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment contains several published applications. All of the published applications are installed on every XenApp 6.5 server and a customized load evaluator is assigned to two worker groups where the servers are grouped. The users connect from the Local Area Network (LAN) and normally they can work without problems.

Users complain that sometimes the ICA sessions are very slow.

How can the administrator determine which user session consumes the most server resources?

A. Utilize the PowerShell SDK to monitor server processes.

B. Run an EdgeSight report to determine which processes have the highest values.

C. Create a new load evaluator and assign it with a new policy to the existing worker groups to determine which processes have the highest values.

D. Create a new Health Monitoring policy to send an alert for sessions when they reach a threshold value for processing speed to determine which processes have the highest values.

Answer: B

Q8. Scenario: Pilot users have reported that the Aero-like capabilities provided by Dynamic Windows Preview within the XenApp 6.5 hosted desktop provides an excellent user experience. However, it is NOT visible under all circumstances.

What can the administrator do to correctly deploy the Dynamic Windows Preview?

A. Install Citrix Receiver 3.0 or higher.

B. Ensure a WAN link of 30 ms or less.

C. Configure a Pre-launch hosted desktop.

D. Require users to only use Windows or Macintosh user devices.

Answer: A

Q9. Scenario: Users report that immediately after logging onto a hosted desktop, their sessions disconnect. The administrator enables auto-client reconnect logging in order to troubleshoot the issue.

Where are the logging events retained?

A. Data store

B. Server system log

C. EdgeSight database

D. Configuration logging database

Answer: B

Q10. Scenario: A XenApp Administrator in an enterprise environment plans to use Access Gateway to secure ICA connections from the external network. The Access Gateway is in the DMZ using ICA proxy mode.

Which two locations for these components would be the most secure? (Choose two.)

A. Place the XML broker in the DMZ.

B. Place the Web Interface in the DMZ.

C. Place the XML broker in the internal network.

D. Place the Web Interface in the internal network.

Answer: C,D

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