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New EXIN,Inc ISFS Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 – Question 13)

Q1. You read in the newspapers that the ex-employee of a large company systematically deleted files out of revenge on his manager. Recovering these files caused great losses in time and money.

What is this kind of threat called?

A. Human threat

B. Natural threat

C. Social Engineering

Answer: A

Q2. Why is air-conditioning placed in the server room?

A. In the server room the air has to be cooled and the heat produced by the equipment has to be extracted. The air in the room is also dehumidified and filtered.

B. When a company wishes to cool its offices, the server room is the best place. This way, no office space needs to be sacrificed for such a large piece of equipment.

C. It is not pleasant for the maintenance staff to have to work in a server room that is too warm.

D. Backup tapes are made from thin plastic which cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, if it gets too hot in a server room, they may get damaged.

Answer: A

Q3. Which of these is not malicious software?

A. Phishing

B. Spyware

C. Virus

D. Worm

Answer: A

Q4. You work in the office of a large company. You receive a call from a person claiming to be from the Helpdesk. He asks you for your password. What kind of threat is this?

A. Natural threat

B. Organizational threat

C. Social Engineering

Answer: C

Q5. What is an example of a non-human threat to the physical environment?

A. Fraudulent transaction

B. Corrupted file

C. Storm

D. Virus

Answer: C

Q6. You are the owner of SpeeDelivery courier service. Because of your companys growth you have to think about information security. You know that you have to start creating a policy. Why is it so important to have an information security policy as a starting point?

A. The information security policy gives direction to the information security efforts.

B. The information security policy supplies instructions for the daily practice of information security.

C. The information security policy establishes which devices will be protected.

D. The information security policy establishes who is responsible for which area of information security.

Answer: A

Q7. You have a small office in an industrial areA. You would like to analyze the risks your company faces. The office is in a pretty remote location; therefore, the possibility of arson is not entirely out of the question. What is the relationship between the threat of fire and the risk of fire?

A. The risk of fire is the threat of fire multiplied by the chance that the fire may occur and the consequences thereof.

B. The threat of fire is the risk of fire multiplied by the chance that the fire may occur and the consequences thereof.

Answer: A

Q8. What is an example of a physical security measure?

A. A code of conduct that requires staff to adhere to the clear desk policy, ensuring that confidential information is not left visibly on the desk at the end of the work day

B. An access control policy with passes that have to be worn visibly

C. The encryption of confidential information

D. Special fire extinguishers with inert gas, such as Argon

Answer: D

Q9. You are the first to arrive at work in the morning and notice that the CD ROM on which you


contracts yesterday has disappeared. You were the last to leave yesterday. When should you

report this information security incident?

A. This incident should be reported immediately.

B. You should first investigate this incident yourself and try to limit the damage.

C. You should wait a few days before reporting this incident. The CD ROM can still reappear and, in that case, you will have made a fuss for nothing.

Answer: A

Q10. You apply for a position in another company and get the job. Along with your contract, you are asked to sign a code of conduct. What is a code of conduct?

A. A code of conduct specifies how employees are expected to conduct themselves and is the same for all companies.

B. A code of conduct is a standard part of a labor contract.

C. A code of conduct differs from company to company and specifies, among other things, the

rules of behavior with regard to the usage of information systems.

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