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Question No: 4

Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customeru2019s programmed database shown in the exhibit and AC 1 = 9, over which RLI will a call placed to 9-1-912-534-2222 complete?

A. RLI 9

B. RLI 4

C. RLI 3

D. RLI 2

E. call will not complete as dialed

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Click the Exhibit button.

Refer to the customeru2019s dialing plan and programming show in the exhibits.

Assuming all required Route List Indexes have been programmed, why will the station user's dialed call of 8-1-717-398-8001 not complete?

A. AC2 Access Code was not dialed

B. NPA 1717 is not provisioned in the customer's database

C. 398-8001 would be denied under the SDRR programming

D. AC1 Access Code was not dialed

Answer: C

Question No: 6

When attempting to program Zone Based Dialing through Element Manager, the user is unable to access the Dialing Configuration Page.

What needs to be configured before the Dialing Configuration Page can be accessed, assuming the ZBN_PACKAGE (420) is already installed?

A. Number Zones need to be configured

B. The CDP dialing plan needs to be programmed.

C. The ZBN_PACKAGE (420) needs to be disabled.

D. Nothing, Zone Based Dialing cannot be configured in Element Manger.

Answer: A

Question No: 7

A customer has deployed a Communication Server (CS) 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site. They have asked you if the CS 1000 has a feature that can extend and ring calls to other locations. You have decided that Personal Call Assistant (PCA) will meet the customeru2019s requirements and verified that the system is equipped with Package 398, and that it has sufficient ISM parameters. Which step must be performed first when implementing PCA?

A. Locate or configure a Superloop for PCA

B. Enable the PCA feature for the customer

C. Configure Flexible feature codes for PCA control

D. Configure the telephone parameters to support PCA

Answer: B

Question No: 8

A customer has a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site. You have been asked to add the Call Pickup feature to the ten IP telephones in the sales department. The customer wants to be sure active calls are not lost when the change are made.

Which Phones Configuration feature can be enabled allowed you to ensure changes to the telephones are not transmitted to the call server until the telephone is not busy?

A. Bulk change

B. Courtesy change

C. Group change

D. Template change

Answer: B

Question No: 9

With Automatic On-Net to Off-Net Overflow, if all on-net facilities such as TIE trunks between locations are busy, NARS can convert a dialed UDP number to a Listed Directory Number of the applicable DID number at that location and use off-net facilities, such as CO

trunks, to complete the call. When provisioning Automatic On-Net to Off-Net Overflow, which parameter is not correct?

A. Only one Listed Directory Number can be defined per Location Code (LOC).

B. Multiple NPAs per Location Code are allowed.

C. Multiple NXX codes per Location Code can be defined.

D. Multiple ranges of DNs within each NXX per Location Code can he defined.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

Click the Exhibit button.

A customer requires that two of its employees be able to place toll calls to Australia, while all other employees are restricted to local dialing only. The customeru2019s Communication Server 1000 is programmed with all required NCOS, FRL and Route List Index (RLI).

What is the most restrictive NCOS to assign to the two employees required to make toll call Australia given the tables, assuming that the call must complete over RLI 2 and the user must be able to use any RLI 2 entry to reach Australia?






Answer: E

Question No: 11

Click the Exhibit button.

Consider a customeru2019s dialing plan and programming shown in the exhibit.

Assuming all required Route List indexes have been programmed, why will the station call of 6-544-3333 not complete?

A. ACI Access Code was not dialed.

B. NXX 544 is not provisioned in the customeru2019s database

C. 3333 is Denied under the SDRR programming

D. AC2 Access Code was not dialed

Answer: B

Question No: 12

Due to Directory Number conflicts in the Communication Server 1000 network, the customer wants to route calls by Home Location Codes (HLOC) and Location Codes (LOCs).

Consider the following Home Location Codes.

HLOC for system A = 329 HLOC for system B = 429

What LOC should be provisioned for system A?

A. LOC for System A = 3

B. LOC for System A = 49

C. LOC for System A = 329

D. LOC for System A = 429

Answer: D

Question No: 13

A company plans to use Virtual Trunk Interzone traffic. You are programming a bandwidth management zone on a Server 1000 RIs. 7 x Call Server. Which is the recommended bandwidth management strategy, assuming that bandwidth conservation is required?

A. Best Quality (BQ)

B. Bandwidth Conserve (BC)\\

C. Best Bandwidth (BB)

D. Best Effort (BE)

Answer: A

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