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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 – Question 11)

Q1. JavaScript is a strong object-oriented language that relies, for a large part of its functionality, on objects and their attendant methods and properties.

A. False


Answer: A

Q2. Which property of the location object refers to the hostname:port solution of the URL?

A. host

B. pathname

C. hash

D. protocol

Answer: A

Q3. One domain cannot deposit a cookie for another domain. This would be cross-domain posting and in theroy, is not possible. However, the cross-domain posting rule can be bypassed with the use of shared cookies.



Answer: B

Q4. Although not mandatory, it is advisable to define all your functions in the HEAD element of your HTML document.



Answer: A

Q5. Jennie wants to retrieve the MIME information about her Web form.

Which property of the form object retrieves this information?

A. method

B. name

C. action

D. encoding

Answer: D

Q6. Which of the following are all the types of expressions allowed in JavaScript?

A. Assignment, arithmetic, string and logical

B. Assignment, arithmetic, string and boolean

C. Assignment, arithmetic, string, logical, comparison, and boolean

D. Assignment, arithmetic, string, logical and boolean

Answer: A

Q7. JavaScript used two types of comment indicators. The indicator delineates a comment on a single line of script. The indicator is used for multiple line comments.

A. //, /*…..*/

B. //,*/…*/

C. //, /…/

D. /*…..*/, //

Answer: A

Q8. Which property of the document object represents the color in which text is to be displayed?

A. txColor

B. bgColor

C. fgColor

D. txtColor

Answer: C

Q9. The first character of a variable cannot be a number.



Answer: A

Q10. alinkColor, anchors, bgColor, cookie and fgColor are all properties of the


A. document

B. browser

C. form field

D. window

Answer: A

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