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The Secret of Microsoft 70-685 exam question

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Q11. Your network contains a wired network and a wireless network.

Users report that they experience intermittent problems accessing network resources when they connect to the internal wireless network.

You discover that an unsecured rogue wireless access point uses the same Service Set Identifier (SSID) as the internal wireless network.

You need to ensure that the users only connect to the internal wireless network.

What should you do?

A. Configure a Windows Connect Now Group Policy.

B. Configure a Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policy.

C. Delete the rogue network from the Network and Sharing Center on each computer.

D. Create a Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) profile and deploy it to all users.

Answer: B

Q12. The motherboard on a portable computer fails. The data on the computer's hard disk drive cannot be recovered.

You need to recommend a solution to ensure that the data on hard disks can be recovered if the motherboard on other portable computers fail

Which two configurations should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. Disable BitLocker on all portable computers.

B. Convert the hard disks on all portable computers to dynamic disks.

C. Export and securely store the computer certificates on all portable computers.

D. Configure the BitLocker settings on all portable computers by using Group Policy.

Answer: AD

Q13. You need to identify which of the company's client computers are candidates to use BitLocker on the operating system hard disk.

Which client computers should you recommend? (Choose all that apply.)

A. all client computers at the Sales site

B. all client computers in the Headquarters site

C. all client computers in the Manufacturing site

D. all client computers that are not TCG compliant

Answer: B

Q14. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7. A software application that monitors Internet usage is installed on each of the computers.

You plan to collect all Critical and Error events generated by the application and review them on your computer.

You perform the following tasks on your computer:

     Create an event subscription by using Event Viewer.

     Create a query filter and select Critical and Error events from the Application event log.

You need to ensure that the following requirements are met:

     Only Critical and Error events from the Application event log are forwarded to your computer.

     The Application event log can be viewed from your computer and the computers that generated the errors.

What should you do first?

A. Set the Subscription type property to Collector initiated by using a Windows Remote Shell Group Policy.

B. Set the Subscription type property to Source initiated by using a Windows Remote Management Service Group Policy.

C. Set the Subscription type and source computers property to Source computer initiated by using a Windows Remote Shell Group Policy.

D. Set the Subscription type and source computers property to Collector initiated by using a Windows Remote Management Client Group Policy.

Answer: B

Q15. A corporate environment includes client computers running Windows 7 Enterprise. The client computers are joined to an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain.

After returning from an extended leave of absence, an employee attempts to log on to her client computer. The logon attempt is unsuccessful. The following error message appears: The trust relationship between the workstation and the primary domain failed.You need to recommend an approach for ensuring that the user can log on to the domain from her client computer.

What is the best approach to achieve the goal? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.)

A. Delete the computer account from Active Directory and then restart the client computer.

B. Log on locally to the client computer and rejoin the domain.

C. Restart the client computer, select the Last Known Good startup option, and then rejoin the domain.

D. Boot from the Windows installation disk and select the Repair your computer option.

Answer: B

Q16. You are expanding the wireless functionality by creating a guest wireless network based on the new company requirements.

You need to ensure that users can connect automatically without providing credentials.

Which security type should you use?

A. No Authentication (Open)



D. Shared

E. WPA2 Enterprise

Answer: A

Q17. This is the first in a series of questions that all present the same scenario. For your convenience, the scenario is repeated in each question. Each presents a different goal and answer choices, but the text of the scenario is exactly the same in each in this series.

Topic 12, Tailspin Toys



You are the desktop support technician for Tailspin Toys. Tailspin Toys manufacturers and distributes children's toys. The network environment includes a server infrastructure running on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack (SP) 2 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Active Directory with the forest and domain levels set at Windows Server 2003, and Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) running on Windows Server 2008 R2. The company has a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Software Assurance (SA).

The company sites, network connectivity, and site technologies are shown in the following table:

The company uses Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as the company intranet and as a document repository for company-related Microsoft Office documents. The URL for the intranet is . There is a Group Policy object (GPO) that applies to all client computers that allows employees who are connected to the corporate network to go to the intranet site without having to enter authentication information.

All users are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. All users have enabled the Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter and the Internet Explorer phishing filter. All of the desktop support technicians are members of a security group named Desktop Admins. The Desktop Admins group is a member of the local Administrators group on all client computers. The desktop support technicians use the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset to perform various troubleshooting and repairs.

All Windows 7 client computers have a directory named tailspintoys\\scripts in the root of the operating system drive. The directory contains four unique .vbs files named scriptl.vbs, script2.vbs, script3.vbs, and script4.vbs.

Software Environment

An existing GPO named AppLockdown applies to Windows 7 machines and uses AppLocker to ensure that:

   No .bat files are allowed to be run by users and rules are enforced

An existing GPO named RestrictApps applies to Windows XP client computers and uses a Software Restriction Policy to ensure that:

   No .bat files are allowed to be run by users and rules are enforced

Data Protection Environment

Some users at the Manufacturing site use EFS to encrypt data.

A user account named EFSAdmin has been designated as the Data Recovery Agent (DRA).

The DRA certificate and private key are stored on a portable USB hard drive.

As part of the yearly security compliance audits, a vendor is due to arrive at Tailspin Toys in a month to perform the yearly audit. To prepare for the audit, management has asked you to participate in an internal review of the company's existing security configurations related to network security and data security. The management team has issued the following requirements:

New software requirements

All installation programs must be digitally signed.

Minimum permissions must be granted for installation of programs.

Internet Explorer requirements

Users must not be able to bypass certificate warnings.

Users must not be able to add Internet Explorer add-ons unless the add-ons are approved by IT.

Data protection requirements

All portable storage devices must use a data encryption technology. 

The solution must meet the following requirements: 

Allow all users a minimum of read access to the encrypted data while working from their company client computers. Encrypt entire contents of portable storage devices. Minimize administrative overhead for users as files and folders are added to the portable storage devices.

Recovery information for client computer hard drives must be centrally stored and protected with data encryption.

Users at the Manufacturing site must have a secondary method of decrypting their existing files if they lose access to their certificate and private key or if the EFS Admin's certificate is not available.

You need to recommend a solution to ensure that a secondary method is available to users. The solution must not require accessing or altering the existing encrypted files before decrypting them.

What should you recommend that the users do?

A. From the command line, run the cipher.exe /e command.

B. From the command line, run the certutil.exe /backupKey command.

C. Enroll for a secondary EFS certificate.

D. Export their EFS certificates with private keys to an external location.

Answer: D

Q18. One of the company's client computers is configured with the company's System Protection settings. That computer becomes unresponsive. You run a system restore on the computer.

The system restore does not restore the computer system settings.

You need to ensure that all future system restores for the computer include system settings.

You reimage the client computer with the company's corporate image.

What should you do next?

A. Modify the System Protection properties for the C volume

B. Create a new system restore point

C. Modify the Shadow Copies properties for the C volume

D. Create a new critical volume backup

Answer: A

Q19. A company has computers running Windows 7 Enterprise. Connections to the company's wireless network are filtered by MAC address.

The company purchases a new computer that must be connected to the wireless network.

You need to recommend all the commands that discover the MAC address of the new computer's wireless network adapter.

Which commands should you recommend? (Choose all that apply.)

A. getmac /v

B. ipconfig /all

C. netstat

D. ipconfig

E. ipconfig / allcompartments

Answer: AB

Q20. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7 and are members of an Active Directory Domain Services domain.

Your company policy requires that all unnecessary services be disabled on the computers. The Sales department staff has been provided with new mobile broadband adapters that use the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology.

You need to ensure that portable computers can connect to the broadband GSM network.

Which service should be enabled on the portable computers?

A. WLAN AutoConfig

B. WWAN AutoConfig

C. Computer Browser

D. Portable Device Enumerator Service

Answer: B