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Where must the APs be mounted when used in a high-density wireless network to provide 6 dB to 20 dB of attenuation to a cell?

  • A. in the aisle
  • B. under the seat
  • C. above the stage
  • D. under the stage

Answer: B

A high-density wireless network is designed. Which Cisco WLC configuration setting must be incorporated in the design to encourage clients to use the 5 GHz spectrum?

  • A. Band Select
  • B. RRM
  • C. Cisco Centralized Key Management
  • D. load balancing

Answer: A

300-425 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. A client roams between two APs that are registered to two different controllers, where each controller has an interface in the client subnet. Both controllers are running AireOS. Which scenario explains the client roaming behavior?

  • A. Controllers exchange mobility control messages (over UDP port 16666) and the client database entry is moved from the original controller to the new controller.
  • B. Controllers do not exchange mobility control messages (over UDP port 16666) and the client database, entry is not moved from the original controller to the new conrtoller.
  • C. Controllers exchange mobility control messages (over UDP port 16666) and a new client session is started with the new controller.
  • D. Controllers exchange mobility control messages (over UDP port 16666) and the client database entry is tunneled from the original controller to the new controller.

Answer: A

Which CLI command does an engineer use to validate that the redundancy peer of a Stateful Switchover pair of controllers is up and connected?

  • A. rping
  • B. ping
  • C. eping
  • D. mping

Answer: B

A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple buildings with multiple types of construction and user density. Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configure FlexConnect groups for each building.
  • B. Configure WMM profiles for each building.
  • C. Configure AP groups for each area type.
  • D. Configure RF profiles for each area type.
  • E. Enable DTPC on the network.

Answer: CD

A network engineer is configuring high availability on an access point. What is the maximum number of controllers that can be configured?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer: B

Which UDP port numbers are used for exchange mobility packets in an AireOS wireless deployment?

  • A. UDP 16666 for control plane, EoIP (IP protocol 97) for data plane
  • B. UDP 16668 for control plane, UDP 16667 for data plane
  • C. UDP 16667 for control plane, UDP 16666 for data plane
  • D. UDP 16666 for control plane, UDP 16667 for data plane

Answer: D

A network engineer is working on a design for a wireless network that must support data, voice, and location services. To support these services, which access point placement must the engineer use?

  • A. corner only
  • B. perimeter and corner
  • C. perimeter only
  • D. indoor and outdoor

Answer: C

A customer is running a guest WLAN with a foreign/export-anchor setup. There is one anchor WLC in the US and two in Europe. Anchor WLC priorities are used to prefer local anchors. During a routine network audit, it is discovered that a large number of guest client sessions in the US are anchored to the WLCs in Europe. Which reason explains this behavior?

  • A. The foreign WLC failed and recovered.
  • B. The US anchor WLC failed and recovered.
  • C. The US anchor WLC is anchored to itself with a priority value of zero.
  • D. The anchor WLC is in the same mobility group.

Answer: B

A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)

  • A. Use a battery pack to power APs
  • B. Use a drawing of the office space to draw AP and client placements.
  • C. Use DoS attack on APs while measuring the throughput.
  • D. Use APs with directional antennas.
  • E. Use APs with external antennas.
  • F. Use APs with built-in antennas.

Answer: ABF

A network administrator of a global organization is collapsing all controllers to a single cluster located in central Europe. Which concern must addressed?

  • A. Some channels may not be available consistently across the organization.
  • B. Different RF policies per office are not available in this configuration.
  • C. Syslog must be configured to the time-zone of the NMS platform.
  • D. Centralized controllers cannot uniformly authenticate global users.

Answer: C

300-425 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. What is the main reason why the Wi-Fi design engineer took a different approach than installing the APs in the offices, even though that installation provides better coverage?

  • A. aesthetics
  • B. transmit power considerations
  • C. antenna gain
  • D. power supply considerations

Answer: B

A company has 10 access point licenses available on their backup Cisco WLC and their primary Cisco WLC is at full capacity, 5 access points are set to high failover priority and 7 access points are set to critical failover priority. During a failure, not all critical access points failed over to the backup Cisco WLC. Which configuration is the cause of this issue?

  • A. The high priority access point is oversubscribed.
  • B. network ap-priority is set to enable.
  • C. The critical priority access point count is oversubscribed.
  • D. network ap-priority is set to disable.

Answer: A

A university is in the process of designing a wireless network in an auditorium that seats 500 students and supports student laptops. Which design methodology should the university implement in the auditorium?

  • A. roaming design model
  • B. voice design model
  • C. location design model
  • D. high-density design model

Answer: B

A company wants to replace its existing PBX system with a new VoIP System that will include wireless IP phones. The CIO has concerns about whether the company’s existing wireless network can support the new system. Which tool in Cisco Prime can help ensure that the current network will support the new phone system?

  • A. Location Readiness
  • B. Site Calibration
  • C. Map Editor
  • D. Voice Readiness

Answer: D

An engineer has configured guest anchoring for a newly created SSD however, the mobility tunnels are not up, and EPING is failing from the foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. Which traffic flow must be allowed at the firewall to enable the communication?

  • A. UDP port 16666
  • B. IP protocol 97
  • C. UDP port 97
  • D. TCP port 97

Answer: A

Which statement about the 9800 Series Wireless Controller mobility tunnel on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 controller is true?

  • A. It is an IPsec tunnel with control path only.
  • B. It is a CAPWAP tunnel with data path only.
  • C. It is a CAPWAP tunnel with control path and data path.
  • D. It is an IPsec tunnel with control path and data path.

Answer: B

A customer has determined that aesthetics is a primary concern for their upcoming guest deployment. Which design consideration can be leveraged to address this concern?

  • A. Paint the access point to cover the LED from being noticeable.
  • B. Use enclosures to hide the wireless infrastructure in the surrounding environment.
  • C. Use AIR-AP-BRACKET-1 to allow for greater mounting locations
  • D. Deploy environmentally friendly cabling components to blend into the environment.

Answer: D

300-425 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about Cisco Prime Infrastructure are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. It presents the recommended number of APs for the selected coverage area based on the selections made.
  • B. Planning mode requires a special license in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  • C. It shows the map editor feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  • D. Controllers must be synchronized with Cisco Prime Infrastructure for planning mode to work.
  • E. It shows the planning mode feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Answer: DE

An engineer has deployed a group of APs in an auditorium and notices that the APs are showing high co-channel interference. Which profile can be used to adjust the parameters for these high-density APs?

  • A. QoS profile
  • B. AVC profile
  • C. RF profile
  • D. ISE profile

Answer: A

An engineer must create data-link redundancy for the company’s Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. The engineer has decided to configure LAG-based redundancy instead of port-based redundancy. Which three features of LAG-based redundancy influenced this decision? (Choose three.)

  • A. Packets are always sent out on the same port they are received on.
  • B. All interface traffic passes as long as one port is up.
  • C. The same port has multiple untagged dynamics interfaces.
  • D. Interface connection to two separate nonstacked switches is available.
  • E. Full bandwidth of all links is available.
  • F. Ports are grouped into multiple LAGs.

Answer: ABF

Multiple WLCs are implemented in a high-availability configuration in a mobility group. APs are deployed with only a primary controller assigned. By default, which mobility group member controller do the orphaned APs join in the event of a failed controller?

  • A. controller with the most available AP free license capacity
  • B. controller with the lowest percent of associated APs per license capacity
  • C. controller with the least CPU utilization over the last reporting period
  • D. controller with the least number of associated APs

Answer: D


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